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*Fuzzy Yeti & Sasquatch

*Fuzzy Yeti & Sasquatch

*Grumpy, the Lump of Coal

Adorkable Monster

Android Love Amigurumi Robot

Axolotl Mud Puppy

Baby Toy Amigurumi

Bald Eagle Amigurumi

Banana, Amigurumi

Beasts II

Bender Amigurumi

Blades of Grass Amigurumi

Blobb Amigurumi

Bloo Kazoo Amigurumi

Bomb Pop Amigurumi

Cactaur Amigurumi

Candy Corn Amigurumi

Carli - The Cupcake Car Air Freshener

Caterpie Amigurumi

Chicken Amigurumi

Chill Pill Amigurumi

Chococup Amigurumi

Christmas Bear & Cat Amigurumi

+City Mouse Amigurumi

Crab Amigurumi

Cubic Cat Amigurumi

Cute Cactus

Cute Candy Floss Monster

Cynthia the Psychedelic Snake

+Dachshund Balloon Animal

Daffodil Amigurumi, Felted

Dalek Cupcake Amigurumi

Diane Dragonfly

Dinosaur Jr. Amigurumi


Dudley the Sad Bob-omb Amigurumi

Easter Bunny

Fairy Home Mushroom

Fateaters Monsters Amigurumi

Felted Amigurumi Champagne Bottle

Finn the Human Amigurumi


Flan Amigurumi

Fool's Dragon

+Frida the Fish Amigurumi

Frog Coin Purse

Gerald the Grey Robot

Gerbert the Monster

+Giraffe Balloon Animal

Giraffe Toy


Gnome Children

Gnora the Gnome

Grenade Amigurumi

Grumpasaurus Amigurumi

Guffmonkey McNoodle Amigurumi

Harry Hedgehog

He's Hungry Caterpillar

Henry & Henrietta Amigurumi

Holiday Mice

Howie the Geek Amigurumi

Ice Cream Amigurumi

Iggle Piggle Amigurumi

Ilomilo Amigurumi

Jayne Cupcake Amigurumi

Juicy Fruit Bunnies

Katamari Ichigo, Amigurumi

King Aroo Marsupial

Kirby Amigurumi

Knit Easter Bunny!

Kogepan & Kireipan Amigurumi

Kudamon Amigurumi

Leia Robot Amigurumi

+Lion Amigurumi

Little Beige Cat

Little Birds

+Lola Amigurumi

Looper Worm

Love Monster

Lovebug, Amigurumi

Lovestruck Heart Amigurumi

Mama & Her Cub

Mao Cat Amigurumi

+Martian Mouse Friend, Amigurumi

Mike Monster

Minecraft Creeper


Mistletoe, Amigurumi

Mr. & Mrs. Piggy Amigurumi

Mr. & Mrs. Tashe Amigurumi

Munchie the Molar


Nest and Eggs

Ninja Amigurumi

Non Nom Nomsters

Odd Bunnies

Oddish Amigurumi

+Ollie the Ocotopus Amigurumi

Owl Amigurumi


Pansy Panda

Pecha Berry Amigurumi

Petilil Amigurumi

Pikachu Mini Amigurumi

Pocket-Sized Robot

Pompom Purin Chan Amigurumi



Red Blood Cell

Robin Batman Amigurumi

Rubber Chickens

Russet the Pumpkin

Sarcophacat Amigurumi

Sea Star Amigurumi

Sea Urchin

Seamless Baby Dragon

Shrooms - Amigurumi Mushrooms

Sir Hops-a-Lot the Hip-Hop Frog

Snoozing Ned

Spiders Away

Strep Throat Plushie

Stripy Toy Amigurumi

Subterranean Bunny Pig

Sunglasses & Eyepatch Amigurumi Accessories

Sunkern Amigurumi

Susuwatari Spirited Away Amigurumi

Tarragon the Gentle Dragon

Teru Teru Bozu Amigurumi Ghost

Timothy the Googly Alien

Tiny Biscuit Brothers Scarecrow Amigurumi

Tiny Monkey

Tiny Perching Pigeons

Tiny Turtle Amigurumi


Travelling Gnome


*Twitter Tweet Bird

Weeeds, Amigurumi

Wilfrid the Geek Amigurumi

Winter Bear

+Wise Owl Toy Amigurumi


Yoda Doll

Zombie Amigurumi

Zozo Toy

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