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Adam Ant

Ally Gator, Felted


Any-Yarn Toy Cat

Asma Owl

Attack of the Octopi Octopus

+Baby Blue Pig

+Baby Bumble Bee

+Baby Burro

Baby Gator

+Baby Lion Cub

Bald Eagle Amigurumi

Barn Cat

Beans the Cat


Bethany's Baby Bunny

Betty Butterfly

+Big Bear Hat

Big Cuddly Bunny

Big Nosed Spider

Big Pink Pig

Bitzer the Dog

Blue Tit Bird

+Blue Whale

Blue's Hedgehog




Bob The Bunny

+Bobbles the Lamb

Bobbles the Sheep Cloth

+Bonnie Bunny

Brownie the Cat

Bubo Cuddly Owl

Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee Pin Cushion

Bun-Bun the Rabbit




+Bunny Balloon Animal

Bunny Beanie

Bunny Booties

Bunny Buddy

Bunny Cloth

Bunny Finger Puppet & Ring

Bunny Hanger

Bunny Pajama Bag

Bunny Pillow Pal

+Bunny Pocket Pet

Bunny Rabbit Finger Puppet

Bunny Toy

Bunny Toy

Bunny Toy

Bunny, Stuffed

Buttercup The Beautiful Bovine



Butterfly Dishcloth

Butterfly Finger Puppet

Butterfly in Flight Dishcloth

+Cabled Sheep

+Calico Kitten Pocket Pet


Carrick The Ram

Cat Costume

Cat Draft Stopper




Chadwick & Igor Frogs

Cheeky Chicken

Cheeky Monkey

+Cheeky Sheep

Chichester the Pig

Chicken Amigurumi

Chicken, Simple

Chicks and Nest

Chicks and Nest



+City Mouse Amigurumi

Classically Cabled Bunny

Classically Cabled Moose

Classically Cabled Squirrel



+Connemara Pony

Corgi Dog

Crab Amigurumi

Crabs the Crab

+Cuddly Bunny

+Cuddly Caterpillar

Cuddly Lion

+Cute Cabled Lamb

Cute Cow

+Dachshund Balloon Animal

Dancing Bunnies

Deadliest Crab


Dolly the Dolphin Cloth

Dominique Pomp-a-Poodle

Don the Dillo Armadillo

*Double Knit Bunny

Dougie the Doggy Cloth


Duck Shelf Doll

+Duckling Pocket Pet

+Dust Bunny

Duuuude the Sea Turtle

+Easter Bunny

Easter Chicken

+Eco Ewe

+Edmund the Easter Bunny

Edmund the Owl

+Elephant Balloon Animal

Elephant Children's Toy

Elephant Kitty Stuffie

Elephant Tea Cozy

Elephant, Baby Blue

Elephant, Little

Elephant, Stuffed

+Ella & Eric Elephants

Elvis the Owl

Embossed Turtle Dishcloth

English Bulldog

Enormous Stripey Snake

Fair Isle Mice

+Fat Cat

Fat Owl

Fat Robin

Fester the Goat

Finger Puppers

Fink the Frog Monster


Fish, Felted

Fishy Fish

Fishy Fish


Flappy Flounder

Flat Fish

Flippy the Bat

Flo the Elephant

Flock Bird Mobile

Floppy Dog

Flopsey Eared Rabbit

+Flopsy Rabbit

Flounce the Fluffy Alpaca

+Fluffy Little Sheep

Fly Plushie

Flying Ladybug

*Flying Petunia Piggy Peep

Flying Snake

Fortune Cat

+Fox Pocket Pet

Frank the Goat Baby

+Frida the Fish Amigurumi


+Frog Balloon Animal

*Frog Hat

*Frog Socks

Frog, Felted


Froggy and Silly Snake Bath Puppets

+Froggy Hat

Funky Colored Snake

*Fuzzy Lamb

Fuzzy Lamb

Georgie Giraffe Ornament


Giant Panda

+Giant Squid

+Giraffe Balloon Animal

Giraffe Toy

Giraffe, Little



Great Horned Owl

Hank the Lamb

Hannibal the Donkey

Harriette The Hedgehog

Have Ewe Any Wool Sheep

Hello Kitty Look-a-like

Henry Rabbit

Here Comes Flopsy

Here Fishy Fishy

Hippo, Little

Hissy Snake

Holiday Mice

Hoot Owl Applique

Hop Along Bunny


Hound, Stuffed

Hummingbird in Flight Dishcloth

Humuhumunukunukuapua'a Trigger Fish

I-Cord Snail

I-Cord Teddy Bear

Inzy Mouse

Jack Russell Dog

Jacques Crusteau Lobster

Japanese Fighting Beetle

Jellyfish, Felted

Jimmy Hedgehog

Jointed Bunny

Juicy Fruit Bunnies

Jungle Snake

*Just Ducky Hat


Kate Cat

Kate the Cat Cloth

Katie Koala

Katie the Kitty

Key Clothing

Kids Snake

Kitten Little

+Kitty Bath Mitt

Kitty Cat

Kitty Puppet

Kiwi Bird

Kiwi Bird

Knitivity Donkey

Knitty Kitty

Koala Baby

Koala Tea Cosy

L'Owell Owl

Labrador Retriever


Ladybug Dishcloth

Ladybug Hat for Baby


+Large Blue Butterfly

Lemon Shark

+Li'l Miss Bunny

Liam Beaver

Linux-Like Penguin

+Lion Amigurumi

Lion Snuggly Bottle Warmer

Little Birds

Little Black Owl

Little Chick Bath Puppet

Little Girlie Elephant

+Little Lamb

+Little Lamb Sock Critter

Little Pig

Lizzy the Cow Tea Cozy


*Lola Bunny

*Lola Curly the Pig

+Long Eared Bunny

Long Sheep

Lovebug, Amigurumi

Mama & Her Cub

Mama Hen

Mascot House Bats

+Merry Mice

Mini Dog

Mini Hippo

Mini Monkey

+Miranda the Masham Sheep

Mischevious Mice

Miss Monkey

+Miss Mousie

Miss Peace Sheep

Moby the Mini Whale

*Molly the Dog

Monkey Finger Puppet

Monkey Moo

Monty Mouse

Moose Cloth

Mouse, Felted

Mr. Dangly Monkey

Mr. Pup Dog

Mr. Verde the Frog

Mungo Mouse

Naughty Squiddy


*Nellie the Elephant Peep

Nemo Clown Fish

Nessie the Loch Ness Monster

*Noah's Ark Hats

Norberta Dragon

Nummy Bunny

Octopus Bath Mitt

Odd Bunnies

Oink Pig

+Ollie the Ocotopus Amigurumi

Orca Whale

Owen the Owl

Owl Amigurumi

Owl Love You Necklace

Owl Teapot Cozy


Pansy Panda

Pasha the Penguin

Penguin Dishcloth

Penguin Pal Hat

Penguin Toy

Peover the Playful Pig

Pepper the Pocket Hedgehog

Perceval Penguin

Perry the Platypus

*Peter Penguin

Petey the Puppy

Petunia the Piglet

Phat Pacific Octopus

*Pig (Stuffed and Felted)


Polar Bear Toy, Felted

+Pond Alligator

+Poochie Pup Sock Critter




Puffin Cat

Puppy Puppets

+Purrfect Kitty Sock Critter

Rabbecca "Becky" Bunny


+Radish the Raccoon Pocket Pet

Ralph Dog Puppet

Rastapus (Octopus with Attitude)


Rat, Baby

Rat-Tailed Blue Snake

Reindeer Toy

Ribbit Frog

*Robert the Rabbit

*Roberta Rabbit


Roly Poly Kitty

Ron the Friendly Stash Moth


+Rosy Pony

Roxy Tiger Puppet

Rudolph Reindeer

Rufus the Hamster

+Sally Seal & Pete Penguin

Scorpion, Cuddly

Scottie Dog

Scottie Dog Chart

Scrappy Snake

Scruffy the Cat

Scuba the Stingray

Sea Anemone

+Sea Turtle

Sea Urchin

Seamus the Owl

Seedstripe Natural Lamb Toy

Serpent, Knitted

Shark Cloth


Sheep Toy

Sheepish Socks

Sheepy Applique

Sheldon Turtle

*Sherrin's Bunny Hat

+Silly Striped Giraffe

Simple Ladybug

Sir Hops-a-Lot the Hip-Hop Frog

Skunk Baby

+Skunk Pocket Pet

Sleepy Puppy


Smiley Butterfly

Snails and Slugs

Snake Scarf

Snake Sock Puppet

Snake, Knit

Snakes & Adders

Soapy the Soap Turtle

Sock Giraffe

Sock Monkee

Sock Monkey

Sock Piggee

Sock Turtle

Sockless Monkey

Socks the Cat

+Soft And Sweet Duck

Solstice Bird


Spiders Away

Squeeeeal Pink Pig



Squidoo Squid

Squiggles the Pig Cloth


Squirrel Dishcloth

+Ssssssssssid the Diamondback Draft Dodger

Star-Nosed Mole


Stegosaurus Toy

Striped Funky Monkey

Striped Stockinette Snake

Striped Sunshine Bunny

Stripey The Mouse

Suffolk Sheep

Sugar Bunny

Sugar Mouse

Swans in Love

Sweatered Scottie Chart

Sweet Little Bird

+Sweet Mini Elephant

+Sweet Sandy Camel

Sweetie Pie Sheep

Takochu Style Octopus

Tall Tiger

Teeny-Tiny Elephant

Three Little Hoots - Owls

+Tiger Cat

Tiny Baby Bunnies

*Tiny Chickens

Tiny Monkey

Tiny Perching Pigeons

Tiny Turtle Amigurumi

Tiny White Elephant


Toy Ant

Toy Elephant

Toy Rabbit

Tree Frog Dishcloth

Trout Fishy

Tuck the Turtle

Tucker the Monkey


Turkey, Tiny


Tweed Owl

Tweed Toads

*Twitter Tweet Bird

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Very Small Pig Pair

Vintage Rabbit

+Waddle Duck

*Wee Lambie Peep

Wee Mouse

+William the Hedgehog

+Wise Owl Toy Amigurumi

Woolie the Ewe

+Wooly Lamb

Zackie Zebra

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