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Baby Sweaters/Cardigans/Jackets/Pullovers/Vests

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*French Letter Sweater

Argyle Baby Vest

Athos - Baby Simple Pullover

*Autumn Dreams Baby Sweater

Autumn Leaves Baby Sweater

Autumn Leaves Cardigan

Autumn Leaves Vest

Baby Argyle Cardigan

Baby Bear Hooded Jacket

Baby Bear Hoodie

Baby Boat Neck Pullover

+Baby Boat Neck Sweater

Baby Boat Neck, 3/4 Sleeve Pullover

Baby Boy Hooded Sweater

Baby Bubbles Smock

Baby Cabled Cardigan

Baby Cardigan

Baby Cardigan

Baby Classic Sweater

+Baby Clouds Cardigan

Baby Coat

Baby Coco Ruffly Sweater

Baby Cross-Over Front Kimono

Baby Eyelet Cardi

Baby Ferris Cardigan

Baby Folkwear Caftan

Baby Gap Sweater

Baby Girl Vest

Baby Girl's Short Sleeved Pullover

Baby Hooded Cardigan Sweater

Baby Jacket

Baby Jacket

Baby Jiffy Sweater

Baby Norgi Sweater

Baby Professor Vest

Baby Raglan Sweater

Baby Ripple Cardigan

Baby Seamless Cardigan

Baby Short Sleeve Pullover

Baby Sophisticate Sweater

Baby Sweater

Baby Teddy Bear Sweaters

Baby Top-Down Cardigan

Baby Wool Cabled Vest

Baby Wool Lacy Cardigan

Baby Wrap-Cardigan

Baby's Hooded Windjammer Pullover

Baby's Pullover

Baby's V necked Cardigan

Baby-sized Teddy Bear Sweater

Baby-to-Toddler Cardi

Baby/Toddler/Child Raglan

Basic Boy's V-Neck Sweater Vest

*Beaucoup Color Baby Sweater

Beijing Baby Jacket

Beneficent Baby Sweater

Berries & Cream Baby Sweater

Blended Hues Sweater

Blossom Double Breasted Baby Cardigan

Blossom Pullover

Boston Cardigan

+Bright Baby Cardigan

*Brite Eyes Sweater

Brobee Hooded Sweater

Building Blocks Cardigan

Bulky Seamless Baby Kimono

+Bunny Cardigan

Bunny Pocket Baby Sweater

Bunting Baby Sweater

Burnett Checkerboard Baby Cardigan

Cabled Baby Jacket

Cabled Baby Vest

+Cabled Raglan Baby Sweater

Candy Cardigan

Cascade Cardigan

Cecilia Baby Sweater

Chaos Sweater

Checks and Cable Pullover

Chesapeake Baby Ballroom Cardi

Chevron Sweater

Chunky Hoodie

Chutes and Ladders Vest

Cirrus Sweater

*Classic Baby Jacket

Coffee Bean Shortsleeved Cardigan

Collared Baby Sweater

+Comfy Baby Kimono

Comfy Hoodie

Concentric Stripes Baby Cardigan

Cool Weather Covering

Corinthia Baby Vest

Cotton Baby Hoodie

Cotton Chenille + Kiddo Baby Vest

Cotton Chenille Baby Cardigan

Cotton Twirl Baby-Toddler Cardigan

+Cozy Cabled Hooded Cardigan

Cozy Comfort Baby Sweater

+Crewneck Baby Sweater

Cuddle Up Baby Kimono

Cuddly Cardigan

Dainty Jacket

Daisy Cardigan

Danny Sweater

Diamond Baby Vest

Diamonds and Squares Baby Pullover

Dog-Eared Sweater

Dolman Cardigan

Double Scoop Sweater

Dragon Skin Baby Sweater

Easy Baby-to-Toddler Cardi

Easy Cables Vest

Easy Garter Stitch Baby Cardigan

Easy Seamless Baby Cardigan with I-Cord Ties

+Eloise Eyelet Cardi

Emmett Vest

Eucalyptus Lace Cardigan

+Everyday Baby Cardi

Everyday Pullover Sweater

Ewok Sweater

Fancy Stitch Baby Pullover

Farnsworth Sweater

+Feather And Fan Baby Sweater

Felix's Cardigan

Fiddlehead Pullover

First Christmas Pullover Hoodie

Five Hour Baby Sweater

Forget-Me-Not Sacque

+Fresh Melon Sideways Cardigan

Fur-Trimmed Hoodie

Garter Baby Sweater

Garter Bottom Cardigan

Garter Ridges Baby Vest

Garter Stitch Baby Kimono

Garter Stitch Kimono

George's Vest

Green Baby Sweater

Green Zebra Baby Sweater

Griffin's Seeded Rib Pullover

Grow-along Cardigan

Haiku Boxy Cropped Cardigan

Hailey Sweater

+Handsome Hoodie

Handsome Winter Sweater

Harvest Baby Vest

+Heirloom Cables Baby Sweater

Hello Baby Cardigan

Henry's Sweater

Holly's Jacket

Hooded Baby Jacket

Hooded Baby Sweater

+Hooded Coverup

Hooded Sweatshirt Jacket

Hug Me Pullover

I Love Yarn Baby Sweater

Idaho Hoodie Baby Pullover

Jardin Baby Jacket

+Jelly Bean Cardigan

Johnny Boy Baby Pullover

Kalari Baby Jacket

Kanoko Baby Cardigan

Katie Bell Baby Cardi

Katydid Baby Pullover

Keep on Truckin' Baby Cardigan

L'illo Little Boy Sweater

+Lacy Short Sleeved Sweater

*Las Briasas Bambina Cardigan

Lazy Daisy Baby Jacket

Le Petit Trianon Baby Wrap

Leaf Panel Baby Jacket

+Leaf Yoke Cardigan

Let's Explore: Top Down Seamless Baby Vest

Letterman-Style Baby Cardi

Li'l Tux for Baby

Like a Diamond in the Sky Baby Cardigan

Little Aran Vest

+Little Bows Pullover

Little Garter Gerkin

+Little Luxury Kimono

Little Pine Gansey

Little Pixie Coat

Little Princess Kimono

+Log Cabin Baby Pullover

+Love the Earth Baby Cardi

+Lucky Stripes Cardigan

Maile Sweater

Merry Cardigan

Middy Jacket

*Mitred U Baby Jacket

Modern Miss Baby Cardigan

Mom's Baby Jacket

Momma's Little Guy Vest

Moppet Swing Coat

Moss Stitch Baby Cardigan

Mossy Baby Jacket

*Mostly Sideways Raglan Baby Sweater

Nadia Lace Trim Pullover

*New Arrival Baby Sweater

Newborn Vest

Nice Baby Jacket

Nora's Orange Sweater

Not so Baby Yoda Sweater

Oh Handsome Baby Sweater

Oh-Oh Hoodie

One Ball Astra Baby Sweater

One Skein V-Neck Baby Sweater Vest

+One-Stitch Baby Sweater

+One-Stitch Baby Sweater

Parker - Striped Baby Cardigan

Peach Blossom Baby Jacket

Peachy Baby Sweater

+Peas in a Pod Cardigan

Pebbly Manly Baby Vest

Peek-a-Boo Hoodie

Peek-A-Boo Sacque

Pembroke Baby Vest

Perfect Posy Hoodie

Peruvian Print Baby Sweater

Petal Lace One Button Short Sleeve Cardigan

Petite Panache Jacket

Picchu - Baby Surplice Cardigan

+Playdate Hoodie

Plush Baby Pullover

Pondemonium Fair Isle Pullover

Poonam - Baby Aran Sweater

*Pram Baby Coat

Precious Girl's Sweater

Presto Chango Baby Sweater

Pretty Baby Cardigan

Pretty Baby Sweater

Pretty Bow Tie Baby Cardigan

Pretty in Pink Cardigan

*Pretty in Pink Easy Snuggly Sweater

+Primary Work of Art Cardigan

Provence Baby Cardigan

Puffin Baby Hoodie

*Quickie Baby Sweater

Raised Stripe Pullover

Red Panda Baby Sweater

Ripple Eyelet Baby Sweater

Rosebud Hoodie

Round Yoke Top Down Seamless Baby Cardigan

Rowan Jacket

Rustic Shawl Collar Baby Sweater

Sailor Stripe Pullover

Scrappy Socky Stripey Baby Jacket

Seamless Baby Kimono

Seamless Kimono Baby Sweater

Seamless Neck Down Cardigan

Seamus Summer Pullover

Seaweed Baby Vest

Seed Stitch Hooded Baby Jacket

Sheep Yoke Baby Cardigan

Short Sleeved Eyelet Sweater

Shower's This Weekend Baby Sweater

Simple Baby Pullover

+Simple Striped Hoodie

Sleepytime Wrapper

Smocked Baby Sweater

*Sock Yarn Baby Jacket

+Soft and Warm Baby Hoodie

Sorbet Baby Sweater

Southern Star Short Sleeve Baby Sweater

Speckle Baby Cardigan

Spring Picnic Cardigan

Spring Snowflake Cardi

*Sprout Sweater

Star Tweed Sweater

Strawberry Hill Baby Cardigan

Strimma Baby Tunic

+Striped Baby Cardigan

Striped Baby Pullover

Striped Baby Sweater

Striped Raglan Baby Sweater

*Stripy Baby Hooded Cardigan

+Sugarplum Cardigan

Summer Baby Cardigan

+Sunny Side Up Hoodie

+Sunrise Stripes Pullover

Super Chunky Extra Funky Stash Busting Sweater

Super Easy Baby Hoodie

Super Natural Stripes Baby Cardigan

Surplus Baby Pullover

Sweet Eyelet Baby Sweater

Telemark Pullover

+Tied Hoodie

Tizzy Baby Jacket

Top Down Cardigan

Top Down Seamless Baby Jerkin

Trellis Baby Sweater

+Triangle Cardigan

Tulip Yoke Baby Cardigan

Tummy Warmer Baby Vest

Two-Tone Baby Cardie

Unisex Baby Sweater Vest

Unisex V Necked Baby Cardigan

*Ups-a-Daisy Cardigan

Upscale Baby Cardigan

V Neck Baby Sweater

Vested Baby Boy Vest

Vested Baby Boy Vest

Victoria Jane - Feather & Fan Baby Cardi

Yeti - Cuddly Hooded Baby Pullover

Yooji Kimono Vest

You Are My Sunshine Baby Vest

You Are My Sunshine Jacket

*You are My Sunshine Sweater

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