Bags, Totes and Purses

Patterns preceded by an asterisk (*) are in PDF format.
Patterns preceded by an plus sign (+) require free registration (to that particular pattern site, not to Knitting Pattern Central) before viewing.

Angel Tart Bag

Angry Bird Halloween Bag

+Anita Cunning Little Handbag

Around About Bag

Around the World Silk Sari Ribbon Purse

+Audrey Cabled Bag

Autumn Cabled Purse

Autumn Woods Bag

Ayla Felted Backpack

Baby Cable Striped Purse

Baby's Got a Brand New Big Bag

Back-to-School Book Bag

+Back-to-School Pouch


Backpack, Knit

Bad Cat Backpack

Bag of Fate

Bag, Knitted

Bagette Purse

Bagged - Felted Bag

*Baglove Purses

Ballonnett Pouch

*Balloon Bag

Balme - Cabled Pouch

Bamboo Handle Felted Purse

+Bamboo Handle Purse

Basket Bag with Bobbles

+Basketweave Shoulder Bag

Beach Bag

Beachcomber Bag

+Beaded Basket-Weave Bag

Little Bits Beaded Bag

Little Black Clutch

Little Black Handbag

+Little Black Purse

*Little Coco Bag

Little Deco-Ribbon Bags

Little Girl's Fulled Backpack

Little Head-set Bag

Little Pouch

Little Red Bag

Little Slip of a Thing Bag

Loopy Little Bag

Louisa Shoulder Sack Bag

Lucca Bag

+Lunch Bag, Felted

Lunch Sack

M.I.L.K. Purse

Magnolia Hand Bag

Mah Jongg Bag

Make-up Bag

Malika Market Bag

Man Purse

Maple Bag

Margalo Gift Bag

*Marilyn Monroe Bag

+Market Bag

Market Bags, Felted

Mary Mary Gardening Bag

Melody Roll Shaped Shoulder Bag

+Mesh Hobo Bag

Mesh Market Bag w/ Cell Phone Pockets

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