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2010 New Year's Washcloth

Aimee's Amata Facecloth

Autumn Illusion Spa Cloth

Awareness Ribbon Soap Sack

Baby Face Washcloth

Back Scrubber

Back to School Cloths

Basic Hemp Wash Cloth

Basket Rib Hand Towel

Bath Mitt

Bath Mitt

Bath Mitt and Soap Sack in Scalloped Pattern

Bath Scrubber

Bathroom Mat

Bathroom Rug

Behm 1 Washcloth

Blink Washcloth

+Bluebird Beach Washcloth

Bobble Washcloth

Body Scrubber

Bonbon Bath Puff

Bowlegged Washcloth

Braided Cable Wash Cloth

Breast Cancer Awareness Washcloth

+Bunny Bath Mitt

Bunny Bath Puppet

Buttercup Washcloth #1

Buttercup Washcloth #2

Butterfly Washcloth

Cable Guest Towels

Cable Without Cable Needles Facecloth

Checkerboard Washcloth

Chevron Scrubby Mitts

Circular Facecloth with Lace Edging

Close Checks Face Cloth

Cotton Chenille Wash Cloth

Cotton Washcloths

+Crystal Beach Washcloth

Cuddle Me Washcloth

Daktari Washcloth

De-stressing Cables Back Washer

Deathly Hallows Washcloth

Diamond Edge Circular Facecloth

Diamond Waves Washcloth

Dimpled Washcloth

Doggone Bone Washcloth

Don't Panic Towel

Double Basket Weave Face Cloth

Double Diamond Circular Facecloth

Dragon Bath Puppet

Dragonfly Washcloth

Dropped Stitch Soap Sack

Drops of Water Illusion Face Cloth

Duck Washcloth

Easter Cross Illusion Face Cloth

Easter Egg Washcloth

*Emerald's Lace Bath Set

Eyelet and Ridged Washcloths

Eyelets & Ripples Face Cloth

Eyelets on the Diagonal Hand Towel

+Face Cloth Quartet

Feathers Dish Towel

Fiesta Bath Mitten

Flower Power Washcloths

Flower Washcloth

Follow the Yellow Knit Road Illusion Face Cloth

+Folly Beach Washcloth

Froggy and Silly Snake Bath Puppets

Garter Stitch Lace Facecloth

Garter Stitch Lace Facecloth

Gingham Checks Illusion Face Cloth

Gingham Washcloth

*Goldenrod Towel

Grrr Washcloth

Handmade Washcloth/Dishcloth

Hanging Hand Cloth

Heart Lace Bath Mitt

Heart Lace Soap Bag

Heart Lace Washcloth

Heart Washcloth

Heart Washcloth

Hip 2B Square Washcloth

Honeycomb Washcloth

Hope's Delight Washcloth

Hugs and Kisses Washcloth

I Will Remember You Illusion Face Cloth

Killian's T-riffic Washcloth

+Kitty Bath Mitt

Kitty Love Washcloth

Knit On Washcloth

Labyrinth Washcloth

Lace Hand Towel

Lacy Dragon Small Scale Washcloth

+Lacy Lady Cloth

Lacy Smiley Face Cloth

Leafy Washcloth

Little Chick Bath Puppet

Live to Knit & Knit to Live Washcloths

Loopy Washcloth

Love Washcloth

Lovely Leaves Washcloth

M & M Washcloth

Magic Garter Twined Face Cloths

Mini Wash Mitts

Mom's Bath Mitt

Monster Modular Bathmat

+Morning Glory Washcloths

Mother's Day Rose Hand Towel

New Age Washcloth

Number Forty-two Washcloth

Octopus Bath Mitt

Onesie Washcloth

Opening Hour Washcloth

+Orient Point Washcloth

Owl Washie

Owlie Soap Sack

Pascal's Arch Washcloth

Peace Washcloth

+Pebble Beach Washcloth

Pebble Wash/Dishcloth

Pi Day Face Cloth

Pluie Soap Holder

Powder Puff Ball

Provence Star Wash Cloth

Pug Dog Washcloth

Purl Free Facecloth

Quick Fix Soap Holder

Quilted One Patch Triangle Illusion Face Cloth

Rag Bath Mat

Rainy Day Washcloth

Raised Triangles Washcloth

Reversed Octagonal Facecloth

Reversible Baby Cable Washcloth

Reversible Open Rib Washcloth

+Rocky Point Beach Washcloth

Round Cotton Face Cloth

+Rub-A-Dub-A-Scrub Spa Cloth

Ruggles Not-Quite Authentic Turkish Bath Scrub Cloth

Ruggles Thick 'n Ribby Oversized Washcloth

Schoolhouse Washcloth

Seamless Spa Mitt

Seed Stitch Washcloth

Shamrock Washcloth

Sharon's Eyelet Facecloth

+Shell Beach Washcloth

Short Row Rectangular Wash Rag

Simple Weave Washcloth

Snowdrop Lace Facecloth

Snowman Washcloth

Soap Coat

Soap Sack Sachet Sashay

Soap Sock

Soap Sweater

+Spa Scrubby and Soap Pocket

Spring Buds Facecloth

Spring Chicken Washcloth

Spring Lamb Washcloth

Spring Showers Washcloth

Spring Wash Cloth

Springtime Washcloth

St. Patrick's Day Washcloth

Sunrise Illusion Face Cloth

The Hand I Used to Hold Illusion Face Cloth

Thick and Thirsty Towel

Tiny Cables Washcloth

Tipsy Triangles Shamrock Washcloth

Toilet Mat

Toilet Seat Cover

Vintage Flowers Illusion Face Cloth

Waffle Stitch Washcloth

+Warm Welcome Face Cloths

Washcloth Quartet

*Wool Facecloth

Yarn Girl Washcloth

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