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Cases and Caddies

Patterns preceded by an asterisk (*) are in PDF format.
Patterns preceded by an plus sign (+) require free registration (to that particular pattern site, not to Knitting Pattern Central) before viewing.

*Sunglasses Case

Abacus Pouch/Pencil Case

+Acorn Pencil Case, Felted

Aztec Style Phone Case

Balalaika Cell Phone Case

Boxfot - CD Box

Bright Pencil Case

Bumazhnik Wallet

Business Card Case

Cable Eye Glass Case

Cabled Glasses Case

Cabled iPod Case

Cabled Tea Caddy

Camera Case

Camera Case

Carry Case

Chopsticks Case

Comfortable Card Carrier

+Crayon Caddy

DS Lite Felted Case

Easy Pencil Case

Epi-Pen Caddy

Eyeglass Case

Fair Isle Glasses Case

+Felted Glasses Case

Furry Palm/iPod Case

Heart Shaped Box

Helen Eyeglasses Case

Home For My Sunnies Sunglasses Holder

Hoots That on the Phone? Case

Ipod Case

Ipod Case

iPod Touch Jumper

Kable Needle Case

Kindle Case

Kitty Pencil Box

Lacy Leaf Water Bottle Carrier

Lipstick Caddy

Little Owl Sunglasses Case

Little Owls Smartphone Case

Lobster - Needle Holder

Lovely Laptop Snuggler

MC2 Entrelac Pencil Case

Mini Tablet Case

Mobile Phone/Glasses Case

Mock Cable IPod or Mobile Case

Needle Holder

+Needle Holder, Felted

Nintendo DS Case with Game Pockets

Pencil Case

Pencil Holder

Pill Shaped Holder, Felted

Quick Eyeglasses Case

Rainbow Monster Pencil Box

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Business Card Case

+Roll-Up Pencil Case, Felted

Rosalie Ipad Case

Shangri-La Case

Shaun the Sheep Nintendo DS Case

Simple Eyeglasses Case

Sixteen-Inch Laptop Case

Spiral Water Bottle Sling

Squid Phone Case

Squid-Shaped Phone Case

+Sunglasses Case with Cord

Swirly Felted Glasses Case

T-Shirt and Recycled Silk Case

Tasseled Phone Case

Thatched Cottage Zip Up Case

Triangular Pen Holder

Very Easy Pencil Case

+Wired Dad Remote Caddy

Yugioh Playing Card Holders

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