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*Christmas Pickle Ornament Pattern

*Dwell House

*Elf-Sized Hawaiian Shirt Pattern

*Grumpy, the Lump of Coal

*Holiday Elf

*Holiday Stocking

*Mini Stocking Ornament

*Miss Eiderdown's Stocking

*Santa Hat Pattern

*Smitten Holiday Garland


*Tinsel Tree Pattern

*Tiny Holiday Sweater Ornament

Advent Calendar Gift Pockets

Advent Mini Mittens

+Advent Stocking Calendar

+Angel Choir Set

Angel Doll

Atlantic Northeast Xmas Tree Jellyfish Ornament

Baby LAB Christmas Stocking

Basic Sock Christmas Stocking

Bead Christmas Ball Ornament

Beaded Christmas Ornament

Bird in the Tree Ornament

Blue Christmas Stocking

Boston University (BU) Sweater Ornament

Bright Hats and Mitts Garland

Bright Stripes Stocking

Buoy Ornament

Button Up Stocking

Cable Stocking

Cable Vision Wreath

Cabled Christmas Stocking

Cabled Christmas Stocking

Cabled Christmas Wreath

Candy Cane Cozy

Candy Cane Stockings

+Cat and Dog Holiday Ornaments

Celestial Stocking

Celestine: Dodecahedron Star

Chevron Bauble Ornament

Christmas Ball � �Star of Bethlehem�

Christmas Bells

+Christmas Bells Banner

Christmas Fairy

Christmas Lights

Christmas Mistletoe

Christmas Reindeer Rudolfino

+Christmas Snowflakes Stocking

Christmas Star

Christmas Star Ornament

Christmas Stocking

+Christmas Stocking

Christmas Stocking

Christmas Stocking

Christmas Stocking, Felted

Christmas Stockings

+Christmas Stockings

Christmas Sweater/Jersey Ornament

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Gift Card Cozy

*Christmas Tree Hat

Christmas Tree Ornament

Christmas Tree Skirt

Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath Cover

Christmas Wreath Cover

Christmas Wreath Ornament

Christmas Wreath Ornament

Colleen Stocking

Cutlery Holder Stocking

Dangly Leg Santa

Decorate Ornaments

Diamond & Circle Christmas Ornaments

*Dog Christmas Stocking

Double Knit Mini Christmas Stocking Ornament

+Fae Tree Topper Doll

+Fair Isle Felted Ornament

+Fair Isle Snowflake Ornament

Father Christmas

Felted Christmas Stocking

+Festive Reindeer Stocking

+Festive Snowflake Stocking

+Festive Tree Stocking

*Fireplace Sox

Fisherman Pattern Stocking

Flossy The Snow Woman

Folkways Christmas Stocking

From the Heart Stocking

Frosty Plush Pal Applique

Frosty Snowman

Fuzzball Ornaments

+Garter Cuff Stocking Ornament

Georgie Giraffe Ornament

Gifts Around the Tree Skirt

Ginger Bread Couple

Gingerbread Man Christmas Ornament

+Glam Stocking Ornament

+Glittering Snowball Ornament

Glittery Stocking

Heart Ornament

Hexagon Stocking

+Holiday Felted Ornament

+Holiday Ornament

Holiday Ornament

Holiday Ornaments

*Holiday Stocking

Holiday Stockings

Hollingshead Christmas Stocking


Holly Wine Topper

Home for the Holidays Wreath

Homemade Felted Christmas Stocking

Indy Puppy Christmas Stocking

It's 'The Balm' Ornament Sock

+Jingle Bell Stocking

John Stocking

KAB Stocking

Knitted Christmas Elf Hat

+Knitterly Garland

Lace Mesh Ornaments

Lattice Stocking

Little Christmas Stocking

Little Miss Claus Costume

Little Ornament Style Gift Bags

Little Snowman Ornament

Little Stockings

Lollipop Ornament

Mini I-cord Wreath

Mini Christmas Stocking

Mini Christmas Stocking

*Mini Christmas Stockings

Mini Christmas Stockings

Mini Ornaments

+Mini-Mitts & Hat Garland

Miniature Candy Stocking

Miniature Mittens

Minutia '08 Sweater Ornaments

Minutia Mini Sweater Ornaments

Miss Snow Woman


+Mitten Ornament

Mitten Pocket Holiday Stocking

Nativity Scene

Nativity Sweater Charts

+Neva and Siria Ornaments

Noel Sweater Ornaments

*Non-Traditional Christmas Stocking

Norwegian Christmas Balls

Oh! Christmas Tree! Ornament

+Old-Fashioned Christmas Stockings

Partridge or a Pear Tree Ornaments

+Patches Christmas Stocking

*Penguin Christmas Stocking

Personalised Christmas Stocking

Personalized Christmas Stocking

Picot Edge Stocking

Poinsettia Gift Topper

+Poinsettia Ornament

RFR/RFB Stocking

Richter Family Christmas Stocking

Ruffle Christmas Stocking

Santa and Holly Chart

Santa Boot/Stocking Ornament

Santa Chart

Santa Christmas Hat Ornament

Santa Claus Chart

Santa Claus Stocking

Santa Claus Tea Cosy

Santa Face And Head Ornament

Santa Gnome Ornaments

Santa Hat Christmas Ornament

*Santa Hat Ornament

Santa in the Middle Christmas Ornament

Santa Shelf Doll

+Santa Stocking

Sean Felted Stocking

Silent Night Tree Skirt

Six Pointed Star Christmas Ornament

+Skating Fun Ornaments

Slippers Ornament


Snowflake Charts

Snowflake Christmas Ornament

Snowflake Star

+Snowflake Tree Skirt & Stocking


+Snowman Car Freshener

Snowman Christmas Ornament

Snowman Shivers Ornament

Snowman Stocking

Sparkling Sleigh Bells Stocking

Sparkly Christmas Stocking

Star Garland

Star Ornament

Star Stocking

Stitches the Snowman

Striped Christmas Stocking

Striped Holiday Stocking

Teeny Tiny Glove Ornament

Teeny Tiny Mittens Ornament

*Tiny Christmas Stocking

Tree Stocking Ornament

Triangular Tree Trims

Trio of Party Trees

Twinkle - Star Ornament

Two Strands Christmas Ball

Wee Nativity

Wool Ornaments

Yarn Basket Ornament

Zig-Zag Christmas Stocking

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