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Dolls and Doll Clothes

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*Elf-Sized Hawaiian Shirt Pattern

*Sheldon Bat Shell

*Sheldon Beachbum Outfit Pattern

*Sheldon Bee Shell Pattern

*Sheldon Cowboy Outfit Pattern

*Sheldon Lion Shell Pattern

*Sheldon Pirate Outfit Pattern

*Sheldon Policeman Outfit Pattern

*Sheldon Sheep Shell Pattern

*Sheldon Superhero Outfit Pattern

1 Foot Stocking Cap for Beanie Bears

15" Blankets

Aisling the Elf

Alice Doll

American Girl and Doll Cardigans

American Girl Basic Body Suit

American Girl Bikini

American Girl Cable Waist Vest

American Girl Cardigan

American Girl Doll Basic Sweater

American Girl Doll Beret

American Girl Doll Cable Aran Sweater

American Girl Doll Candy Cane Dress

American Girl Doll Chevron Jacket

American Girl Doll Chevron Skirt

American Girl Doll Classic Suit

American Girl Doll Drawstring Raglan Summer Dress

American Girl Doll Drawstring Raglan Top & Kerchief

American Girl Doll Dress

American Girl Doll Easy Garter Stitch Poncho

American Girl Doll Elegant Suit

American Girl Doll Empire Waist Lace Dress

American Girl Doll Evening Dress

American Girl Doll Eyelet Hem Skirt

American Girl Doll Faux Fur Trimmed Coat

American Girl Doll Faux Fur Trimmed Hat

American Girl Doll Flared Two-Tier Skirt

American Girl Doll Fur Shrug

American Girl Doll Garter Stitch Hat

American Girl Doll Garter Stitch Scarf

American Girl Doll Godet Skirt Suit

American Girl Doll Hat

American Girl Doll Hooded Cape

American Girl Doll Petticoat

American Girl Doll Raglan Banded Dress

American Girl Doll Retro Cardi

American Girl Doll Ruffle Shawl

American Girl Doll Skirt

American Girl Doll Sleeveless Wrap Top

American Girl Doll Summer Lace Dress

American Girl Doll Top

American Girl Doll Vest

American Girl Doll Vintage Outfit

American Girl Hat

American Girl Leg Warmers

American Girl Poncho

American Girl Ruffled Skirt

American Girl Shell Lace Nightgown/Dress

Amy Doll

Amy's Sundress and Hat

Angel Doll

+Argyle Sally Doll

Audrey Hepburn Doll

Autumn Fairy

Baby Bear Doll

Baby Doll (12in)

Baby Dolly

Baby's First Baby Doll

Basic 11.5" Doll Sweater

Basic Socks (Fits American Girl Dolls)

Basic Sweater (Fits 16in Tansy Doll)

Batman Doll

Beanie Baby Blanket

Bernadine 18in Doll Cardigan

Berry Baby Doll

Bliss's Dolly

Blythe Bulb Skirt

Blythe Doll Party Dress

Blythe Doll Poofy Panty Onesie

Blythe Gear

+Boy & Girls Doll Play Set

+Brocade Sally Doll

Buddy Doll Toys

Business Man

Checkerboard Doll Pullover

Clown Shelf/Computer Doll

Cuddles Sweater (Fits 18in. Dolls)

Cute Pocket Doll

Dell's Drawstring Raglan Summer Dress (Fits 14in Doll)

Doll Aran Cardigan (Fits 18" Dolls)

Doll Clothes Set (Fits 18" Dolls)

Doll House (12th Scale) Christmas Stocking

Doll or Toddler Booties

Doll Poncho & Beret (Fits 18" Doll)

Doll Purse (18" Dolls)

Doll Raglan Waistcoat

Doll Rattle

Doll Scarf

Doll Shoes (Fits 18" Dolls)

Doll Skirt

Doll Sweater & Hat (Fits 18" Dolls)

Doll's Triangular Lace Shawl

Duck Shelf Doll

Easy Doll

+Eco Eric Doll

Egyptian Style Hat for Beanie Bears

Elf Doll

Eliza Doll

Elizabeth II Jubilee Doll

Emmy, Emergency Baby Gift Doll

Ernestine Doll Cloche

Fair Isle Sweater (Fits 16" Fashion Dolls)

Fairy Doll

Fairy Pin

February Doll Sweater

Floral Doll Accessories (Fits 18" Dolls)

Fluted Doll Cardigan

Frilly Doll Tights

Frozen Anna Flip Doll

Frozen Elsa Flip Doll

Garden Gnome Jacket

+Garter-Stitch Doll Suit (Fits 18" Dolls)

Geisha Girl Doll

Gloria the Gymnast

Groovy Girl Doll Clothes

Holiday Doll

Hungry Baby Doll

Jack Frost

Joker Doll

Josie Tiny Socks

Kate Middleton Doll

Kiki Kitty Doll

Kirsten's Bolero

Knitkinz Outfits & Accessories

Kokeshi Doll

Lacy Flouncy American Doll Skirt

Little Red Doll

+Little Red Riding Hood Pillow Doll

Love My Doll Sweater (Fits 18" Doll)

Maggie Bean & Friends Dolls

Marilyn Monroe Doll

Mermaid Tail (Fits 18in Dolls)

Mini Stuffed Animal (Knitkinz) Pants

Miniature Doll Items

Miniature Family Child Doll

Miniature Family Father Doll

Miniature Family Mother Doll

Miss Bojangles Doll

Mrs. Santa Shelf/Computer Doll

+My Dolly & Me Sweaters

*Nisse Dolls

No-Sew Beanie Baby Sleeping Bag with Attached Pillow

+Olivia Doll Outfit (Fits 18in. Dolls)

Petite Dolls

Piet Doll

Pink and Yellow Doll Dress

Pleated Jumper (Fits 18" Doll)

President Obama

Prince William Doll

Pullip Doll Bolero

Pullip Doll Legwarmers

Pullip Doll Off-the-Shoulder Sweater

Pullip Doll Strapless Top

Punkin Doll Costume

Purl Rabbit Raglan Sweater

Ragdoll Summer Dress

*Rainbow Babies

Rolled Brim Sock Monkey Hat

Ruffly Ariel Dress

Rufus the Leprechaun Doll

Sally, the Eco Fairy

Santa Shelf/Computer Doll

Sarah's Shawl (Fits 18" Dolls)

Sasha Doll Hat and Mitten-Scarf

Scrappy Doll

Ski Sweater, Leg Warmers for Beanie Babies

Sleepy Topsy Turvy Doll

Sleeveless Doll Sweater

Slip Stitch Striped Sweater (Sasha Doll)

Snowman Shelf/Computer Doll

Spelling Bee Doll Vest (Fits 15-18in Dolls)

Stewie Griffin Doll

Strawberry Twirl Hat With A Matching Hat For American Girl Bitty Baby

+Striped Sally Doll

Stripey Dress (Fits Chubby 15" Doll)

Stuffed Animals Dinner Table

Summer Fun Ensemble (Fits 18" Dolls)

Tea Time American Girl Mob Cap

Thinty Girl & Doll Skirts

Tiny Beanie Baby Sweater for Dogs/Cats

Tiny Dolls

Tiny Girl Scout

Topsy Turvy Doll

Topsy Turvy Doll

Trousers for 4" doll

Ugg Boots (Fits Tiny Ball Jointed Dolls)

Victor Doll

Waistcoat and Scarf for Beanie Babies

+Winter Doll Hat and Muff

Winter's Doll Overalls

Yoda Doll

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