Edgings and Insertions

For many more free knitted lace edging patterns, please visit Knitting-And.com

+Baby Lace Trim

+Basic Lace Trim

+Bias Binding Trim

+Bird's Eye Trim

+Bobbles Trim

+Bud and Stem Trim

Easy Lace Edging

+Feather and Fan Edging

+Fireside Lace Edging

+Garter Stitch Loops Trim

+Hoops Trim Edging

Lace Edging

Leaf Edging

+Loop Edge Fringe

+Points Edging

Pretty Lacy Edge

Scalloped Edging

+Scalloped Eyelet Edging

Simple Eyelet Edging

+Single Loop Fringe Edging

Three Lace Edgings

Triangle Lace


+Umbrella Flounce

+Zig Zag Edging

+Zig Zag Rib Trim