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Felted Items

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*Argyle Felted Pillow

*Felted Scarf

*Knit for the Cure Felted Ribbon Pattern

*Summer Stripes Felted Water Bottle Holder

*Tea Cozy, Felted

*Teacup & Saucer, Felted

3 Panel Noro Felted Bag

40 Years Felted Bowl

A Little Bird Told Me - Felted Bag

+Acorn Pencil Case, Felted

+Acorn Soap Cozy, Felted

Adult Felt Slippers

Allure Felted Wallet

Ally Gator, Felted

Alpaca Dinnerplate Beret

+Alpaca Felted Oven Mitts

Andrea Bag

Apple Pi Felted Cozy

April Flower Basket

Ayla Felted Backpack

Bagged - Felted Bag

*Balloon Bag

Bamboo Handle Felted Purse

Basic Toddler Shoes

Basket Bag with Bobbles

Bathmat, Felted

Beaded Closure Felted Purse

Beads, Felted

Bed Socks, Felted

Bird Purse, Felted

Bobble Felted Tote

Booga Bag

Bowl Trio, Felted

Bowl, Felted

Bowl, Felted

*Bowling Bag Purse, Felted

Bowls, Felted

Boxfot - CD Box

Bucket of Roses Felted Hobo Purse

Buffalo Plaid Felted Roll Bag

Bunnies Got Back - Felted Bag

Cabin Carry - Felted Bag

+Cable Felted Soap Cozy

Carrie Felted Clutch Purse

Chevron Bag

+Chevron Felted Pillow

Child's Felted Purse

Chow Hand Puppet

Christmas Stocking, Felted

Classic Wool Felted Bag

Clutch Handle Felt Purse

+Coin Purse, Felted

+Cool Stripes Felted Bag

Cosmetic Clutch, Felted

Credit Card Holder

+Custom Mixed Color Bag

+Cute Small Felted Bag

+Cutting Edge Scarf

Daffodil Amigurumi, Felted

Diagonal Ripple Felted Purse

Dianna Entrelac Felted Tote

Diced Tomatoes Felted Purse

Dog Collar, Felted

+Downtown Clutch, Felted

+Draft Blocker

Dragon Bag

DS Lite Felted Case

Easy Felted Bracelet Bag

Easy Felted Clutch

*Elegant Eskimo Felted Mittens

Emma Bag

English Garden Felted Carpetbag

Entangled Bag

Entrelac Suki Bag

Fair Isle Beer Cozy, Felted

+Fair Isle Felted Ornament

Fall Felted Placemat

Falling Leaves Felted Bag

Felt Bookmark

Felted 'Bobble' Bag

Felted (or Not) Pincushion

Felted Amigurumi Champagne Bottle

+Felted Armwarmers

Felted Baby Block Set

Felted Bag

Felted Bag

+Felted Bag Dispenser

Felted Bookmarks

Felted Box With Lid

*Felted Bucket Bag

+Felted Capelet

Felted Cat Basket

Felted Christmas Stocking

Felted Coasters, Hot Pads, and Beverage Jackets

Felted Flap Bag

Felted Flower Slipper Socks

Felted Glasses Case

Felted Hat

Felted Hat

+Felted Hat & Scarf Set

Felted Ice Cream Sundae Basket/Bag

Felted Kitty Bed

+Felted Little Loops Pillow

+Felted Loops Bag

+Felted Loops Pillow

+Felted Loopy Tote Bag

Felted Motif Bag

+Felted Piano Scarf

Felted Piano Tote Bag

Felted Pocketbook

Felted Purse

Felted Tab Bag & Pouch

+Felted Tote

+Felted Trick or Treat Bag

Fish, Felted

Fjord Felted Slippers

Flannel Backpack, Felted

*Flap Dash Bag

Flapped Bag

Flora Bag

Flower Pillow, Felted

Flower Pot, Felted

Fortune Cookies, Felted

French Market Bag

Frog, Felted

Fulled/Felted Tea Cozy

Furniture Feet, Felted

Furniture Feet, Felted

Fuzzy Fir Trees

Galway Felted Bracelet

+Guitar Strap, Felted

+Halloween Crown, Felted

Hana Hou Felted Ukulele Bag

Hannah Beaded Purse

+Harbour Felted Cabled Bag

Heart, Felted

Heart-felt Purse

Heartfelt - Felted Hearts

Hippodrome Felted Bag

+Hold All Tote, Felted

+Holiday Felted Ornament

Homemade Felted Christmas Stocking

Hope Triangular Bowl

Hot Pad, Felted

Hot Water Bottle Cover (Felted)

Houndstooth Felted Bag

+I'm Forever Blowing Bobbles Felted Scarf

Iceland + Fizz Stardust Felted Cloche Hat

Iceland Felted Bag with Dragonfly Trim

Iceland Felted Cloche Hat with Splash Trim

Iceland Striped Felted Bag

Icon Bag

Inca Felted Clutch

Intarsia Blocks Flap Purse

Isabel Bag

Isabelle Felted Hat

It Felt Random Bag

Jasperuvia Felted Satchel

Jayne's AP Bag, Felted

Jellyfish, Felted

Kauni Color Bag, Felted

Kindle Cover, Felted

Knitternall Felted Tote

Knobbly Felted Scarf

Know it All Felted Bag

Koinobori Felted Bag

Laptop Sleeve, Felted

Large Shallow Felted Bowl

Light Saber, Felted

Lightly Felted Slipper Socks

Lightsaber, Felted

Lilly Lunch Tote

*Little Coco Bag

Little Girl's Fulled Backpack

Little Slip of a Thing Bag

+Lunch Bag, Felted

Mad River Felted Mittens

Maple Bag

*Marilyn Monroe Bag

Market Bags, Felted

Marlena Felted Slippers

Marley's Ghost Scarf/Belt

+Mary Jane Scuffs, Felted

+Mary Jane Slippers

Mary Jane Slippers, Felted

Mini Bag, Felted

Mommy Messenger Bag

Monkey Felted Slippers

Montera Felted Backpack

Mouse, Felted

Mukluks, Felted

My First Felting Basket

Nagano Sakura Scarf

+Nantucket Felted Rug

+Needle Holder, Felted

Nesting Bowls, Felted

*Newspaper Carrier's Bag

Numbers Bag

One Skein Noro Felted Purse

Op Art Bag, Felted

Pan Handle Cozy, Felted

Patchwork Felted Bag

Patchwork Rug, Felted

+Peek-a-Boo Felted Scarf

Pen Cosy, Felted

*Penny Felted Bag

Peruvia Roses

*Pig (Stuffed and Felted)

Pignoli Felted Bag

Pill Shaped Holder, Felted

+Pincushion, Felted

+Plaid Blanket, Felted

Plant Hanger, Felted

+Pleated Bag, Felted

Polar Bear Toy, Felted

Popcorn Bag

Preemie Felted Winter Boots


Quick Felted Clutch Purse

Renaissance Felted Dog Leash

Resist Felting Scarf

+Roll-Up Pencil Case, Felted

*Romantic Ruffles Felted Handbag

Rose, Felted

+Rotherby Felted Doorstop

Round Felted Bag

Roving Potholder, Felted

+Ruched Bag, Felted

*Run-About Felted Handbag

Sabinette Felted Twisted Ladder Scarf


+Scarf Felted Purse

Scrapilicious Mini Tote, Felted

Sean Felted Stocking

Sentimental Stripes Felted Tote

Shaped Felted Purse

Shopping Bag, Felted

Short Rows Slipper Insoles, Felted

*Short-row Felted Slippers

Simple Stripes Felted Bag

Situate - Dining Chair Cover

Skully Keychain

Slip Stitch Felted Bookmark

+Slip-ons, Felted

Small Felted Bag with Partition

Small Felted Clutch

+Snowflake Tote, Felted

Solresol Felted Bag

+Sparkle Felted Pillow

Spotholder Felted Potholders

*Spring Fling Felted Handbag

Stars and Stripes Felted Hotpads

Striped Felted Basket

+Striped Felted Coin Purse

Striped Wine Sack, Felted

+Stripey Strap Bag

Sturdy Felt Button

Suki Huge Felted Tote Bag

+Sunset Stripe Felted Bag

*Suzanne's Purse

+Swirling Spirals Felted Coin Purse

Swirly Felted Glasses Case

Taffy Scarf

Taiga Bag

Tea Cosy, Felted

Tiny Felted Vessels

Tisket Felted Basket

Tissue Box Cover, Felted

Tote Bag, Felted with Pockets

Trapezoid Felted Bag

+Trendy Felted Handbag

+Tribal Bag, Felted

Tribal Duffle, Felted

+Trick or Treat Felted Wallet

TriMiters Felted Handbag

Tuck Purse, Felted

Two Color Lattice Felt Bag

+Uptown Clutch, Felted

Vale Petite Felted Backpack

Venus Unisex Semi-Felted Hat

Via Russian Cossack Hat

Visby Felted Bag

Walker Pouch, Felted

Wall Pocket, Felted

Wedding Felted Blanket

+West End Clutch, Felted

White Felt Cup Cozy

Wine Cozy, Felted


Zip-It Clutch

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