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Girl's Clothing

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Abbey Child's Dress

+ABC Cardigan

Accordion Cardigan

+Addison Belted Cable Cardigan

Adorable Short Skirt

Albatross Mother-Daughter Dress (Knit Top, Fabric Bottom)

+All Dressed Up Dress

Allotment - Girl's Tunic Dress

Amalie Girl's Tank

American Girl and Doll Cardigans

Anabella Dress

Angel Tank Top

Aran Kid's Jumpers

Argyle Sweater

Audrey's First Day Cardi

Autumn Pinafore

+Baby Doll Girl's Dress

Back to School Skirt

Ballerina Shrug

+Ballet Set

+Bam Bam Bath Set

Bambi Bertuzzi Capelet

Barb's Child Cardigan

Bella Cap and Mittens

Belle Skirt

Berry-licious Kid's Scarf & Wristers

Bethany Cardigan

Big League Child's Sweater

Big Rock, Little Rock Vests

Billie Outfit

Bizzy Tunic

+Blocks and Stripes Pullover Sweater

Blooming Yo-yo Skirt

Boo Sweater

Boy & Girl Cardigans

Brenda Easy Cardigan

+Bria Pullover

Briar Rose Sweater

+Bright-Stripes Pullover

Brittany's Millenium Jumper

Brother and Sister Play Suit

+Budding Beauty Cardigan

+Bunny Motif Pullover

Cable Jumper

Cabled Child's Pullover

Cables and Hearts Child's Pullover

Camilla Cardigan & Socks

Capuchon Cape

Cardigan Pattern Size 4-6

Cardigan with Baby Cable Yoke | Size 5-6

Cardigan with Pleated Angora Yoke | Size 5-7

Casey Jones Child Sweater

Casual Collared Pullover

Casual Mom & Daughter T-Shirts

Chanelette Jacket

Charm Shrug

Child Bolero

Child Raglan Sleeve Jacket

Child's Ballet Shrug

+Child's Berry Cardigan

Child's Button-Up Poncho

Child's Cable Jumper

Child's Cardigan and Hat

Child's Cat Sweater

*Child's Dressing Gown

+Child's Easy Hooded Pullover

Child's Flag Sweater

Child's Holiday Capelette

Child's Irish Cardigan

Child's Loop Fringe Cape

+Child's Lopi Cardigan

Child's Middy Jumper

Child's Party Tank Top

Child's Side Buttoned Vest

+Child's Skirt

Child's Vest

*Child's Vest

+Child's Zip-front Jacket

Childhood Cardigan

Classic Little T-Shirt

Cloverleaf Eyelet Rib Socks for Little Girls

Collar for Child

Color Flirtations Dress

*Color Me Lovely Sweater

Coppelia Girl Dress

Corinthia Vest

Cornelia Cardigan & Hat Duo

Cottage Country Cardigan

Cotton Bam Boo Girl's Dress

Cotton Cable Sweater

Cowgirl Butterfly Astronaut Vest

Cowl Pullover

Crayon Crewneck Pullover

Cupcake Cutie Costume

Cute Kimono Sweater

Cute Short Skirt

Daisy Wrap Cardigan & Skirt

+Darling Devil Set

Dream Boat Outfit

Dynamic Duo Sweaters

Easy Pullover

Easy Seamless Kids Bolero Shrug

Easy Stripes Poncho

Easy Summer Girl Skirt

Easybreezy Tank

+Echo Long Sleeve Top

*Elba Girl's Jacket

Elliot Tartan Cardigan

Elsie Girl Tank Top

Emma Dress

Exotic Tank

*Fairy Princess Cardigan

Family Cables Hooded Sweaters

+Family of Sweaters

Family Stripes Sweater

Fancy Cross & Cable Panel School Vest

Feather and Fan Girl's Summer Top

February Girlie Top

+Fiesta Jacket & Mittens

+First Mink Coat

Flappers Hat and Mittens Set

Flared Jumper

Flitter Dress (Knit Top, Fabric Bottom)

Flora Dress

Floral Cardigan

Flouncy Ruffled Girl's Skirt

Flower Fairy Skirt

Flower Jumper

Folkloric Fun Cardigan

Fred Bare Boy/Girl Sweater

+Fresh-Picked Color 3/4-Sleeve Cardigan

+Frill Seeker Pullover

From the Sea Pullovers

+Fur Trimmed Top

+Furry Friends Pullovers

Gansey, Kids

Garter Ridge Hoodie

Garter Stitch Yoke Cardigan

Girl Patterned Sweater

Girl Twirly Skirt

Girl's Bobble Cardigan

Girl's Cardigan Sweater with Ties

Girl's Dress Up Set

Girl's Figure Skater Yoke Pullover

Girl's Jumper Dress

Girl's Old-Time Raglan Banded Dress

Girl's Patterned Dolman

Girl's Ruffled Skirt

Girl's Scalloped Vest

Girl's Shrug

Girl's Spring Headband

Girl's Striped Yoke Short Sleeve Pullover

Girl's Sweater

Girl's Wristlet & Purse Set

Girlie Cape

Girls Sweater Vest

Glamour Girl Outfit

+Going Fishing Cardigan

Good Tree Cardigan

Guernsey Pullover and Cap

Halterneck Top

Hand Fur Cuffs

+Harper Cardigan

+Haven - Girl's Bolero

Headband and Belt

Heart Party Shrug

Hermione Tie

Hero Pullovers

Hey Mickey! Skirt

Hip in Hemp Skirt

+Hipster Sweater

Holiday Girl's Shrug

Hooded Jacket

+Hooded Sweater

+Hooded Sweater

+Hooded Sweatshirt

Hugs & Kisses Girl's Hat/Cowl/Scarf Set

In The Park Outfit

Instant Gratification Top

Jacket with Hood

+Jazzy Snazzy Pants

Jelly Bean Sweater

Jolee Pink Ruffle Sweater

Joseph Jacket

Just Like Mom Pullover

Keri Kid's Pullover

+Kid's Striped Cardigan and Hat

Kid's Striped Hoodie

Kid's Vests

Kid'z Diamondz Pullover

Kids Clown Jumper

Kindling Top Down Cardigan

La Trouvillaise Girl's Bathing Suit

Lace Skirt

Lacy Girly Fancy Hat

Lacy Little Shrug

*Lacy Peasant Top

Lacy Tank Top

Lamb Children's Cardigan

Lee Dress and Purse

Lexi - Girl's Raglan Ruffled Top

Lite Brite Sweater

Little Flirt Cardigan

Little Girl Butterfly Poncho

Little Girl Leg Warmers

Little Girl's Dress

Little Girl's Sundress

Little Girls Frills Skirt

Little Miss Jump Up Outfit

Madeline Tank Top

Maeve Child Cardigan

Make Mine Stripes Pullover

Mardi Dress/Tunic/Tank

Mare - Sleeveless Cardigan

Mavis Hooded Vest

+Meadow of Wildflowers Pullover

Mi Escuelita Kids Cardigan

Misses Tabard

Mission Tank

Missy Jumper

Monica Tank Top

+Mother/Daughter Sweaters

Mrs. Applebomb Vest

+My Dolly & Me Sweaters

Nameraka - Any Size Any Yarn Kimono

Nautical Jacket

Neighborly Vest

Nordic Kimono

Nova Dress

Old Skool Skirt

Olive Short-Sleeve Ruffled Sweater

Paint Me a Sweater

+Pair of Sailing Pullovers

Patrice V-neck Jumper

Peasant Jacket

+Perfect Sundress

Petite Ballerina Wrap

Pickles - Little Girl Leg Warmers

Pink Girly Mitts

Pink Orchard Cardigan

+Playful Stripes Cardigan

+Point to Point Blouse

Polkadot Circle Coat

Polly Intarsia Puzzle Pullover

Polly Little Girl Outfit

+Popsicle Stripes

+Pretty in Pink Collar

Pretty Pink Marl Cardi

Prickly Girl Tank

Pullover with Hood

+Raglan Child's Cardigan

Rain-Bow Vest

Rainbow Play Sweater

+Rainbow Sherbet Dress

Rainy Day Kid's Sweater

*Ramona Racerbank Tank

+Random Stripes Pullover

Richmond District Child's Vest

Rickrack Pullovers

+Rickrack Stripes Cardigan & Pullover

*Rio Bravo Girl Jacket

Ruby Layer Girl's Top

Ruffled Girls Leg Warmers

Ruffles Skirt

Sawtelle Two Button Cardigan

Scallop Edge Short Skirt

Scattered Notions Skirt

Seaweed Wrap

Shades of Summer Dress

Sherri Girl's Lacy T-shirt

Shine On Girl's Hat and Scarf

Simple Stripes Tunic

Sis Outfit

Sister and Brother's Outfit

Six Stitch Plait Cable Vest

Sk8r Chick Ruffle Sox

Skating Skirt

Snow Fairy Outfit

Snowflake Queen Sweater Coat

Snowflake Sweater

Snuffle Pullover

Snuggle Vest

Spanish Dancer Dress

+Sporty Stripe Top

Sporty Zip Neck Pullover

+Springtime Sweetheart Sweater

Spritely Elf Necessities: Hat & Shoes Set

Starsky Jr. Sweater

Strawberry Parfait Set

+Strawberry Patch Cardigan and Cap

+Striped Bricks Pullover

+Striped Pullover and Pixie Hat

+Striped Swing Sweater

+Stripes and Bobbles Cardigan

Sugar Short-Sleeve Sweater

Summer Sailor Sail Boat Pullover

Summer Sox Child's Cardi

+Summer Stripes Crop Tops

+Sun Top, Child's

Super Star & Sweetheart Pullovers

+Surfer Girl Halter Top

Sweet Reflections Bolero

Swiss Miss Two-Button Cardi

Tango Tank

+Tapestry Leaf Pullover

Tasman Dress

Tayla Jade Halter Top

Tea Party Tunic

+Teagan Pocket Pullover Dress

+Team Spirit Cardigan

Teen's Stripey Jumper

+Textured Fair Isle Pullover

Thinty Girl & Doll Skirts

Thorgal Sweater

Tomboy Cardigan

+Tonalita Intermezzo Surprise Jacket

Totally Soft Girl's Hat and Scarf

Trendy Girls' Cardigan

+Tropical Flavors Pullover

Tropical Lily Girl Top

Tweedy Vest

Tween Layer Top

Twin Sweater Set with Seed Yoke Stitch | Size 8-10

+Two Tone Girl's Jacket

Two-Button Hoodie

Two-Piece Suit

Unmentionables - Girls Drawers

Ursula Outfit

V-Neck Child's Cardigan

Valentine - Girl's Sweater

Valentine's Day Cat Sweater

Very Easy Child's Blue Sweater

Very Easy Child's Tan Sweater

Victoria Jumper/Sundress

Vintage Cape and Hat

Vintage Children's Minx Sweater Set

Vintage Once Upon A Time

Waiting for Santa Sweater

Wakie Wakie Asymmetrical Pullover

Warm and Toasty Hoodie

Wasabi Girl's Cardigan

*Watermelon Dress & Hat

Wild Child Kid's Vest

Yellow Duckling Child's Pullover Sweater

Yolanda Lace Tank Top

Zipped Cardigan

Zoomy Girl's Bolero

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