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Also try Children's Hats and Baby Hats.

Hard-Wearing Hat

Harrison Earflap Hat

*Hat for Spring

Hat Pattern Generators

Hat to Head - Basic Hat

Hats and Helmets (from World War II)

Hats for Husbands

Hawk Hat

*Head Cosy Hat

Head Hugger Hat

Headstrong Head Hugger

Hear It for the Team Hat

Heart Vines Beret

Hearts A Bustin for Valentine's Day Hat

Heel Stitch Hat

Helen's Beret

Hello New York Hat

*Helmet Liner

Helmet, The

Hershey Kiss Hat

Heterocyclic Hat

Hexed Hat

His Hat

His Tri-Color Hat

Holiday Hats

Holly Hat

Holly Hat, The

Homespun Rolled-Edge Chemo Cap

Honeycomb Hat

Horseshoe Hat

Horseshoe Hat

Toni Ribbed Hat

Top Down Anime Bonnet

Top Down Chullo

Topi Hat

Topographie Hat

Toque with Earflaps

Tortora Hat

Totem Cabled Hat

Touch of Whimsey Hat

Train Tam

+Tranquil Violet Hat

Transformer Hat-Scarf

Trav's Balaclava

Trekking Slouch Hat

Tri-Peak Hat

Tricorn Hat

Trilobite Hat

*Triple Berry Hat

*Triplet Toque

Tripod Hat

Truth Finds Honest Tam

Tulle-Riffic Hat

Turtle Track Hat

Tweedy Plaid Beanie

Tweedy Tam

Twilight Hat

Twirly Whirly Hat

Twisted Brains Hat

Twisted Burl Slouchy Hat

*Twisted Latice Cabled Hat

Twisted Rope Hat

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