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Lace Shawls

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*Candleflame Shawl

*Haruni Shawl

*Liana Shawlette

*Red Hat Lady Shawl Pattern

*Roadtrip Shawl

Aeolian Shawl

Afternoon Tea Shawl

Alberni Valley Shawl

All-O-Ruffles Shawl

Allegro Shawl

*Amari Shawl

Amelia Lace Wrap

Anna Shawl

Anna's Shawl

Annis Lace Shawl

Anthemion Lace Wrap

Arroyo Shawl

Arvika Shawl

Ashton Shawlette

Aubrey Lace Shawl

Aubrey Shawl

Aunt Phebe's Comfort Shawl

Autumn Leaf Shawl

Autumn Leaves Small Triangular Shawl

Baby Kid Mohair Shawl

Baby's Lacy Shawl

Baltic Sea Breeze Shawl

Bauble Shawl

Beauty in Ashes Shawl

Beithe Shawl

Bella Botanica Shawl

Beloved Shawl

Bitterroot Lace Shawl

Bloom Shawl

Blossoms by the Brook Shawlette

Borealis Lace Shawl

Boscobel Leaf Lace Shawl

Bright Lights Shawl

Camellia Lace Shawlette

Candlelight Shawl

Cartouche Shawl

Casurina Shawl

+Cat's Paw Lace Shawl

Cavallo Point Shawl

Cheshire Cat Stole

Chevron Lace Shawl

Chevron Leaf Shawl

Cinema Shawl

Claire Lace Shawl

Clearwater Rapids Shawl

Climbing Leaves Shawl

Cloris Lace Shawl

Clouds Lace Shawl

Cockleshell Hero Shawl

Cold Mountain Shawl

Colonnade Shawl

+Comfort Shawl

Coronado Shawl

+Cotton Lacy Stole

Country Club Shawl

Cozy Lace Wrap

+Crisscross Lace Shawl

Crow Prints Shawl

+Crystal Lake Shawl

Cyrcus Lace Shawl

Cyrcus Rectangular Lace Shawl

Daisy Stitch Lace Shawl

Dancing Hands Shawl

Dawn Til Dusk Shawlette

Day to Date Time Shawl

Delicate Shawl

*Deux Cotes Top-Down Triangle Shawl

Diamond Pattern Shawl

+Diamond Shawl

Diamond Shawl

+Diva Shawl

Dorothy Day Shawl

Dorothy Ripple Shawl

Dragon Scales Shawl

Dragon Wing Shawl

+Drop Stitch Wrap

Dummy Clap Shawl

Dunes Lace Stole

Easy as Pie Elegant & Ethereal Lace Shawl

Easy Garter Stitch Shawl

+Easy Triangle Shawl

*Echo Flower Shawl

Elegant Evening Wrap

Ella Shawl

Emily Circular Lace Shawl

Entomology Beaded Lace Shawl

Escape Shawl

Escapist Shawl

Esmeralda Shawl

+Estonian Lace Shawl

Estuary Shawl

Eyelet Circles Shawl

+Eyelet Shawl

Faerytale Shawl

Fair & Square Lace Shawl

Fairy Leaves Pooling Stole

Fairylike Billows Wrap

Fall Shawl

Feather & Fan Shawl

Feather & Fan Shawl

Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl

Felicita Ruana

Fir Cone Triangular Shawl

Firefly Dayflower Shawl

*Firmaments Lace Shawl

First Snow Evening Wrap

Fleece Artist Lace Shawl

Fleece Lace Shawl

Floral Fantasy Shawl

Florine Lace Shawl

Flounce Shoulder Shawl

Flower Power Shawl

Flowers and Frills Shawls

Flying North Shawl

Forest Flowers Shawl

Forest Ridge Lace Shawlette

Freya Shawl

Frilled Party Shawl

Fringed Beach Wrap

Frost Diamonds Shawl

Gamayun Bird Lace Shawl

Geometry-Inspired Lace Shawl

Geschenk Lace Shawl

Ginkgo Shoulderette Shawl

Glam Shells Lace Shawl

Glitzy Cat's Paw Lace Wrap

Good Day Sunshine Shawl

Greek Revival Shawl

Happy Easter Shawl

Harmony Stole

Heirloom Shawl

Hestia Stole

Hex Lace Shawl

High Effect Feather and Fan Shawl

Hills and Valleys Lace Shawl

Hourglass Wrap

I Love You Shawl

+Icelandic Lace Shawl

Indigenous Shawl

*Interlude Lace Wrap

Ivy Leaf Shawl

*Janice's Drop Stitch Shawl

Jasmine Shawl

Jerry - Quick Stole

June Bunnies Shawl

Juno Regina Wrap

Just Holes Shawl

Kelp Forest Shawlette

Kingsolver Shawl

*Krystina Diamond Lace Shawl

Kudzu Shawlette

*Lace Alpaca Shawl

Lace Blanket Shawl

Lace Diamonds Triangular Shawl

Lace Mystery Shawl

Lace Sequin Shawl

Lace Silk Shawlette

Lace Stripe Shawl

Lace Transparent Wrap

Lace Triangle Shawl

Lace Wannabe Shawl

+Lace Wrap

Lace Wrap

Lace Wrap

Lacey Evening Wrap

Lacy Kid Merino - Waikiki Stole

Lacy Leaf Shawl

+Lacy Leaf Wrap and Beret

Lacy Shawl

+Lacy Stole

Lacy Stole

Lacy Wrap

Lacy Wrap

Lacy Zigzag Shawl

Ladder Shawl

Laminaria Shawl

Laura Lace Shawl

Lavender + Chocolate Triangle Shawl

Lazy Day Lace Shawl

Leaf in a Leaf Lace Shawl

Leaf Shawl

Leaves and Waves Shawl

Lehmus Lace Shawl

Let It Snow Lace Shawl

Light Wrap

Lighter Than Perfume Shawl

Lilah Lace Shawl

Lion's Lace Shawl

Little Leaves Lace Wrap

+Lovely Lace Shawl

Maja Shawl

Many Points Lace Shawl

Marguritte Evening Wrap

Maroma Wrap

Mermaid Shawl

Metron Shawl

Michaela Spectacular Lace Shawl

Misty Diamonds Shawl

+Misty Ripples Stole

Mitered Eyelet Shawl

+Modernist Lace Shawl

Mohana Lace Shawl

Ms. Clarke Shawl

Muir Shawl

Multicolor Lace Shawl

Mystic Forest Shawl

Nancy & Judy Shawl

Nantucket Shawlette

Natural Leaf Wrap

*Nature Shawl

Nicky Shawl

Noro Sock Yarn Lace Shawl

Nova Lacy Wrap

Oaklet Shawl

Oceanspray Lace Shawl

Old Balustrade Lace Shawl

Old Shale Shawl

Omelet Half Circle Lace Shawl

+Opulent Evening Stole

+Orenburg Lace Stole

Over-Lapping Diamonds Shawl

Padma Pashmina Wrap

Palatine Stole

Palm Fronds Shawl

Panache Shawl

Panda Silk Lace Circular Shawl

Park Avenue Shawl

Peaceful Shawl

Peacock Jewel Mohair Wrap

Peaked Lace Border Shawlette

Pimpelliese Shawl

Pooling Streams Stole

Pooling Summer Mesh Stole

Prairie Wrap

Pretty Maids Shawl

Princess Child's Size Shawl

*Print 'O the Wave Stole

Prism Shawl

Pythagoras Shawl

Queensland Wrap

Quilla Stole

Radiant Eyelet Shawl

Raindrop Shawl

Rave Lace Shawl

Rectangle Lace Shawl

Redwing Lace Shawl

Rhodion Lace Stole

+Ripple Shawl

Road Trip Shawl

Rolling Waves Shawlette

Rose Quartz Shawl

Rose Trellis Shawl

+Royal Wrap

Sagittaria Shawl

Salina Shawl

Samantha's Shawl

Sanibel Lace Shawl

Sanibel Wrap

Sari Silk Scarf/Wrap

Sea and Shells Stole

Seafoam Shawl

Seafoam Shawl

Seascape Wrap

Seaweed Stole/Scarf

Seaweed Wrap

See The Light Shawl

Seedling Wrap

Semi-precious Lace Shawl

Shell Lace Shawl

Shell Stitch And Eyelets Shawl

*Shetland Floss Shawl

Shetland Shawl

Shipwreck Shawl

Shoulder Shawl

Shoulder Shawl

Silk Fan Shawl

Silky Alpaca Lace Shawl

Simple Slant Shawl

Simple Yet Effective Shawl

+Simply Scrumptious Stole

Sjobacka Lace Shawl

Sleeveheart Shawl

Small Leaf Border Shawl

*Snowdrop Shawl

Soft Linen Cover-up

Soft Linen Shawl

Sonata Shawl

Sophia Wrap

Spring Flowers Shawl

+Spring Lace Shawl

+Spring Ruana

Star - Openwork Lace Shawl

Starburst Pi Shawl

Stella Luna Lace Shawl

Stole for Little Girl

Storm Cloud Shawlette

Strawberry Pie Shawl

+Summer Shawlette

Summer Snow Wrap

Summertime Lace Shawl

+Summit American Yak Wrap

Sunset Wrap

Survival Stole

Susan Summer Shawl

Swamp Witch Stole

Sweet Alyssum Shawl

Sweet November Shawl/Scarf

Swirl Shawl

Tamarah Wrap

+Tea and Sympathy Shawl

Temptation Wrap

Tendrils Beaded Lace Stole

Tessa Shawl

*Tetrad Shawl

Threnody Lace Shawl

Thyme Leaves Shawlette

Tie One On Wrap

Tinka Shawl

Torreyana Lace Shawl

Traveling Woman Shawl

Trellis Border Garter Stitch Lace Shawl

+Triangle Shawl

+Triangle Shawl

Triangular Net Shawl

Trip to Belfast Shawl

Tripinnate Shawl

Tripinnate Shawlette

*Tuxedo Shawl

Umbrella Shawlette

Utsukushii Wrap

Variation on a Frill Shawl

Ventura Wrap

Victorian Enchantment Shawl

Wandering Waves Bias Shawl

Wavy Shawl

Weekender Lace Wrap Stole

Weekender Lace Wrap Stole

Wild Flower Shawl

Wysteria Shawl

Zen Garden Stole

Zeta Shawl

ZigZag Lace Shawlette

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