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*Cabled Cuff Mittens Pattern

*Diamond Textured Mitts Pattern

*Granite Mitts

*Kids Seed Stitch Mittens

*Lucy Mittens

After the Rain Mittens

Ailbe Mittens


Ambroso Mittens

Angora Mittens (Children)

Arrowhead Mittens

Arthritis Mittens

*Autumn Walk Mittens

Baby Ninja Turtle Mittens


Basic Cuff-Up Mittens

Basic Magic Loop Mittens

Basic Men's Mittens

Basic Mittens

*Basket Weave Mittens

Bias Cable Mittens

Bicycle Mitts

Big Wool Mittens

Birdhouse and Vines Mittens

Borough Convertible Mittens

Braided Mittens

Brier Twist Mittens/Fingerless Gloves

Broad Street Mittens

Buggy Mitts

Burly Mitts

Cable Cuff Mittens

Cable Mittens

Cabobble Mittens

Charts on Chartres Mittens

Checkboard Mittens

Child's Simple Striped Mittens

Chilly Podsters Convertible Mittens

Chrysanthemum Mittens

Chrysanthemums Mittens

Chunky Garter Stitch Mittens

Chunky Hat and Mittens

Chunky Hugs & Kisses Mittens

Citadel Mittens

Classic Mittens

Convertable Flap Kids Mittens

Convertible Fenway Mitts

*Convertible Mittens

Corazon Mittens

Cuckoo Mittens

Dad's Mitts

Dainty Bubbles Mittens

Daisy Stitch Mittens


Disappearing Finger Mittens

Dot Pattern Mitts

Double Knit Mittens

Duckie Mittens (2 Needles)

Easy Children's Mittens

Easy Warm Mittens

Eight Years Old Mittens

Elegant Eskimo Felted Mittens

Eloquence - Mittens/Fingerless Gloves

Ember Scraper Mitt

English Popover Mittens

Fair Isle Mittens (Men)

Fair-Isle Style Mittens

Family Fun Mittens

Fancy Mittens

Fantastic Mittster Fox Mittens

Fast & Easy Flat Mittens

+Feminine Mittens

Fetchingly Cute Mittens

Fingerless Mittens

Four Needle Mittens

Fox in the Snow Mittens


Freja Heart Mittens

Fresco Winter Wonder Mittens

From Head To Toe Mitts

Fur Flap Mittens

Gabriella Mittens/Fingerless Gloves

Gingersnap Mittens

Girls and Ladies Mittens

Gorgeously Cabled Armwarmer & Mittens

*Green Hand Mittens

Green Leaf Mittens

Green Thumb Mittens

Grewyacke Mittens

+Guard's Guantlets

Hawthorn Mittens

Heart Stealer Toddler Mittens

+Hearts on a String Mittens

*Heather's Mittens

Hello New York Mittens

Hillhead Mittens

Hillhead Mittens

His & Her Mittens

+Holding Hands Mittens

Hybrid Mittens

Ice Scraper Mitts

Icewine Mittens

In the Navy Mittens

Infants Size Mittens

+Jiffy Thick & Quick Mittens

Kathy's Mittens

Katie Mittens

Kid's Felt and Fur Mittens

Kindly Sheep Mittens

Kitten Mittens

Knit-to-Fit Mittens

Knitted Fingerless Mittens

+Kochoran Mitts

La De Da Thrummed Mittens

Ladies Mocked Stitch Cable Mittens

Lady's Work Mittens

Latvian Inspired Mittens

Lego Man Mitts

Liberty Wool Striped Mittens

Lion Mittens

Little Garter Checks

Lobster Claw Bicycling Mittens

Lopi Mittens

Lovers' Mitten

Mad River Felted Mittens

Made in USA Mittens

Magical Mittens

Manly Mitts

Maplewood Mittens

Matrix Mittens

Meditation Mittens

Melinda Mittens

Men's Mittens

Midge Mittens

+Mindego Mitts

Mini Mittens

Mirror Mittens

Mitered Mittens Set

*Mittens and Partner Mittens

Mittens with Flaps Tutorial


Mohair Mittens

Mom & Daughter Love Mitts

Mom Cabled Mittens

Morse Code Mittens

Mrs. Roosevelt's Mittens

Mystery + Manners Mittens

Newfie Mittens

Nipper Mitts

+Nordic Mittens

Nordic Mittens

Norwegian Mittens (Children)

Norwegian Mittens (Women)

Norwegian-Inspired Bow Mittens

Octopus Mittens

Off-Set Cable Mittens

Ombre Mittens

Open Palm Mittens (Women)


Owlet Mittens

Oyster Mittens

Pagoda Glittens

Panel Backed Mittens

Pat-A-Cake Mittens

Pele Convertible Men's Mittens

Perfect Leaves Convertible Mitts

*Piggy Mittens

Pirate Mittens

Pitts' Mitts

Playground Mittens

Portlander Convertible Mitts

Powder Monkey Mittens

Power Pop Ladies Mittens

Puzzle Stripe Mittens

Rainbow Kid Mitts

Red and Black Mittens

Ridgley Mittens

Ruffled Mittens

Safety Mittens (Children)

+Santa Mittens

*Sea Mineral Mittens

Seed Stitch Stripe Men's Mittens

Serendipity Mittens

Shelburne Mittens

Shetland Marl Mittens

Shippin' Green Water Mittens

Shooter's Mitts

Six Year Old Mittens

Smitten Glove

Smitten Mittens

Smoker's Mittens

Snow Play Mittens (2 Needles)

Snowball Mittens

Snowbird Mittens

Snowdrift Mittens

Snowflake Mittens

+Snowflake Mittens

Snowman Mittens

Snowman Mittens

So-Simple Mittens

+Soldier's Glomitts

Spiral Mittens

Spock Mittens

Springy Ring Mittens

Spruce Tree Mittens

Squid Mittens

*Squirrel Swedish Mittens

Starburst Mitts

Stars or Stripes Toddler or Child Mittens

+Starter Mittens

Strawberry Mittens

Striped Mittens

Strong Heart Mittens

Super Chunky Mittens

Sweetheart Mittens

Symmetric Mittens

Tannenbaum Mittens

Templeton Mittens

THE Mitts

Those Zig-Zag Mittens

Three Leaf Mitts

Three Years Old Cabled Mittens

Thrummed Mittens

Thrummed Mittens

Tiffany Mittens

Tiny Twist Toddler Mitts

Tip to Cuff Mittens

Tridactyl Mittens

Tweedy Mittens

Twist Mittens

Twisted Stitch Mitts

Two Needle Cable Mittens (Children)

Two Needle Kids' Mittens

Two Needle Mittens (Children)

Two Needle Mittens for Kids

Two Year Old Mittens

+Two-Needle Family of Mittens

Two-Needle Mittens (Women)

Two-Needle Norwegian Mittens (Men)

Valentine Mittens

Vespergyle Mittens

Warm Winter Mitts

+Warm Wool Mittens

Weaver Mittens

+White Witch Mitts

Wide Rib Mittens

Window Panes Mittens

*Windowpane Mittens

Woodhaven Seamless Mittens

Wool & Mohair Mittens, Felted

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