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Motifs and Squares

Patterns preceded by an asterisk (*) are in PDF format.
Patterns preceded by an plus sign (+) require free registration (to that particular pattern site, not to Knitting Pattern Central) before viewing.

*Angled Square

*Basketweave Square

Bee Stitch Block (6")

Beginner Illusion Heart Pattern (9.5 x 7.5")

*Bias Garter Stripe Square

*Birthday Present Square

*Bobble Flower Square

*Brioche Rib Square

Buttons and Quilts Square (12")

Cable Squares

*Cables and Bobbles Square

*Celtic Sun Square

Center Squares

*Cloisters Square

*Color Anemone Square

*Couched Stitch Flowers Square

*Cross Stitch Lace Square

Crossed Arrow Cable Motif

*Daisies on Stockinette Square

Diagonal Lace Square (12")

Diamond Square

*Diamonds and Bobbles Square

Double Heart Rectangle

Entrelac Centered Square (12")

*Flowers and Vines Square

*Garter Square

*Geometric Square

*Giraffe Square

Good Ol' Garter Stitch Square (6")

*Grapes Square

Guitar Afghan Square

Happy Sun Square (6")

Harris Tweed Rib Block (6")

Heart Fairisle-Modular Square (6")

*Hexagon Square

Honeycomb Square

Hurricane Sandy Whirly Block (9")

*Iceland's Hallgrim's Church Square

K's Care Square (6")

*Knotted Lattice Square

Log Cabin Afghan Square (9")

Megan's Counterpane/Coverlet Square (7")

Modular Rainbow Square (6")

Music in His Heart Afghan Square (9")

Nine Inch Squares

Octagon Motif

Quatrefoil Lace Motif

Rainbow Welts Square (6")

*Reversible Diamonds and Lozenges Square

*Reversible Triangles Square

*Ribbed Basketweave Square

*Ribbed Cables Square

Ribbon Eyelet Square (7")

Scottie Afghan Square (9")

*Seed Stitch Square

Slip Stitch Speckles Block (6")

*Snowflake Square

Square #1 (9")

Square #10 (9")

Square #2 (9")

Square #3 (9")

Square #4 (9")

Square #5 (9")

Square #6 (9")

Square #7 (9")

Square #8 (9")

Square #9 (9")

*Stockinette and Seed Square

*Stripes, Loops, & Patches Square

*Subtle Spots Square

Treasured Hearts Afghan Square (12")

Trinity Square

*Turtle Square

*Two Row Stripes Square

Wheat Ear Square

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