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For matching hat and scarf sets, please see winter wear. For cowls and neckwarmers, please see the cowls and neckwarmers section.

"Bracken" Men's Scarf

*About Face! Double Twist Scarf

*American Celebration Scarf

*Candle Flame Shawl and Scarf

*Celtic Lace Scarf

*Columns Scarf

*Daphne Scarf

*Dimple Shale Scarf

*Endless Loop Scarf

*Felted Scarf

*Fishtail Lace Scarf Pattern

*Hooded Scarf Pattern

*Hoopskirt Scarf

*Mobius Scarf / Shrug Pattern

*Mobius Scarf / Shrug Pattern 2

**Shadow & Light Scarf

*Teleidoscope Scarf

*Venelia Scarf

*Victorian Scarf

*Winter Flame Scarf

*Woven Ribbon Scarf Pattern

41g Scarflet

45Min Recycled Sari Ribbon Scarf

A la Ouest Scarf

A Touch of Whimsey Scarf

A Warmer World Scarf

Acai Infinity Circle Scarf

Achernar Cabled Scarf

Addison One Skein Neckwrap

Adia - Zigzag Lace Scarf

After the Rain Scarf

Agave Scarf

Airy Yet Warm Scarf

Alda Scarf

*Alison's Scarf

All About the Yarn Scarf

All About You Scarf

Allegoro Tube Scarf

Alpaca "Furry Goodness" Scarf

*Alyona Delicate Scarf

Amaranta Scarf

Amazing Curly Scarf

Amsterdam Lace Scarf

Amy Cabled Scarf

*Ancient Tree Leaf Scarf

*Ancient Tree Stripy Scarf

Andre Scarf

+Angora Lace Scarf

Angus Angular Scarf

Ann Scarf

Anne Shirley Scarf

Annie - Five Rib Braid Cabled Scarf

Annikka Scarf

Anthropologie Inspired Lace Neck Wrap

Arches & Columns Kid Merino Lace Scarf

Argosy Scarf

Ariel Cabled Scarf

Art Deco Scarf

Asherton Reversible Scarf

Athabasca Spring Scarf

Autumn Infinity Circle Scarf

Autumn Simplicity Scarf

Ava Elongated Scarf

Badonkadonk Bobbles Scarf

+Ballet Lace Scarf

+Barbara Scarf

Barbizon Lace Scarf

Basic Cabled Scarf

+Basic Entrelac Scarf

+Basic Lace Alpaca Scarf

Basic Scarf

Basket Weave Scarf

+Basketweave Scarf

+Basketweave Scarf

Basketweave Scarf

Bay of Fundy Scarf

Be Sweet Scarf

Beaded Scarf

Bear Claw Scarfette

Beaumonde Scarf

Beautiful Tube Scarf

Beginner's Scarves

Beginnings Scarf

Benetton-inspired Chain Link Scarf

Bernadette Scarf

Berry Fun Scarf

Berry Stitch Scarf

Best Friend Lace Scarf

Better Pocket Kid's Scarf

Betty & Veronica Scarf

Bev's Cozy Scarf

+Bi-Color Scarf

+Bi-Color Skinny Scarf

+Bias Scarf

+Bias Scarf

Biased Opinion Scarf

Big Chevron Scarf

+Big Scarf

Big Wool Ribbed Scarf

Bigger on the Inside Scarf

Billowy Delight Scarf

Binary Scarf

Bird of Paradise Scarf

Birthday Scarf

+Black & White Scarf

Blithe Scarf

Blitz Scarf

Blizzard Scarf

Block and Tackle Scarf

+Block Party Scarf

Blossom Whisper Scarf

Blue Basketweave Scarf

Blue Danube Hooded Scarf

Bluesy Scarf

Blush and Bashful Scarf

Blustery Day Scarf

Boa Keyhole Scarf

Bobble Cable Ascot

Bohemian Scarf

Bora Bora Scarf

Botany Kerchief Scarf

Boucle Scarf

Bow Knot Scarf

Bracken Cat Scarf

Bradley Scarf

Braided Scarf

Braided Scarf

Branching Out Scarf

Bravado Scarf

Breast Cancer Awareness Scarf

+Breast Cancer Support Scarf

+Bright Ruffled Scarf

+Bright Sunset Scarf

+Brill Frills Scarf

Brushed Alpaca Scarf

Bubbles Scarf

Burberry-esque Cabled Scarf

Cable and Holes Infinity Scarf

*Cable Connection Aran Scarf

*Cable Embrace Scarf

+Cable Panel Scarf

Cable Scarf

Cable Scarf

Cabled Eunice Scarf

Cabled Keyhole Scarf

Cabled Loop Scarf

Cabled Scarf with Pockets

Cakewalk Scarf

Cameo Faggot Stitch Scarf

Candy Stripe Scarf

Caribbean Cruise Scarf

Caribbean Scarf

Cat's Paw Lace Scarf

Catena Ripple Scarf

Cause and Effect Reversible Scarf

+Celebrity Scarf

*Celtic Cable Scarf

+Chain Fringe Scarf

+Chain Scarf

Chain Stitch Scarf

Chakna Scarf

Chameleon Hat/Scarf/Etc

Changing Basketweave Scarf

Changing Textures Scarf

Charisma Lace Scarf

Charity Scarf

Charity Scarf

Charm and Furz Scarf

Cheater's Lace Scarf

Check-and-Mate Scarf

Checked Scarf

Checker Picots Scarf

Checkerboard Lace Scarf

Checkerboard Texture Scarf

Checkered Double Knit Scarf

+Chenille Scarf with Fur Trim

Cherry Blossoms Scarf

Cherry Leaf Scarf

Chevron Lace Scarf

Chevron Lace Scarf

Chicabean Scarf

Child's Feather and Fan Keyhole Scarf

Choke - Dragon Skin Scarf

Christian's Scarf

*Christmas Lace Scarf

Christmas Scarf

Chunky Beginner's Scarf

Chunky Button Scarf

Chunky Garter Scarf

*Cinnabar Scarf

Circular Scarf

Clapotis Scarf

Classic Beauty Scarf

*Classic Seed and Leaf Scarf

+Clever Stripes Scarf

Climbing Vines Scarf

+Cloud White Lace Scarf

Co-Worker Scarf

Coal Springs Scarf

Cockleshells Scarf

+Colette Scarf

+Color Block Scarf

Color Card Scarf

Colorful Homespun Scarf

Colorful Scarf

Column of Leaves Scarf

+Combination Scarf

Combo Cable Scarf

Commuter Scarf

Compassion Scarf

Condo Scarf

Condo Stitch Scarf

Condylactis Scarf

*Confetti Scarf

Confetti Scarf

Convoluted Scarf

Coral Snake Scarf

Corkscrew Scarf

Corn Rows Man Scarf

*Corrugated Rib Denim Scarf

+Corrugated Scarf

Cotton Thread Neckerchief

Cotton Twirl Faggot Stitch Scarf

Cozy Scarf

Cozy Striped Kerchief Scarf

Cozy Wooly Cabled Scarf

Crayon Scarf

Cream of Spinach Scarf

Creekbed Chevron Scarf

Creemee Scarf

Croco Scarf

Crocodylia Scarf

*Cross Your Heart Scarf


Crossover Column Scarf

Crossover Scarf

Curly Sausalito Scarf

Curly Wrap Scarf

*Curvy Cabled Scarf

+Cutting Edge Scarf

Da Bears Scarf

Daisy Cable Scarf

Dana's Scarf

Danica Scarf

Darn Good Accessory

Dash to the Finish Scarf

Debbie Eyelet Scarf

December Seed Stitch Infinity Circle Scarf

Decembre Scarf

Dee-luxe Scarf

Definitely Diagaonal Scarf

Desire Stained Glass Scarf

Detective's Scarf

Dewdrop Scarf

Dewdrop Simple Lace Scarf

Dewey Scarf

Diagonal Eyelet Scarf

Diagonal Lace Baktus

Diagonal Rib Scarf

Diagonal Scarf

Diagonal Scarf

Diagonal Striped Scarf

Diagonal Striped Scarf

Diamond Dish Scarf

Diamond Ruffled Scarf

Diamond Scarf

Diamond Scarf

*Diamond Scarf

Diamond Skinny Scarf

Diamonds Are Forever Infinity Scarf

+Diva Scarf

DNA Scarf

Dog-Walking Scarf, The

+Donegal Tweed Fair Isle Scarf

Double Heart Illusion Scarf

Double Knit Piano Scarf

Double Play Scarf

Double Seed Stitch Scarf

Double Stranded Reversible Parallelogram Scarf

+Double the Fun Scarf

Dr. Who Scarves

Dragon Scale Keyhole Scarf

DragonFly & Fizz Lengthwise Knit Scarf

DragonFly Scarf

Dreaming of Spring Scarf

Drifting Lattice Scarf

Drop Loop Scarf

Drop Stitch Scarf

+Drop Stitch Scarf

Drop Stitch Scarf

Drop Stitch Scarf

Dulann Scarf

+Dusty Night Scarf

*Easy Breezy Lacy Scarf

Easy Elegant Moebius Scarf

Easy Eyes Scarf

Easy Garter Stitch Scarf

Easy Kids' Pom Pom Scarf

Easy Knit Infinity Scarf

*Easy Lace Scarf

Easy Lace Scarf

*Easy Lacy Scarf

Easy Leaves Scarf

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Scarves

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Scarves II

Easy Peasy Scarf

Easy Scarf

Easy Scarf

Easy Scarf

Easy Sequin Mohair Infinity Scarf

Easy Wool Scarf

Edgar Scarf

*Eilwen Delicate Scarf

Elba Scarf

Elbac Reversible Scarf

Elegance Scarf

Elegant Lace Scarf

Elliot Tartan Scarf

Embrace Scarf

Enchanted Evening Scarf

Encore Spade End Scarf

Entwined Scarf, Mittens

Envy Scarf

Equinox Scarf

Eros and Athena Spiral Scarf

Eros Ruffled Scarf

Espresso Tailored Scarf

Esteem - Lacy Hooded Scarf

Estella Scarf

Eve's Hooded Scarf

Evergreen Scarf

Exchequered Scarf

+Extra Long Scarf

+Extra Long Scarf

Eye Lash Scarf

Eyelet & Garter Scarf

Eyelet Ease Scarf

Ezra Scarf

Fabulously Fun & Fast Scarf #1

Fabulously Fun & Fast Scarf #2

Fabulously Fun & Fast Scarf #3

Fade Into Black Scarf

Fair Isle Rapids Scarf

+Fair Isle Scarf

Fair Isle Scarf

*Fairy Godmother Scarf

Falling Blossoms Scarf

Fascinate - Light as Air Scarf

Fashion Bobble Scarf

Fashion Scarf

Fastest Scarf Ever

Faucett Scarf

Faux Mitered Squares Scarf

Feather & Fan Rustic Lace Scarf

Feather & Fan Scarf

Feather and Fan Tube Scarf

*Feather Free Boa

Feather Ivy Scarf

Featherdown Scarf

Feathers Lace Scarf

+Felted Neck Muff

+Felted Piano Scarf

Ferry Bldg Scarf

+Fibonacci Scarf

Fidget Scarflet

Fiery Dragon Scarf

Fiesta Lacy Zigzag Scarf

Fiesta Striped Scarf

Finger Knit Braided Scarf

Fir Cone Lace Scarf

Firefly Foxmoor Scarf

Firefly Scarf

Fisherman Rib Lace Scarf

Fisherman's Rib Scarf

Fisherman's Rib Scarf

Fishnet Scarf

Fishtail Lace Scarf

Fishtail Scarf

Fitzgerald Scarf

Fiver Scarf

Flamboyant Scarf

Flit + Float Lace Scarf

Flora - Diagonal Scarf

Floral Applique Scarf

*Flower Scarf

Fluted Rib Scarf, The

Flying Bats Scarf

Football Mosaic Scarf

Football Practice Scarf

Footy Scarf

Free & Easy Scarf

Fresco Snowdrop Scarf

Fresh Bite Scarflet

+Frill-Seeker Scarf

+Frills Not Chills Scarf

Frills on the Side Scarf

Frilly Scarf

Frilly Scarf

Fringe-o-rama Boa

Fringy Suede Scarf

Frosting Tube Scarf

Frou-Frou Scarf

+Fun Fur Garter Stitch Scarf

Fun Fur Polka Dots Garter Stitch Scarf

Funky Stripes Scarf

Fur Look Corkscrew Scarf

Fuzzy Braided Cable Scarf

Fuzzy Neck Gaiter

Fuzzy Two Tone Scarf

Gail's Easy Cable Scarf

Game Day Scarf

Gap Scarf Rip-Off

Garden Trellis Scarf

Garter & Stockinette Scarf

Garter Lace Scarf

Garter Rib Ridge Scarf

Garter Stitch Zig Zag Scarf

Garter Stripes Scarf

+Garter-Stitch Balaclavas

Garterrific Scarf

Geena Scarf

Genesis Scarf

Genevieve Scarf

Georgiana Scarf

Giant Basket Stitch Scarf

Giant Cable Scarf

Gil Reversible Scarf

Gingerbread Icing Scarf

Gingham Scarf

Girl Friend Scarf

Glam Adjustable Scarf

+Glamour Icicle Scarf

GlitzGlam Scarf

+Gloria Scarf

+Go for the Gold Scarf

Good Fences Scarf

Good Ole Cabled Scarf

Grapevine Lace Scarf

Greek Key Scarf

Green Lace Scarf

Green Loop Scarf

Greenleaf Center Christmas Scarf

Greentrelac Scarf

Greta Garbo Scarf

Gridwork Scarf

Groove Scarf

Gurie Deco Scarf

Gwynedd Scarf

Gypsy Rose Scarf

Gypsy Scarf

Haiti Scarf

Halcyon Lace Scarf

+Halloween Scarf

Handsome Scarf

Handspun Lace Scarf

Hane Scarf

Hanne Scarf

Happy New Year Scarf

+Harbor Scarf

Harris Tweed Manly Scarf

Haruha Scarf

Hash Marks Scarf

Hazeltine Aran Scarf

+Hazy Blue Lace Scarf

Hazy Paves Scarf

Head Scarf

Heart Vines Scarf

Helleborus Scarf

Hello New York Scarf

Helping Hands Illusion Super Scarf

Hemp Fabulous Scarf

Henry Patterned Scarf

Hera Scarf

Heroic Stripes Scarf

Herringbone Scarf

Hickey Scarf

High Tides Scarf

+High Wire Scarf

Hint of Spring Scarf

His Basketweave Scarf

Holey Moley Scarf

Holiday Glitz Scarf

Hollenhorst Scarf

Holly Day Scarf

Honeycomb Scarf

Honorable Hufflepuff House Scarf

Hooded Lace Scarf

Hooded Scarf

Hooded Scarf

Hooded Scarf

*Hoodie Scarf

Hope Scarf

Horseshoe Lacy Scarf

Horseshoe Scarf

How Does Your Garden Grow Scarf Necklace

Hug Scarf

Hunter Blue Manly Scarf

Hydrangea Neckwrap

I Love My Sock Monkey Scarf

I'm Biased Lace Wrap and Scarf

I'm Biased Lace Wrap and Scarf

+I'm Forever Blowing Bobbles Felted Scarf

+Ice Cable Scarf

Ice Cube Scarf

Iceland Scarf

Idiot-Proof Sideways Scarf

Illusions Cable Scarf

Imminent Failure Scarf or Shawl

Infinoro Scarf

Inflection Curved Scarf

Ingram Scarf

Inner Truth Cables Scarf

Inner Truth Scarf

Inspiration Comes In Waves Scarf

+Intarsia Polka-Dot Scarf

International Scarf

Irene Scarf

Irish Hiking Scarf

Irish Shepherd Scarf

*Isobel Lace Scarf

It's All About the Ball Football Scarf

It's Not TV, It's Cable Scarf

J Squared Scarf

January Scarf

Jasmine Lace Scarf

*Jasmine Scarf

Jewel Plume Scarf

Jubilee Lace Scarf

Juliana Sleeved Scarf

July Triangle Scarf

Jumbo Cable Scarf

+Jumbo Cotton Stripes Scarf

Just a Little Fizz Scarf

Just the Thin Scarf

*Jute Rope Scarf

K2 P2 Ribbed Scarf

Kabob Reversible Scarf

Kansas Harvest Scarf

Karaoke Cable Scarf

Karaoke Chevron Scarf

Karita Neck Scarf

Kasumi Scarf

Kate Skinny Scarf

Katri Scarf

Katydid Drop Everything Scarf

Kayla Scarf

Kernel Scarf

Keyhole Scarf

Keyhole Tuck Scarf

Kick Ass-cot! Scarf

Kid Merino + Little Flowers Scarf

+Kid's Pocket Scarf

Kiel Scarf

+Kiri Chunky Cabled Scarf

Klein Scarf

Knitters' Emergency Scarf

Knobbly Felted Scarf

Kumara Scarf

La Dentelle Belle Scarf

Lace and Spit Scarf

Lace Knit Lengthwise Scarf

Lace Lengthwise Scarf

Lace Ribbon Scarf

Lace Ribbon Scarf

Lace Ruffle Dressing Scarf

Lace Scarf

Lace Scarf

Lace Stripe Scarf

Lace Stripes Scarf

Lace Zig Zag Scarf

Lacy Arc Scarf

Lacy Bi-Coloured Scarf

Lacy Bowknot Scarf

Lacy Leaves Scarf

Lacy Mohair Scarf

Lacy Scarf

Lacy Seed Stitch Scarf

Lacy V Scarf

Lacy ZigZag Scarf

Ladder Ribbon Long Scarf

Ladder Ribbon Long Scarf

Lake Effect Lace Scarf

Lamina Scarf

Lana & Clark Ascot Scarf

+Lana Stylish Skinny Scarf

Last Rose of Summer Scarf

Latifa Scarf

*Latte Scarf

Laughingbird Scarf

Laure Ruffled Scarf

+Lauren Scarf

*Lava Flow Scarf

Lavender Scarf

Lavish Scarf

Layered Scarf

Lazy Links Scarf

*Leaf Lace Scarf

Leftover Laceweight Fern Lace Scarf

Leftover Scarflette

Legion of Honor Scarf

Legume Summer Scarf

LeloGram Scarf

Lemon Curd Scarf

Lengthwise Scarf

Lengthwise Strip Dad Scarf

*Lettuce Leaf Scarf

Light, Lacy Scarf

Linen Lace Waves Scarf

Linen Stitch Scarf

Linen Stitch Scarf

+Lion Suede Prints Scarf

Lion's Lace Scarf

Little Bit of Cable Scarf

Little Flowers - Kid Merino Knit Scarf

Little Leaf Lace Scarf

Little Loki Scarf

+Little Red Riding Hood's Hooded Scarf

Liverpool Football Club Illusion Scarf

Lockout Super Scarf

Lofty Ripple Scarf

Logi Scarf

Londinium Cable Scarf

Long Rainbow Muffler

+Long Story Scarf

Long Stripes Winter Scarf

Long Stripy Scarf

Long Stripy Scarf

Longcat Scarf

Look Both Ways Before You Stripe - Illusion Scarf

Loopy and Lucious Scarf

Loose Infinity Scarf

Loosely Lovely Scarf

Lost in Transit Scarf

Lotus Stitch Scarf

*Lou Lou and La Gran Scarf

Lovely Lace Scarf

Lucinda Lace Scarf

*Luck of the Irish Unisex Scarf

Lucky 13 Scarf

Lucky Reversible Scarf

Lunar Azul Scarf

Luscious Lace Scarf

Madeira Cascade Kid Merino Lace Scarf

Madeira Lace Scarf

Madeira Scarf

Mae Geri Scarf

Magic Scarf

Magic Water Scarf

*Magical Wizard Scarf

+Magnified Lace Scarf

Magnolia Scarf

Make 1 Give 1 Scarf

Make-Me-Feel-Pretty-(Quick) Scarf

Makin' Bacon Scarf

Malabrigo Wave Scarf

Manly Cable Scarf

Maple Leaf Forever Scarf

Marc Jacobs Inspired Ruffle Scarf

March Scarf

Marcus Scarf

Marijke Scarf

Marley's Ghost Scarf/Belt

Marnie's Scarf

Marvellous Multicolour Mohair Scarf

Mary Mary Scarf

May Cotton Candy Scarf

Mead Scarf

+Meandering Rib Scarf

Meaning of Life Scarf

Mega Braided Scarf

Mega Cabled Scarf

Memories of Summer Scarf

Mendocino Skinny Scarf

Menten Scarf

Mere Indecisidon Scarf

Meredith Scarf

Meringue Zig Zag Scarf

Merino Cable Scarf

Mermaid Scarf

+Metropolis Long Scarf

*Midori Scarf

Miles - Diagonal Scarf

Milkshake Reversible Scarflet

Mini Mania Scarf

Minnie Scarf

Mint Circle Scarf

Miranda Scarf

Miss Lambert's Lace Sampler Scarf

Missoni Inspired Scarf

Mist Lace Scarf

Mistaken Rumour Scarf

Misti Bulky Scarf

Misty Mohair Lace Scarf

+Mitered Scarf

Mitered Squares Scarf


+Mixed Message Scarf

+Mixed Triangle Scarf

+Miyu Lace Scarf

Mock Cable Scarf

Mock Plaid Scarf

Mohair Diamond Eyelet Scarf

Mohair Scarf

Molokai Scarf

Montana Scarf

Montgomery Scarf

Moonshine Cable Panel Scarf

Mosaic Chevron Scarves

Mosaic Plume Scarf

Moss Stitch Scarf

Mossy Pebbles Scarf

Mother And Daughter Scarves

Mother of Pearl Scarf

Motorcycle Scarf

MountainTop Patchwork Scarf

Muddy Waters Scarf

Mystical Stripes Scarf

Nadia Three Color Scarf

Nagano Sakura Scarf

Naiad Scarf

Narrow Triangular Scarf

Nautilina Scarf

Neck Scarf

New Day Scarf

New Hope Scarf

New Shale Kureyon Scarf

New York Scarf

New Zealand Rib Scarf

*Newfoundland Scarf

Night on the Town Man Scarf

*No Knot Cravat

No Ordinary Rib Scarf

Noona Kerchief

Nordique Moss Scarf

Noro Scarf

Noro Silk Garden Scarf

Noro Slip Stitch Stripe Scarf

North Beach Warmer Scarf

Northcott Man Scarf

Obligatory Lace Scarf

Ocean Scarf

Odd Ball Scarf

Old Flames Scarf

Old Navy Inspired Scarf

Old Shale Mohair Scarf

Old Shale Smoke Ring

+One Ball Ascot

One Hour Scarf

One Row Reversible Lace Scarf

One Sexy Librarian Scarf

One Sided Cable Scarf

+One Skein Scarf

One Warm Coat Scarf

+One-hour Scarf

*Ontario Penguin Scarf Set

Open Cable Scarf

Open Cable Scarf

Opposites Scarf

Opul Infinity Scarf

Opulent FX and Quest Scarf

Orange Bliss Scarf

Orchid Scarf

Oreo Scarf

Organic Cotton Man Scarf

Osiris Scarf

Oszilla Scarf

OXO Scarf

Pacific Skies Scarf

+Painted Circle Scarf

*Palace of Fine Arts Scarfette

Palace of Fine Arts Scarfette II

Palette Scarf

Palindrome - Reversible Cable Scarf

Palisander Scarf

*Palm Beach Ombre Scarf

Panda Cotton Drop Stitch Scarf

Panda Silk Easy Eyelet Scarf

Paquin Scarf

Paradox Scarf

Party + Little Flowers Scarf

Party Ribbon + Kid Merino Scarf

Pastiche 2 Scarf

*Pat's Lacey Scarf

+Patriotic Pocket Wrap

Peacock Scarf

Peacock Scarf

Peaks and Valleys Scarf

Peasant Scarf

+Peek-a-Boo Felted Scarf

Pencil Scarf

Penelope Cobblestone Scarf

Penelope Lace Scarf

Peppermint Ripple Scarf

Peppermint Special Olympics Scarf

Perry the Platypus Scarf

Persephone Scarf

Petra Lace Scarf

Phase Shift Scarf

Pi Digits Scarf

Piece Scarf

+Pink Bobble Flowers Scarf

*Pink Leafy Scarf

Pink Leafy Scarf

+Pink Ribbon Scarf

Pink Ribbon Scarf

Pink Wave Keyhole Scarf

+Pinwheel Scarf

Pioneer Braid Scarf

Pip Scarf

Pirouette Scarf

Pixie Pockets Perpetual Checker Game Scarf

Plaid Scarf

Plain and Simple Scarf

Plain Striped Scarf

Plaited Cable Skinny Scarf

Pleated Pattern Scarf

Pleated Scarf

Pocket Scarf

+Pocketed October Scarf

Pom Pom Scarf

+Pom-pom Spirit Scarf

+Popcorn & Cables Scarf

Popcorn + Deco-Ribbon Scarf

Popcorn + Party Scarf

Popcorn Scarf

Portland Tweed Wreath Scarf

Posh Neck Scarf

Potato Chip Scarf

Potato Chip Scarf

Pretty In Pink Scarf

Pretty Striped Summer Scarf

+Project 'Knit The Distance' Knit Scarf

Pucker Up Scarf

Purple Delight Scarf

Purple Mood Scarf

Pussy Willow Scarf

Pussywillow Scarf

*Puzzle Scarf

Pythagorean Hat & Scarf

Quick and Easy Scarf

+Quick and Easy Scarf

Quick Boa

Quick Loop Scarf

Quick No-Purl Keyhole Scarf

+Quick Party Scarf

+Quick Scarf

+Quick Scarf

*Quick Sock Yarn Scarf

Quickie Linen Stitch Scarf

Quite Simply...Scarf

Rabbit Tracks Scarf

Rachel and Rebecca Scarves

Racing Stripes Scarf

+Rainbow Poms Scarf

Rainbow Scarf

Rainbow Scarf

Rainy Day Scarf

Raisin Scarf

Rambling Cable Scarf

Raukumara Scarf

Rave - Cotton Chenille Scarf

Raven's Gap Scarf

Ravenna Scarf

+Red & Purple Scarf

Red Hat Scarf

Red Herring Scarf

+Red Hot Scarf and Hatband

Red Scarf Project

Red Wheel Rainbow Windows Scarf

Regina Cable & Bobble Scarf

Resist Felting Scarf

Reverse Circles of Infinity

Reversible Brioche Scarf

+Reversible Cable Scarf

Reversible Cabled & Horizontal Ribbed Scarf

Reversible Cabled Brioche Stitch Scarf

+Reversible Cabled Scarf

Reversible Cables Scarf

Reversible Circles of Lace

Reversible Rib and Lace Scarf

*Rib It Scarf

Rib Stitch Sampler Scarf

Ribbed Cable Scarf

Ribbed Leaves Lace Scarf

+Ribbed Scarf

Ribbed Scarf

Ribbed Striped Scarf

Ribbon Rib Scarf

+Ribbon Scarf

Ribbon Scarf

Ribbon Scarf

*Ribbon Scarf

*Rickenbacker Scarf

Ridged Scarf

Ridges Scarf

Right Angle Scarf

Ripe with Indecision Scarf

Ripple on the Side Scarf

Ripple Ridge Scarf

Ripple Scarf

Ripple Scarf

Rivalry Scarf

Rivulet Scarf

+Rivulet Scarf

Robin Scarf

+Rock Rose Cabled Scarf

Rockstar Scarf

Rodekool Scarf

Romantic Ruffle Scarf

Ropes and Ladders Scarf

Rory - Bubbly Rib Stitch Scarf

Rose Cravat

Ruched Scarf

Ruffle Lace Scarf

Ruffle Me Scarf

*Ruffle Stole/Scarf

Ruffle-Ribbed Scarf

Ruffled Baktus Scarf

Ruffled Keyhole Scarf

Ruffled Red Scarf

Ruffled Scarf

Ruffled Scarf

Ruffled Scarflet Neck Wrap

Ruffles to the Max Scarf

+Rustic Tweed Scarf

Sabinette Felted Twisted Ladder Scarf

Safi His & Hers Mosaic Scarf

Safina Lace and Cables Scarf

Salt Flats Scarf

+Santa Scarf

Scallop Scarf

Scarf Hat

Scarf Necklaces

Scarf with Fringe

*Scarf with Slits

Scarf2: Double-Sided Scarf


*Scarfy Come Home

School Scarf

Sciarpetta Scarf

Scoodie - Scarf and Hoodie

Scribble Lace Scarf

+Scribble-Scrabble Scarf

Scrunch Scarf

Seafarer Scarf

Seafoam Scarf

Seafoam Scarf

Seaglass Scarf

Seaman's Scarves

*Seaman's Style Scarf with Reversible Cables

+Seasons Of Change Scarf

Seaweed and Shells Scarf

Seaweed Spiral Scarf

Secret Admirer Scarf

Sediment Skinny Scarf

+Seed and Blocks Scarf

Seed Stitch Triangular Baktus

+Seed Trimmed Scarf Hood

Seeded Reversible Cable Scarf

Seeded Rib Scarf

Seifenblasen Lace Scarf

Sensalash/Eyelash Scarf

September Dress Blues Scarf

Serpentina Scarf

Seven Eleven Scarf

Shadow Knitting Scarf

Shadow Scarf

Shag Scarf

Shannon Valentine Scarf

Sharfik Scarf

Shazam! Scarf

Shells and Stairways Scarf

*Shells on the Beach Summer Scarf

Shetland Lace Scarf

Shibori Scarf

Shifting Colors Scarf

Shifting Sands Scarf

Shimmer Knit & Purl Scarf

Shine Scarf

Short and Sweet Knit Scarf

Short Row Scarf

+Short Row Scarf

Short Row Shaped Scarf

Show-Off Scarf

Showers of Lace Scarf

Showstopper Scarf

Shriver Scarf

Sideways Knit Seed Stitch Scarf

Sideways Scarf

Sihnon Cable Scarf

Silk Scarf

Silken Ease Lace Scarf

Silky Alpaca Lace Scarf

Silky Alpaca Lace Scarf

Silky Snake Scarf

Simple Fun and Fancy Fur Scarf

Simple Garter Stitch Scarf

Simple Lace Scarf

Simple Ribbed Colinette Scarf

+Simple Scarf

Simple Scarf

Simple Stripes Scarf

Simply Riveting Scarf

Sinful Ribbed Scarf

Single Skein Lacy Scarf

*Six Stitch Entrelac Scarf

Sizzle Scarf

Skinny Angel Scarf

Skinny Bow Scarf

Skinny Irish Hiking Scarf

Skinny Ribbed Scarf

+Skinny Scarf

Skull Face Scarf

Skull Scarf

Skunk Scarf

+Sky Blue Scarf

Sky Scarf

Skyfall Brioche Lace Scarf

Slip Stitch Scarf

Slipped Rib Scarf

+Slit Scarf

Smelly Scarf

Snake Charmed Scarf

Snake Scarf

Snake Scarf

Snake Scarf

Snow Scarf

Snowball Scarf

+Snowflake Scarf & Headband

Snowflower Scarf

So Soft-Lantern Scarf

Soft and Simple Scarf

+Soft Lace Scarf

Softly Pleated Scarf

Soho Scarf

Sojun Falls Lace Scarf

Sorcerer's Scarf

Soxie's Spiffy Jiffy Scarf

*Sparkle Scarf

Sparks Fly Scarf

Spearmint Scarf

Special Olympic Scarf

Speckled Eyelet Scarf

Spice Leaf Scarf

Spider Legs Scarf

Spike Scarf

Spring Ding Dong Scarf

Spring Lace Scarf

Squashed Rat Scarf

Sri Lanka Keyhole Scarf

St. Albans Valentine Cable Scarf

St. Louis Scarf

Stake Through the Heart Scarf

Star Rib Mesh Cashmere Scarf

+Star Scarf

Star Wars Scarf

Starfish Trail Scarf

Starry Night Scarf

Starry Night Scarf

*Steam Reversible Cable Rib Scarf

*Steek Boa

Steinbeck Cabled Scarf

Stepping Stitches Scarf

*Sterling Lace Scarf

Stone Cold Fox Scarf

Stormy Scarf

Stowe Cross Hatch Scarf

Strawberry Scarf

Striped Garter Stitch Scarf

Striped Scarf

+Striped Scarf

+Striped Scarf

+Striped Scarf

Striped Scarf

Striped Skinny Scarf

Stripes, Stripes & Stripes Scarf

Stripey Diagonal Rib Scarf

Stripey Fur Scarf

Stripie Scarf

Sugar Flump Scarf

Summer Lace Rib Scarf

+Summer Twilight Scarf

Sunset Scarf

Suntrap Lace Scarf

Super Quick Reversible One Skein Wool-Ease Scarf

*Super Simple Textured Scarf

Suri Love Scarf

+Susan Chunky Cabled Scarf

+Sweet Noel Scarf

Sweet Sue Garter Stitch Lace Scarf

Sweetspot Scarf

Swervy Scarf

Swish Scarf

Swiss Cheese Scarf

Taffy Scarf

Tahiti Scarf

Tallinn Scarf

+Tango Scarf

Team Colors Reversible Cabled & Ribbed Scarf

Team Scarf

Team Spirit Scarf

Team Sport Scarf

Techno Scarf

Tentacular Scarf

Textured Diagonal Scarf

The 500 Scarf

The Buff Scarf Alternative

The Gallatin Scarf

The Madison Scarf

+The Road Scarf

Therapeutic Scarf

Theresa Scarf

Thin Accent Scarf

*Three Blues Mosaic Scarf

+Three Friends Patriotic Scarves

Three-Cable Scarf

Three-in-One Scarf

Thruway Scarf

Tiara Scarf

Ticuna Scarf

Tie-Dye Scarf

Tin Roof Scarf

To and Fro Lace Scarf

Toasty Twisty Scarf

Tobago Scarf

Toddle Scarf

Tonsil Toaster

Toshiko Pleated Scarf

Totem Scarf

*Touch-Me Sideways Scarf

Tractor Design Scarf

Transformer Hat-Scarf

*Tree Moss Scarf

Tree Scarf

+Tri-Color Scarf

+Triangle Scarf

Trick Play Scarf

Trisha Mesh Stitch Scarf

Triumph Cable Scarf

Tube Look Scarf

+Tube Scarf

Tube Scarf

Tube Scarf

+Turquoise Sideways Scarf

TuTu Much Scarf

Tweedy Eyelet Scarf

Twin Leaf Beaded Scarf

Twin Leaf Hooded Scarf

Twin Rib Scarf

Twin Rib Scarf

Twisted Drop Stitch Scarf

Twisted Scarf

Twister Scarf

*Two By Four Cabled Scarf

Two-Color Brioche Scarf

+Two-Color Tango Scarf

+Two-Hour Scarf

Two-Way Lace Scarf

+Two-Yarn Quick Scarf

+Undulating Rib Scarf

+Union Jack Scarf

Union Square Scarf

Unique Scarf

Unisex Mirage Ribbed Scarf

*University of Chicago Scarf

Unleaving Scarf

Uzume Wavy Cabled Scarf

Vacuum Scarf

Valentine Sequin Scarf

+Valentine's Striped Scarf

Valentine�s Day Infinity Scarf Pattern

+Vanilla Scarf

Vertigo Scarf

Very Braidy Scarf

Vibrant Corkscrew Scarf

Victorian Christmas Scarf

Victorian Neckerchief

*Voltaire Scarf

+Wakefield Scarf

Wal-Mart Scarf

Walled Garden Scarf

Warm and Cozy Infinity Scarf

Waterfall Scarf

Wave Cable Scarf

+Wave Rib Scarf

Wave Stitch Scarf

Waves of Grain Beaded Lace Scarf

Waving Chevron Scarf

Wavy Feathers Qiviut Scarf

Wavy Razor Shell Scarf

Wavy Scarf

Wedge Scarf

Weekend Scarf

Welted Scarf

Wendy�s Awesome Sari Ribbon Scarf

*Whimsey Garter Drop Stitch Scarf

Whirlygig Scarf

Wiggle Lace Scarf

Wild Child Easy Scarf

Windermere Scarf

Wine Flower Scarf

Winter Scarbon Hood-Scarf

Winterbourne Scarf

Wishbone Cabled Scarf

Wisp Scarf

Wisp Scarf

Wispy Kid Silk Haze Scarf

+Wizard Scarf

Wizard Scarf #1

+Woodland Path Scarf

Woolly Mammoth Man Scarf

Wooly Wave Scarf

Worm Scarf

Woven Cable Scarf

Wrapped Candies Scarf

Yarn Vomit Scarf

Yarnover Cross Scarf

+Yin Yang Scarf

Yorick Scarf

Zen Plume Scarf

Zig and Zag Lace Scarf

Zig to Zag Scarf

Zig Zag Cabled Scarf w/ Key Hole

+Zig Zag Remix Scarf

Zig Zag Scarf

Zig Zag Scarf

Zigzag Lace Scarf

Zurich Scarf

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