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For matching hat and scarf sets, please see winter wear. For cowls and neckwarmers, please see the cowls and neckwarmers section.

Footy Scarf

Free & Easy Scarf

Fresco Snowdrop Scarf

Fresh Bite Scarflet

+Frill-Seeker Scarf

+Frills Not Chills Scarf

Frills on the Side Scarf

Frilly Scarf

Frilly Scarf

Fringe-o-rama Boa

Fringy Suede Scarf

Frosting Tube Scarf

Frou-Frou Scarf

+Fun Fur Garter Stitch Scarf

Fun Fur Polka Dots Garter Stitch Scarf

Funky Stripes Scarf

Fur Look Corkscrew Scarf

Fuzzy Braided Cable Scarf

Fuzzy Neck Gaiter

Fuzzy Two Tone Scarf

Gail's Easy Cable Scarf

Game Day Scarf

Gap Scarf Rip-Off

Garden Trellis Scarf

Garter & Stockinette Scarf

Garter Lace Scarf

Garter Rib Ridge Scarf

Garter Stitch Zig Zag Scarf

Garter Stripes Scarf

+Garter-Stitch Balaclavas

Garterrific Scarf

Sinful Ribbed Scarf

Single Skein Lacy Scarf

*Six Stitch Entrelac Scarf

Sizzle Scarf

Skinny Angel Scarf

Skinny Bow Scarf

Skinny Irish Hiking Scarf

Skinny Ribbed Scarf

+Skinny Scarf

Skull Face Scarf

Skull Scarf

Skunk Scarf

+Sky Blue Scarf

Sky Scarf

Skyfall Brioche Lace Scarf

Slip Stitch Scarf

Slipped Rib Scarf

+Slit Scarf

Smelly Scarf

Snake Charmed Scarf

Snake Scarf

Snake Scarf

Snake Scarf

Snow Scarf

Snowball Scarf

+Snowflake Scarf & Headband

Snowflower Scarf

So Soft-Lantern Scarf

Soft and Simple Scarf

+Soft Lace Scarf

Softly Pleated Scarf

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