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For matching hat and scarf sets, please see winter wear. For cowls and neckwarmers, please see the cowls and neckwarmers section.

Gypsy Scarf

Haiti Scarf

Halcyon Lace Scarf

+Halloween Scarf

Handsome Scarf

Handspun Lace Scarf

Hane Scarf

Hanne Scarf

Happy New Year Scarf

+Harbor Scarf

Harris Tweed Manly Scarf

Haruha Scarf

Hash Marks Scarf

Hazeltine Aran Scarf

+Hazy Blue Lace Scarf

Hazy Paves Scarf

Head Scarf

Heart Vines Scarf

Helleborus Scarf

Hello New York Scarf

Helping Hands Illusion Super Scarf

Hemp Fabulous Scarf

Henry Patterned Scarf

Hera Scarf

Heroic Stripes Scarf

Herringbone Scarf

Hickey Scarf

High Tides Scarf

+High Wire Scarf

Hint of Spring Scarf

His Basketweave Scarf

Sterling Lace Scarf

Stone Cold Fox Scarf

Stormy Scarf

Stowe Cross Hatch Scarf

Strawberry Scarf

Striped Garter Stitch Scarf

Striped Scarf

+Striped Scarf

+Striped Scarf

+Striped Scarf

Striped Scarf

Striped Skinny Scarf

Stripes, Stripes & Stripes Scarf

Stripey Diagonal Rib Scarf

Stripey Fur Scarf

Stripie Scarf

Sugar Flump Scarf

Summer Lace Rib Scarf

+Summer Twilight Scarf

Sunset Scarf

Suntrap Lace Scarf

Super Quick Reversible One Skein Wool-Ease Scarf

*Super Simple Textured Scarf

Suri Love Scarf

+Susan Chunky Cabled Scarf

+Sweet Noel Scarf

Sweet Sue Garter Stitch Lace Scarf

Sweetspot Scarf

Swervy Scarf

Swish Scarf

Swiss Cheese Scarf