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For matching hat and scarf sets, please see winter wear. For cowls and neckwarmers, please see the cowls and neckwarmers section.

Inflection Curved Scarf

Ingram Scarf

Inner Truth Cables Scarf

Inner Truth Scarf

Inspiration Comes In Waves Scarf

+Intarsia Polka-Dot Scarf

International Scarf

Irene Scarf

Irish Hiking Scarf

Irish Shepherd Scarf

*Isobel Lace Scarf

It's All About the Ball Football Scarf

It's Not TV, It's Cable Scarf

J Squared Scarf

January Scarf

Jasmine Lace Scarf

*Jasmine Scarf

Jewel Plume Scarf

Jubilee Lace Scarf

Juliana Sleeved Scarf

July Triangle Scarf

Jumbo Cable Scarf

+Jumbo Cotton Stripes Scarf

Just a Little Fizz Scarf

Just the Thin Scarf

*Jute Rope Scarf

K2 P2 Ribbed Scarf

Kabob Reversible Scarf

Kansas Harvest Scarf

Karaoke Cable Scarf

Karaoke Chevron Scarf

Toasty Twisty Scarf

Tobago Scarf

Toddle Scarf

Tonsil Toaster

Toshiko Pleated Scarf

Totem Scarf

*Touch-Me Sideways Scarf

Tractor Design Scarf

Transformer Hat-Scarf

*Tree Moss Scarf

Tree Scarf

+Tri-Color Scarf

+Triangle Scarf

Trick Play Scarf

Trisha Mesh Stitch Scarf

Triumph Cable Scarf

Tube Look Scarf

+Tube Scarf

Tube Scarf

Tube Scarf

+Turquoise Sideways Scarf

TuTu Much Scarf

Tweedy Eyelet Scarf

Twin Leaf Beaded Scarf

Twin Leaf Hooded Scarf

Twin Rib Scarf

Twin Rib Scarf

Twisted Drop Stitch Scarf

Twisted Scarf

Twister Scarf

*Two By Four Cabled Scarf