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For matching hat and scarf sets, please see winter wear. For cowls and neckwarmers, please see the cowls and neckwarmers section.

Candy Stripe Scarf

Caribbean Cruise Scarf

Caribbean Scarf

Cat's Paw Lace Scarf

Catena Ripple Scarf

Cause and Effect Reversible Scarf

+Celebrity Scarf

*Celtic Cable Scarf

+Chain Fringe Scarf

+Chain Scarf

Chain Stitch Scarf

Chakna Scarf

Chameleon Hat/Scarf/Etc

Changing Basketweave Scarf

Changing Textures Scarf

Charisma Lace Scarf

Charity Scarf

Charity Scarf

Charm and Furz Scarf

Cheater's Lace Scarf

Check-and-Mate Scarf

Checked Scarf

Checker Picots Scarf

Checkerboard Lace Scarf

Checkerboard Texture Scarf

Checkered Double Knit Scarf

+Chenille Scarf with Fur Trim

Cherry Blossoms Scarf

Cherry Leaf Scarf

Chevron Lace Scarf

Chevron Lace Scarf

Organic Cotton Man Scarf

Osiris Scarf

Oszilla Scarf

OXO Scarf

Pacific Skies Scarf

+Painted Circle Scarf

*Palace of Fine Arts Scarfette

Palace of Fine Arts Scarfette II

Palette Scarf

Palindrome - Reversible Cable Scarf

Palisander Scarf

*Palm Beach Ombre Scarf

Panda Cotton Drop Stitch Scarf

Panda Silk Easy Eyelet Scarf

Paquin Scarf

Paradox Scarf

Party + Little Flowers Scarf

Party Ribbon + Kid Merino Scarf

Pastiche 2 Scarf

*Pat's Lacey Scarf

+Patriotic Pocket Wrap

Peacock Scarf

Peacock Scarf

Peaks and Valleys Scarf

Peasant Scarf

+Peek-a-Boo Felted Scarf

Pencil Scarf

Penelope Cobblestone Scarf

Penelope Lace Scarf

Peppermint Ripple Scarf

Peppermint Special Olympics Scarf

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