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For matching hat and scarf sets, please see winter wear. For cowls and neckwarmers, please see the cowls and neckwarmers section.

Compassion Scarf

Condo Scarf

Condo Stitch Scarf

Condylactis Scarf

*Confetti Scarf

Confetti Scarf

Convoluted Scarf

Coral Snake Scarf

Corkscrew Scarf

Corn Rows Man Scarf

*Corrugated Rib Denim Scarf

+Corrugated Scarf

Cotton Thread Neckerchief

Cotton Twirl Faggot Stitch Scarf

Cozy Scarf

Cozy Striped Kerchief Scarf

Cozy Wooly Cabled Scarf

Crayon Scarf

Cream of Spinach Scarf

Creekbed Chevron Scarf

Creemee Scarf

Croco Scarf

Crocodylia Scarf

*Cross Your Heart Scarf


Crossover Column Scarf

Crossover Scarf

Curly Sausalito Scarf

Curly Wrap Scarf

*Curvy Cabled Scarf

+Cutting Edge Scarf

Popcorn + Party Scarf

Popcorn Scarf

Portland Tweed Wreath Scarf

Posh Neck Scarf

Potato Chip Scarf

Potato Chip Scarf

Pretty In Pink Scarf

Pretty Striped Summer Scarf

+Project 'Knit The Distance' Knit Scarf

Pucker Up Scarf

Purple Delight Scarf

Purple Mood Scarf

Pussy Willow Scarf

Pussywillow Scarf

*Puzzle Scarf

Pythagorean Hat & Scarf

Quick and Easy Scarf

+Quick and Easy Scarf

Quick Boa

Quick Loop Scarf

Quick No-Purl Keyhole Scarf

+Quick Party Scarf

+Quick Scarf

+Quick Scarf

*Quick Sock Yarn Scarf

Quickie Linen Stitch Scarf

Quite Simply...Scarf

Rabbit Tracks Scarf

Rachel and Rebecca Scarves

Racing Stripes Scarf

+Rainbow Poms Scarf