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*Mobius Scarf / Shrug Pattern

*Mobius Scarf / Shrug Pattern 2

*Simply Striped Shrug Pattern

*Abask: Silk Sari Ribbon Shrug

+Alpine Shrug

Amy Shrug

Annmarie Shrug

Anthropologie Inspired Capelet/Shrug

Any Yarn Shrug

Babette Shrug

Ballerina Shrug

+Basic Shrug

+Be-Ribboned Shrug

Beacon Hill Shrug

Beaded Long Sleeve Shrug

Bella Serra Shrug

Blippity + Deco-Ribbon Shrug

Bobblicious Shrug

+Boucle Shrug

*Bouganville Shoulder Shrug

Brenda's Collared Shrug

Butterfly Shrug

Cabled Shrug

+Cabled Shrug

Caledon Atlas Shrug

Camille Shrug

Charm Shrug

Child's Ballet Shrug

Childs Shrug

Chocolate Shrug

Chunky Shrug

Cielo Shrug

Cleaves Shrug

Comfy Shrug

Convertible Lace Shrug

+Criss-Cross Shrug

Cristaria Shrug

+Cropped Kimono Shrug

+Crowded Cable Shrug

+Curtain Call Shrug

Deco-Ribbon + Splash Easy Shrug

Deco-Ribbon Shrug

Dream Shrug

+Drop Stitch Shrug

DuMaurier Shrug

Easy and Cute Baby Shrug

Easy Cabled Shrug

Easy Moss Stitch Shrug

Easy Seamless Kids Bolero Shrug

Elegant Shoulderette

Embrace Shrug

Eternal Embrace Shrug

Evonne Shrug

Fancy Flossy Shrug

+Farah Tie Front Shrug

Feather Light Shrug

Firenze Shrug

+Fisherman Shrug

+Fringed Shrug

Fuzzy Shrug

Get Cabled Shrug

*Girl's Best Friend Shrug

Girl's Shrug

+Golden Honey Shrug

Gratuitous Cables Shrug

+Harvest Shrug

Heart Party Shrug


Heather Shrug

Holiday Girl's Shrug

*Hug Me Lacy Girl Shrug

*Hug Shrug

Hug-Me-Tight Shrug

I Do Shrug

Indian Summer Shrug

Juliet's Love Shrug

Just Right Tween Shrug

Kelly Shrug

Kid Merino Lacy Shrug

Kimberly Shrug

Lacey Shrug

Lacy Bamboo Shrug

Lacy Chuff Chuff Shrug

Lacy Little Shrug

Lacy Shrug

Lacy Shrug

+Lacy Shrug

Lacy Shruggy

+Lacy Summer Shrug

Lacy Tie Front Shrug

Lacy Trails Shrug

+Little Fur Shrug

Long Sleeved Shrug

Lustrous Cabled Shrug

+Maggie Long Sleeve Shrug

Marche Tie-front Shrug Top

*Mia Shrug

Minty Fresh Shrug

+Miranda Kimono Style Sleeves Shrug

Mistake Lace Shrug

Modesty Shrug

Montsey - Lacey Shrug

Muse Shrug

Nob Hill Shrug

Open Front Shrug

Organic Shrug, The

Ostrich Plume Shrug

Panobo Shrug

Party + Squiggle Shrug

Posh Wedding Shrug

Pretty in Misti Shrug

Queen's Shrug

+Really Wild Show Shrug

+Rectangle Shrug

Relay Shrug

Rena Shrug

Ribbed Attached Scarf Shrug

Ribbed Shrug

*Ribbed Shrug

Ribbed Shrug

Royal Shrug

+Ruffle Shrug

Ruffled Puff Sleeve Shrug

Sarena Shrug

Scarf with Sleeves Shrug

Seamless Little Girl's Shrug

Shawl Collared Shrug

Shetland Shortie Lace Shrug

Shimmer Raglan Shrug

Shiver Shrug

Shoulderette Shrug

Shrug of Many Colors Shrug

Simple Tie Dyed Shrug

+Sparkling Shrug

+Spring Fresh Shrug

*Spring Shrug

Spring Shrug

Star Stitch Shrug

Starburst Shrug

Studio 17 Shrug

*Surprise Shrug

Sweet Valentine Shrug

*Tabitha Shrug

*Tartelette Shrug

Tempest Shrug

+Textured Circle Shrug

Three Strands Shrug

+Toasty Shrug

Triple S Shrug

Tzara Shrug

Valis Short Sleeve Shrug

Venus Shrug

Versatility Shrug/Scarf/Cardigan

Victorian Lace Baby Shrug

Wide Collar Shortie Shrug

With a Twist Shrug

+Wrap Artist Shrug

Wrap-Around Shrug

Wrath of Khan Shrug

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