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Also try: Baby Socks.

*Bare Bark Socks

*Boot Socks

*Busy Bees August Sock Pattern

*Butterfly Garden Sock Pattern

*Cirque Socks

*Crosswaves Socks

*Cushy Chroma Socks

*Evergreen Socks Pattern

*Falling Leaves Sock Pattern

*First Harvest Socks

*Hearts Abound Socks

*Mock Croc Socks

*Rose of Sharon Sock Pattern

*Snowflakes Socks

*Sock Feat! Pattern

*Stars and Stripes Socks

*Thermal Socks Pattern

*Two at Once, Toe Up, Magic Loop Socks

*Two At Once, Toe-Up Socks

*Wildflowers Socks Pattern

911 Socks

A Lotta Whimsy Socks

A Touch of Whimsy Socks

A Touch of Whimsy Socks (Version 2)

Absinthe Socks

Achilles Heal Socks

Action Man Socks

Adirondacks Slipper Socks

Aethenoth Socks

*Africa's Socks

Little Bee Socks

Little Bit of Swerve Socks

Little Blue Sock

Little Chipper Socks

Little Dragon Socks

Little Exuviae Socks

Little Kid Socks

Little Purls of Wisdom Socks

Little Rune Socks

Little Summer Lace Socks

Lizard Ridge Socks

Lolita Legs Stockings

Longitudinal Socks

Lonnie's Sport Socks

Loops Sock

Loopy Socks

Lorna's Laces One Hank Socks

Love Socks

Macarons Slipper Socks

Macho Socks

Mad Color Weave Socks

Mad for Plaid Socks

Maeva Socks

Magic Mirror Socks

Maidenhair Fern Socks

Maidenhair Socks

Maizy Nibblets Socks

Maizy Ruffled Socks

Maizy Sydney Socks

Manly Socks

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