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Also try: Baby Socks.

Dawn of the Dead Socks

Deer Track Socks

Deformed Socks

Denise's Toe-up Sock

Deputy Headmistress Socks

Diagonal Fixation Socks

+Diagonal Rib Socks

Diagonal Stitch Merino 5 Socks

Diamante Socks

Diamond Lace Socks

Diamond Panel Socks

Diamond Swirl Socks

Diamond Waffle Socks

+Diamond-Back Rattler Cast Sock

Diana Socks

Dippers Socks

Diversion Socks

Doctor Socks

Dolce Socks

Dorm Socks

+Dory Fair Isle Socks

Double Heelix Socks

Double Scoop Lace Socks

Double-Take Anklets

Double-Wing Agate Socks

*Dublin Bay Socks

Dunharrow Socks

Dusk Socks

Early Spring Sock

Earthbound Socks

Easily Adjustable Lace Panel Socks

Shadow Check Socks

Shady Engagement Socks

Shaker Socks

Shannon's Lace Socks

Sheepish Socks

Shell Lace Socks

Sherbert Toe Socks

Sherlock Socks

Short & Sweet Socks

Short Rib Socks

*Short Toed Socklets

*Show-off Stranded Socks

Side Step Socks

Sideways Socks

Silk Fairisle Socks

Silk Road Journeys Socks

Silky Drops Socks

*Silver Bells Lace Socks

Simple Ginny Socks

+Simple Striped Socks

Simple Summer Socks

Simple Zig Zag Eyelet Socks

Simple, Quick Adult Ladies Socks

Simply Argyle Socks

Simply Cabled Socks

Sinusoida Socks

SJ Crew Socks

SJ Gym Crew Socks

Sk8r Chick Ruffle Sox

Skating Queen Socks

Skew Socks

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