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Also try: Baby Socks.

Folksy Socks Revisited

Follow the Leader Anklet Socks

Fong (Foot Thong)

Footie Socks

*Fore & Aft Textured Socks

Forget Me Not Socks

Fountains of Portland Socks


Franks Little Cables Socks

*Fraternal Stripes Socks

Front Loop Socks

Fruit Salad Mom & Baby Socks

Fudge Brownie Socks

+Fun with Fibonacci Kids Socks

+Galen Stirrup Socks

Gander Stranded Socks

Garden Gate Stockings

Garter Bar Slip Stitch Socks

Geek-Chic Holey Summer Socks

Geisha Socks

Generic Sock

Genome Map Socks

*Giles Wavy Socks

Girl's Anklets Cable Socks

Girl's Classic Socks

Girl's Sport Anklets I

Girl's Sport Anklets II

Girls Anklets

Giulietta Lace Socks

Glomerata Lace Socks

Glow in the Dark Socks

Striped Thigh Highs Socks

Stripey Baby-Kids Socks

Stripey Stockings

Stroll - Toe Up Socks

Subversive Socks

Summer Slice Socks

Summer Toddler Socks

Summer Walking Socks

Sundance Socks

Sunday Socks

Sunday Swing Socks

Sunshine Socks

Super Simple Sleeping Socks

Super Simple Socks

Super Simple Stripey Short (Row) Socks

*Super Spiral Bed Socks

*Superfast Socks

Susanna Socks

Sutton Spirit Socks

Swan Lace Socks

Sweden Socks

Swedish Star Socks

+Sweet Home Socks

Sweet Niggles Socks

Sweet Pea Socks

Sweet Summer Socks

Sweetheart Socks

Sweetheart Socks

Sweetheart Stockings

Sweetie Pie Socks

Swim Lane Socks

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