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Toddler's Clothing

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A-Line Butterfly Set

Abbey Child's Dress

Adorable Short Skirt

Ahoy Shorts

Ajune Toddler Pullover

+All Dressed Up Dress

All-Over Eyelets Top

Anabella Dress

Anne-Cordelia Sweater

Apiary Jumper

+Apple Hat

Asa Sweater

Ash Pullover

Asherton Toddler Hat

Autumn Leaves Cardigan

+Baby Doll Girl's Dress

+Baby to Toddler Poncho

Baby Toddler Scarf & Hat

Baby-to-Toddler Cardi

Baby/Toddler Sweater Dress

Baby/Toddler/Child Raglan

Ballerina Socks

Ballerina Wrap Toddler Top

Baseball Tee Sweater

Basic Toddler Shoes

Basic Toddler Socks

Beach Baby Pullover

Beastly Raglan Cardigan

Bellmoor Toddler Jacket

Beribboned Cap

+Big Bear Hat

Bilby Ruched Front Panel Dress

Bliss Dress

Blossom Pullover

Blossom Top/Dress

Boys Can Wear Pink Top

Brobee (Yo Yo Gabba) Toddler Hat

Brooklyn Pumpkin Costume

Bud Outfit

Building Blocks Cardigan

Bunnyclava Toddler Hat

+Buttercup Pullover & Hat

Cabled Baby or Toddler Scarf

Cabled Spinning Vest

Cabled Toddler Pullover

Cables are Cool Toddler Sweater

Candy Twist Cardigan

Capuchon Cape

Charlie Polo Shirt

Checkerboard Outfit

Checks and Cable Pullover

Child Scarf Hoodie

+Child's Beach Top

Child's Cable Sweater

Child's Fringe Cape

+Child's Glamour Dress

+Child's Jumper

Child's Jumper

+Child's Playtime Top

Chompers Pants

Chutes and Ladders Vest

Cincinnati Toddler Pullover

Classic Little T-Shirt

Cloverfield Short-Sleeved Cardigan

Color Flirtations Dress

Corbie Double Breasted Coat

Cotton Candy Toddler Hat

Cotton Twirl Baby-Toddler Cardigan

Cozy In Cables Toddler Vest

Curlilocks Outfit

Darling Classic Baby/Toddler Cap

Diamond & Bobble Cardigan

Digby Pullover

Divi Toddler Hoodie

Dog-Eared Sweater

Double Scoop Sweater

Easy Baby-to-Toddler Cardi

Easy Peasy Toddler Scarf

Elenka Lace Dress

+Eloise Eyelet Cardi

Emmett Vest

+Engine #9 Pullover and Hat

Eucla Toddler Jacket

Everyday Pullover Sweater

Evie's Dress

Ewan Sweater

Experimental Sweater

+Eyelet Yoke Cardigan

Fair Isle Tank Top/Vest

Fair Isle Toddler Chullo Hat

+Fairy Tale Cardi

Fairytale Dress

February Toddler Tunic

Flared Jumper

Flitter Dress (Knit Top, Fabric Bottom)

Flora Dress

Flora Jacket

Fluffy Sheep Sweater

Freestyle Toddler Hat

*Fresh as a Daisy Skirt

+Fresh Melon Sideways Cardigan

+Frill Seeker Pullover

Frog Suit with Hood

Fun Pixie Toddler Hat

George's Vest

Gingham and Flowers Set

Girl Toddler's Spring Dress

Girls Pinafore

Girls Snow Suit

Girls Sweater

Girly Girl Cardigan

Go Fish Tank Top

Grow with Me Halter

Gunner's Cap

Haberdashery Jacket

Haltermelon Top

Heart Stealer Toddler Mittens

Hip Pink Pocket Jacket

Holiday Toddler Vest

Home Run Baseball Jersey

*Home Run Cricket Top

Hug Me Pullover

I Heart Cables Earflap Hat

I Love You Hearts Hat

Illusion Heart Pullover

Impress Dress

Inca Eco Striped Vest

Ivey's Autumn Dress

Jack Be Nimble Outfit

Jack Be Quick Outfit

Jamie Cardigan

Jaquard Skirt

+Jazzy Snazzy Pants

Jellyroll Toddler Sweater

Johnny Jump-Up Romper

JR's Gansey

Junior Outfit

Juno Toddler Dress

Just Spring Toddler/Kids Socks

Keene Toddler Vest

Kick It Up Vest

Kid's Dress

+Kira Kimono

Kristen Cap & Sockies

+Lacy Short Sleeved Sweater

Ladybug Jacket

Leapfrog Pants

Leg Ups Legwarmers

+Lester the Lion Sweater

Lilah Toddler Dress

Little Bee Capelet

Little Folk Toddler's Gloves (2 Needles)

Little Girl's Sundress

Little Letterman Coat

+Little Sweetheart Dress

*Little Sweetheart Sweater

Little Turkey Toddler Cardigan

Louisville Toddler Sweater

Made in the District Toddler T-Shirt

Mardi Dress/Tunic/Tank

Melba Sue Dress

Mini Basketweave Toddler Socks

Mini Mitts

Mock Wave Cable Dress

Moss and Lace Toddler Socks

Munchkin Toddler Socks

My Fair Ladybug Outfit

My Mary Laslie Cardigan

Nantasket Pullover

Nola Jane Top

Nova Dress

Oh-Oh Hoodie

Oriental Lily Dress

Paint Me a Sweater

+Party Girl Jacket

Party Girl Set

Pastel Mint Sundress

Patsy Toddler Dress

Peach Blossoms Toddler Sweater

+Perfect Sundress

Peter Outfit

Picket Fence Toddler Socks

Pink Lacy Spring Toddler Dress

Pixie Hat

+Playdate Hoodie

Playground Pants

Pretty Pink Marl Cardi

Princess Child's Smocked Cardigan

Pumpkin Pixie Earflap Toddler Hat

Radiant Cardigan

Rain-Bow Vest

+Rainbow Sherbet Slip Dress

Raindrop Toddler Socks

+Red & Ready Cardigan

Red-ie Or Not Toddler Skirt

Redbud Blooms Shrug

Reid Sweater

Ryuu-ko Dragon Child Pullover

Sarah's Bobble Hat

Sassafras Tea Skirt

Scattered Notions Skirt

Seamus Summer Pullover

Seaside Sweater

+Seed Stitch Toddler Cardigan

Serendipity Mittens

Seven Hour Toddler Girl's Sweater

Seven Hour Toddler Sweater

Shades of Summer Dress

Simple Dress

Simple Kid's Beanie

Simple Stripes Tunic

Single Strand Cotton Dress

Skadi Sweater Dress

Snow Baby Outfit

Snowflake Queen Sweater Coat

Snowflakes Mittens & Scarf

Snuffle Pullover

Snuggle Vest

Soft Ribbed Toddler Pullover

Sourpatch Top

Spring Picnic Cardigan

Sprout Child's Tunic

Sprout Set

St. Patty's Day Little Girl Legwarmers

Stars or Stripes Toddler or Child Mittens

Stormy Rose Girl's Vest

Stripe it Easy Pullover

+Striped Cardi

Striped Hoody

Striped Toddler Sweater

Sugar Short-Sleeve Sweater

+Summer Swing Top

Summer Toddler Dress

Summer Toddler Socks

Summerlin Dress Top

Sundae Girl Dress

Sunday Stroll Lace Tights


*Sunflower Dress

Super Fast Toddler Top

Super Pink Toddler Hat

Sweet Shells Toddler Sweater

Swiss Miss Two-Button Cardi

Tango Tank

Tea Party Frock Top

+Tea Party Top

Tea Party Tunic

+Team Spirit Pullover

That Favorite Toddler/Baby Winter Hat

Them Apples Cardigan

Thousand Kisses Socks

+Tia Cardigan

+Tiger Kitty Hat

Tigger Cardigan

Tiny Tots Tank Top

Tiny Twist Toddler Mitts

Toddler Belly Ribbon Top

Toddler Country Jacket

Toddler Dress

Toddler Ear Warmer

Toddler Earflap Hat

Toddler Earflap In-the-Round Hat

Toddler Girl's Short Sleeved Pullover

Toddler Girl's Vest

Toddler Hoodie

Toddler Longies

+Toddler Monkey Hat

Toddler Old Fashioned Bathing Suit

Toddler Overalls

Toddler Pullover

Toddler Raglan Hoodie

Toddler Rugby Hat

Toddler Short Sleeve Pullover

Toddler Snappy Shoulder Vest

Toddler Socks

Toddler Socks

Toddler Socks

Toddler Striped Pullover

Toddler Summer Skirt

Toddler Sun Suit

Toddler Sweater

Toddler T-Shirt Vest

Toddler Tie

Toddler Toe-up Ribbed Socks

Toddler Tree Pullover

Toddler Vest

*Toddler's Embroidered Pullover & Hat

Toddler's Ensemble

Toddler's Poncho and Pants

+Toddler's Sweater & Socks

Toddlers Sweater Vest

Treehugger Tutu

Truck Toddler Sweater

Tulip Lace Dress

Tumba Toddler's Shawl Jacket

Tunic Toddler Dress

Turtle Bay Hoodie Vest

+Tutu Sweater & Hat Set

Twirly Skirt

*Twisted Toe-up Toddler Socks

+Under the Sea Outfit

Valentine's Day Cat Sweater

Vestee Toddler Shirt

Vintage Bairn Outfit

Vintage Cape and Hat

Vintage Children's Minx Sweater Set

Vintage Sandpiper & Mermaid Bathing Suit

Violet Dress

Water Baby Outfit

Webbed Toddler Legwarmers

Wendy Outfit

White Caps Hoodie

Winter Solstice Tunic

Woodland Elf Winter Hat

Zingo V-Neck Vest

Zippy Cardigan

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