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*Batman Toy

*Fuzzy Yeti & Sasquatch

*Henry's Rabbit

**Lenny the Lion

*Rubber Chickens

*Sheldon Turtle Pattern

12-Section Yarnball

Ahoy! - S.S. Guppy Sailboat

Airplane Toy


Alphabet Ball

Amy Doll

Any Yarn Quick Knit Teddy Bear

Any-Yarn Toy Cat

Anything Animals Stuffed Toy

Atomic Blocks

+Bam-Bam Balls

Barnyard Finger Puppets

Baron Von Ewer Sheep Finger Puppet


Beach Ball

Bear/Bunny/Kitty/Mouse Finger Puppet

Bender Amigurumi

Bev's Little Pocket Muggins

Big Red Barn

Blades of Grass

Blast Off Rocket Toy

Boat Toy

Bob The Bunny

Bob Toy

Bobbles the Clown

Brady's Bucket O' Balls

Bright Baby Block

Buddy Doll Toys

Butterfly Finger Puppet

Cable Sampler Baby Blocks

Captain Capacitor

Catch - Hackey Sack

Checkers Game Board

+Child's Play Building Blocks

Child's Play Crown

Chinook Helicopter Toy

Chow Hand Puppet

Clown Shelf Doll

Companion Cube

*Cookie Monster Peep



Dear Friends Finger Puppets

Deer Bean Bag

Dinosaur Jr. Amigurumi

Doddy Ball

Dog Bone

Dog Finger Puppet

Earl of Knitchester Sheep Finger Puppet

*Elmo Peep

Eyeball Juggling Balls

Fiery Dragon Scarf

Finger Puppers

Finger Puppets

Five Finger Puppets

Flying Snake


+For the Playground Jump Rope & Baseball

Fred, the Frog

Frog Finger Puppet

Game On Carpet

+Game Pillow

Gerald the Grey Robot

Green Pig Plush Toy

Grumpasaurus Amigurumi

Hackey Sacks

Harriette The Hedgehog

Harry Hedgehog

Hockey Player

Huggaluf Lovies

+Hula Hand Puppet

Indy's Jack-o-Lantern

Jiggle Toy

Joker Doll

+Juggling Balls

Juggling Balls

Katamari Ichigo, Amigurumi

Kate Cat

Kitty Puppet

Large Balls

Light Saber, Felted

Lightsaber, Felted

Lion Tail

Little Dudes

Little Man

Love-Emotions Stress Ball

Mad-Faced Mikey

Make Believe Crown and Ring

Man With The Yellow Hat

Mancala Mia Game

+Martian Mouse Friend, Amigurumi

*Marvel Comics "The Thing" Peep

Max the Cat

Medium Sized Balls

Mervin the Molar

Minecraft Creeper

Mini Alien

Mini Rupert the Bear

Minions (evil version)


Monkey Finger Puppet

Monster Toy

*Mouse and Piglet Hand Puppets

Mr. Bean Style Teddy Bear

Mr. Gnome Plush Toy

Ninja Turtles

Norberta Dragon

+Nordic Striped Ball

Oregon Ball

Pebble Baby

Pentapus Toy

Peter Rabbit Finger Puppet

Pinwheel Toy

Play Ball

Plush Football

Pocket-Sized Robot

Poppets - Finger Puppets

Proto the Robot

Pug Finger Puppet

Pumpkin Finger Puppet

Puppy Puppets

Rabbit Finger Puppets

*Rainbow Babies

Ralph Dog Puppet

Resisty the Resistor


Rocket Ship

Roxy Tiger Puppet


School Bus

Sheep Toy

Simple Ball

Small Balls

Snake Sock Puppet

Snowman Finger Puppet

Snowman Finger Puppet


Space Invader

Stegosaurus Toy

Stormy Dawn Hobby Horse Head

Stuffed Animal (Knitkinz) Bed

Stuffed Sun

T-Rex Toy

Tadpole Submarine Toy

Take-Along Sun

Tattoed Tommy

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teeny Tiny Toys

This Little Piggy Finger Puppet

Thrifty Critter

Toasty Pocket Creatures

Toy Elephant

Toy Hammock

Toy Rabbit

Trousers for 4" doll

Tucker the Monkey

Turkey Finger Puppet

+Wise Owl Toy Amigurumi


Woolly Ball

World Cup Soccer Ball

Worm Finger Puppet

Yellow Bird Plush Toy

Yo Gabba Gabba - Muno Toy

Zombie Doll

Zozo Toy

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