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Winter Wear

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*Midwinter Warmers

Alpaca Peru Hat & Mitts With "Fur" Trim

+Americana Hat and Scarf

Aran Tam and Mittens

Basic Hat and Mittens (2 Needles)

Basic Hat and Mittens (4 Needles)

+Beginner's Hat and Scarf Set

Bella Cap and Mittens

Berry-licious Kid's Scarf & Wristers

Bike Helmet Earmuffs

+Blossom Scarf and Hat

Blue Monday Beanie & Gloves

+Bold Stripe Beanie and Scarf Set

+Bostonian Scarf and Hat Set

Boucle Hat & Collar

+Braided Hood

+Bright Stripe Leg Warmers

+Bubblegum Stocking Hat & Wristers

Cable Beret and Scarf

+Cabled Wrap And Hat

Chemo Cap and Keyhole Scarflet

Chemo Cap and Scarf

Chevron & Cable Slouchy Hat & Neck Warmer

Child's Checkerboard Hat/Scarf Mittens Set

+Child's Hat, Scarf & Socks

Clara Hat and Scarf Set

Claudette Cloche & Wrap

Cold Weather Cables Set

Cosy Garter-Stitch Earwarmer

Cosy Neck Warmer

Cowl, Knit

Cozy Wristwarmers and Matching Scarf

Dandy Cap and Wristlets

+Deer Isle Hat And Scarf

Dogwood Mittens & Cowl Set

+Dove Moebius Scarf and Hat

*Ear Mitts

Easy Cable Scarf & Headband

Easy Rib Hat & Scarf

Eileen Hat and Scarf

Elma Hat & Scarf

+Embroidered Hood

Emelia Winter Set

Fair Isle Hat & Mittens

+Faux Plaid Accessories

Feather-and-Fan Set

+Felted Hat & Scarf Set

Fingerless Gloves & Pocketed Scarf Set

Finoccio Hat & Scarf

First Scarf & Hat

Flip & Jiffy Hat & Scarf Ensemble

Fly Your Heart Hat, Cowl, and Mitts

Fractured Light Hat and Mitts

+French Flair Scarf and Beret

Fringed Hat and Scarf

Frondly Hat and Scarf Set

Frostbeat Earwarmer

+Garter Stitch Adult Hat & Scarf

German Christmas Glove & Scarf Set

Giselle Beret and Ascot

Hanne Mock Cable Muff

+Hat & Wrapover Scarf

+Hat and Scarf

+Hearts in the Snow Winter Set

Hedgehog Neckwarmer & Hat

Helmet or hood hat for a child

+Holiday Berry Scarf and Hat


+Hood With Scarf

+Hot, Hot, HOT Ear-warmer

Hugs & Kisses Girl's Hat/Cowl/Scarf Set

Inca Alpaca Scarf Mitt Set

Insanely Easy Earwarmer

Intarsia Fun Hat and Scarf

Ivy Hat & Mittens

+Jewel Stripe Scarf and Mitts

Jodie Fingerless Gloves & Headband Set

*Katamari Queen Earmuffs

Kilo Set

Knit & Braided Hat & Scarf

Lacy Leaf Hat & Mittens

Lavish Flap Hat and Mitts

Leaf Lace Alpaca Hood

Limulidae Cowl and Hat

Medieval Hood Helmet Hat

Merino Boucle Hat & Scarf

+Midday Hat And Keyhole Scarf Set

Misty Monday Morning Mittens & Cowl

Mock Beret and Matching Mittens

Mock Cable Hat and Scarf

Montera Hat & Mitten Set


Muffy Earwarmer

Natural Cables Scarf & Hat

Neck Warmer

Night Out Hat and Cowl

+North Star Set

Nose Warmer

Nosewarmer, 2nd Generation

+One Skein Hat or Pull-Through Scarf

Open Honeycomb Cowl & Matching Fingerless Gloves

Other Warm Things (World War II)

Owl Ear Warmer

Pastor's Winter Cap and Scarf

Phil's Knee Warmer

Picot Trim Legwarmers

Pretty in Polka Dots Hat

+Quick and Easy Cap and Mittens

+Rambouillet Aran Set

Red Cross Scarf and Wristers

Ribbed Hat & Fingerless Gloves

+Ribbed Hat and Scarf

Ribbed Hat and Scarf

Ribs on Auto Stripe Hat & Scarf

Riverbanks Lace Hood

Roxanne Hat and Scarf

+Ruffled Scarf and Wristers

Russian Hat & Stole

San Franciscan Winter Set

Scallop Lace Hat & Fingerless Gloves

Scoodie - Scarf and Hoodie

+Seaman's Scarf & Vintage Look Hat

+Seasonably Chic Hood

Shaker Rib Hat and Scarf

Shine On Girl's Hat and Scarf

+Shoulder Wrap

Silk Garden Hat and Cowl

Simon Snood

Simple Ribbed Earwarmer

*Slip Into Soft Set

Snaked Ear Warmers

Snow Fairy Outfit

Snowflake Ear Warmer

Snowflake Hat and Mittens

*Snowsuit, Cap, and Mittens

Stocking Hat and Scarf

+Stocking Stitch Hat & Scarf

+Striped Hat and Scarf

Striped Scarf and Hat

Striped Two-Stocking Hat, Mittens, Scarf

Stylish Lace Beanie & Scarf

*Summitt Hills & Valleys Hat & Scarf Set

Suri Merino Hat and Scarf

*Tasha Hood

Teak Scarf & Hat

Toasty Striped Kids Legwarmers and Hat

+Tube Moebius Scarf And Hat

Tudora Neckwarmer

Twiggy Hat and Scarf

Twin Rib Scarf

Two Piece Snow Suit with Cap and Mittens

Twosome Beret & Scarf

Urban-Inspired Ear Warmer

+Varsity Stripe Hat And Scarf

+Velvety Hood

Vintage Baby Snow Suit

Vintage Legging Suit, Cap & Mittens

Vintage Snow Suit

*Warming Hearts Hat and Mittens

Wavy Rib Child's Hat/Mitten/Scarf Set

Wide Eyelet Scarf and Hat Set

*Wimple/Head Over

+Winter Sophistication Set

Winter Weather Hood

X Marks the Hat (Child's Hat & Scarf)

Zig Zag Mittens & Hat

+Zig-Zag Accessories

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