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Women's Cardigans

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*Classic Lines Cardigan

106th Graphic Raglan Cardigan

Abrianna - Short Sleeve Cardigan

Accordion Cardigan

Adele Oversized Cardigan

Adult's ZigZag Cardigan

Aidez Aran Fitted Cardigan

Alder Horizontal Cable Cardigan

Alexi Cardigan

Alexi Classic Aran Cardigan

Allegoro Loose Cardi

Allover Cable Cardigan

Alpaca Silk Easy Cardi

Alpine One Button Cardigan

Alska Saddle Shoulder Cardigan

Amelia Feminine Cardigan

Amiga Two-Button Cardigan

Annette Short Sleeved Lace Cardigan

Antonia Stylish Long Cardigan

Anytime Cardigan

+April in Paris Cardigan

+Aran Cardigan Sweater

Aran Texture Twinset

Arietta Cardigan

Ariosa Short Sleeve Cropped Cardi

Ariosa Wrap Cardi

Arisaig Wrapover Cardigan

Arrowhead Lace Cardigan

Artois Long Line Cardigan

+Asta Cardigan

Asymmetrical Cardigan

+Autumn Afternoons Cardigan

+Autumn Glow Hooded Cardigan

Avocet A - Feminine Adorned Cardigan

Avocet B - Feminine Cardigan

+Banana Cream Short Sleeve Cardi

Bantam Cropped Cardigan

Bari No-Closures Cardigan

Bascom - Nearly Seamless Cardigan

Basic Recycled Silk Cardigan

Bathrobe Cardigan

+Bejeweled Cardigan

Bel Cardigan

Bell Sleeved Bloom Cardigan

Bella Basic Cropped Cardigan

Bella Cardigan

Belted Hooded Cardigan

Bethany Cardigan

Bianca - Light Cropped Cardigan

Birthday Cardigan

Blackberry Raglan Cardigan

Bloused Back Cardigan

Bobble and Lattice Cardigan

Bobble Edged Cardigan

Bodmin Hooded Cropped Cardigan

Boucle Long Cardigan

+Box Stitch Cardigan

Boxy Bulky Cardigan

Brenda Cardigan

Bright & Breezy Kimono

+Bright and Breeze - Reversible Striped Cardigan

Bristow Cardigan

Brompton Cardigan

Brunello Cardigan

+Bubble Stitch Cardigan

C3 Cropped Cable Cardigan

Cable Car Cardigan

Cable Cardigan, 1942

Cable Front Cardigan

Cable Trim Cardigan

Cabled Pulligan

+Cabled Women's Cardigan

Cabled Yoke Cardigan

Cables and Collar Cardigan

+Cables And Lace Cardigan

Cables and Lace Hoodie Cardigan

Caldo Cardigan

Candy Cardigan

Caramel Cardigan

Caramella and Leggero Cardigan

Caramella and New Cotton Cardigan

Cardigan Coat

Cardigan Wrap

Carina Cardigan

Carlotta Braided Cable Cardigan

*Carlyle Cardigan

Carolyn Cardigan

Cashmere Ribbed Cardigan

Casual Cardigan

Cavern Cardi

Celine Single Button Cardigan

Celsian - Full Skirt Cardigan

Chanel Summer Cardigan

Charlotte Cardi

Charming Cardigan

Checkered Cardi

Chevron Patterned Cardigan

Chiara Cardi

Chunky Cable Cardigan

Chunky Cabled Cardigan

Cirrus Cardigan

Citronel Cardigan

+Classic Cables Cardigan

+Classic Cardigan

Classic Cardigan

Classic Glam Cardi

Classic One Fifty Cardigan

*Clementine's Cardi

Close Cables Cardigan

Cloud Cardigan

Cobblestone Garter Stripe Cardigan

*Coleen Cropped Cardigan

Colinette Art Cardigan

Colinette Tagliatelli Cardigan

Collared Zip Cardigan

Come Cardigan

Comfy Cardi

Concur Tailored Cardigan

+Constantine Belted Cardigan

Cool Cardigan

Coretto Colorwork Cardigan

Corinne Lightweight Cardigan

Counterpane Cardigan

+Country Quilt Cardigan

Cozy Cable Hooded Cardigan

+Crazy Lace Cropped Cardi

Cream Flower Cardigan

+Crescent Band Cardigan

Crimson Shaded Cardigan

*Crissed-Crossed Patterned Cardigan

Croisette Wrap Around Cardigan

+Cropped Bobble Cardigan

+Cropped Cardigan

Cropped Draped Cardigan

Cropped Summer Cardigan

Cropped Tie Dye Cardigan

Cuff to Cuff One Button Cardigan

Cutaway Cardigan

Cynthia Classic Cardigan

Daedalus Wrap Cardigan

Darrin Tunic Length Belted Cardigan

Dasolo and Tender Cardigan

+Denim Duo Cardigan

*Denise One Button Cardigan

Dewdrop FernLace Cardigan

Diagonal Cables Cardigan

+Diagonal Cardigan

+Diagonal Square Cardigan

Diamond Cable Cardigan

Ditto - Short Sleeved Cardigan

+Doon Full Length Coat-Style Cardigan

Drama Queen Mohair Cardigan

+Drapey Cardigan

+Dressmaker Detail Cardigan

Drift Cardigan

+Earthtone Unisex Knit Cardigan

Egret Flounce Cardigan

Eileen Cardigan

Eisen Cardigan

Elegant Noro Yarn Cardigan

*Ella - Swing Cardigan

*Ella Cardigan

+Eloise Eyelet Cardi

Emerald Cardigan

Ephemera Cardigan

Estelle Pretty Lace and Cable Cardigan

+Eyelet Swing Cardi

Fair Isle Border Cardigan

Feather and Fan Cardi

+Fescue Ribbed Cropped Cardigan

Festive Cardigan

*Fiamma Cardigan

+Fishbone and Cable Cardigan

+Flame Wrap Over Cardigan

Flaming June A-Line Cardigan

Floral Cotton Cardigan

Floral Yoke Cardigan

Fluttering Birdie Cardi

Folds One-Button Cardigan

Fonie Classic Cardigan

Freddo Collared Cardigan

Gaia Lacy Bodice Cardigan

Gail Raglan Cardigan

Gala Lace Cardigan

Gala Print Cardigan

*Gambrel Half Sleeve Contrast Cardigan

Gardner Notched Cardigan

Gigi Kimono Cardigan

Girl Friday Cardigan

*Gorgeous Deep V Cardigan

Grande Plage One Button Cardigan

Grandstand Cardi

Grapevine Cardigan

+Green Fields Cardigan

Greensleeves Cardigan

Gretta Raglan Cardigan

Greyscale - Long Belted Cardigan


Harmony Cardigan

Harriet Cropped Short Sleeve Cardigan

Hatch Lace Cardigan

Hathersage Cardigan

+Heather Brown Cardigan

+Hebrides Cardigan

Hepburn Cardigan

Hermia Cardigan

Hey, Teach! Lace Cardigan Sweater

Hibito Cardigan

High Line Cardigan

His & Hers Fair Isle Cardigans

Holly Slim Fit Fair Isle Cardigan

+Honeycomb Garden One Button Cardigan

+Hooded Cardigan

Horseshoes Cardigan

Hot Lava Cardigan

+Houndstooth Plus Sized Cardigan

+Hyacinth Leaf Cardigan

Iced Cardigan

In Leaf Three Button Cardigan

Inez Classic Cardigan

Inverness Cardigan

IQuitos Cable Sweater

Isabella Cardigan

Isletta Cardigan

Jacqueline Mosiac Stitch Cardigan

+Janie Oversized Cardigan

Jazz Belted Cardigan

Jewels Cardigan

Johannes - Flattering Cardigan

Joy-to-Wear Cardi

June Cardigan

Juniper Cardi

Just for Mom Cardigan

Kaleidoscope Cardigan

Karine Cardigan

+Katharine Hepburn Cardigan

Kimberly Raglan Sleeved Cardigan

Kimono Cardi

+Kimono Cardigan

Kyra Shawl Collar Cardigan

Lace & Garter Cardigan

Lace and Cable Cardigan

Lace Cardigan

Lace Collared Cardigan

Lace Edge Cardigan

+Lace Inset Cardi

+Lace Leaf Cardigan

Lace Open Front Cardi

Lace Stripe Cardigan

Lacework Cardigan

Lacy Cropped Cardigan

Lacy Cropped Tie-Front Cardigan

Lacy Ruffle Cardigan

Ladies Cuddly Cables Cardigan

Ladies Panelled Cardigan

Ladies V-neck Cardigan

Large Collar Cardigan

Leaf Panel Cardigan

Leaf Ties Cropped Cardigan

Leaflet Short Sleeve Cardigan

Leda Kimono

Left Wheel Quirky Cardigan

Leftovers for Dinner Cardigan

Lelia Cardigan

+Light and Breezy Cardigan

Lilac Lace Cardigan

Linen Cardigan

+Little Cows on the Prairie Cardigan

Lizzie Cropped Cardi

Long & Lean Cardi

Long Cardigan

Long Pocketed Cardigan

Loni Raglan Sleeved Cardigan

Loquat Easy Texture Cardigan

Lotis Curved Peplum Cardigan

Luanna Cardigan

+Lucious Summer Cardigan

Lucy Lu Cardigan

Luscious Summer Cardigan

+Lush Collared Blue Cardi

Lys Colorful Cardigan

Mab Buttonless Cardigan

+Macaroon Textured Rib Cardigan

Madeline Close Fitting Cardigan

Magda Mesh Stitch Cardigan

Maggie Cardigan Sweater

Magic Cardigan

Magical Stripes Cardi

Mamere Tie Front Cardigan

+Mandarin Collar Cardigan

*Manitoba Lace Cardigan

March Cardigan

Margot Wave Stitch Striped Cardigan

Mariah Cardigan

Mead Cable & Lace Cardigan Wrap

Mega Fiamma and Venezia Cardigan

Mega Stoppino Cardigan

Meryl Fingertip Length Cardigan

Meteor Basic Cardigan

Michelle O Cardigan

+Middlemarch Cardigan

Middlemarch Integrated Lace Cardigan

+Mini Cardigan

Misty Summer Cardigan

+Modern Raglan Cardigan

Mohair Cardigan

Moment's Notice Cardigan

Montparnasse Swingy Cardigan

Mood Cardigan

+Mosaic Cardigan

Moshup Cardigan

Mother's Day Cardigan

Mr. Bluejeans Cardigan

Mr. Greenjeans Cardigan

Multi-Directional Striped Cardigan

+Muse V-Neck Two Button Pleated Cardigan

Naomi Moss Stitch Cardigan

Nautical Stripes Cardigan

Navajo Cardigan

Nelly Cardigan

Neru Cardigan

New Cotton Cardigan

New Orleans Cardi

Nimbus Cropped Cardigan

Oblique Cardigan

Ocean Lace Cardigan

+Oh So Simple Cardigan

Olivia Mohair Cardi

One Button Cropped Cardi

+One Stitch Cotton Cardigan

+One-Button Cardigan

One-Skein Cropped Raglan Cardigan

+One-Stitch Adult Cardigan

+Onza Fitted Garter Stitch Cardigan

Opaco Cardigan

Opal Cardigan

Oranje Cardigan

Otis Ballet Wrap-Style Cardigan

Pallone Wrap-around Cardigan

Panda Pearl Cardigan

Park Ave Cardigan

Pasandra Cardigan

+Patch Pocket Cardigan

Paulie Cardigan

Pearl Cropped Cardigan

Pep Cardigan

+Peplum Cardigan

+Pistachio Ripple Cardigan

Plus Size Twisted Rib Cardigan

Point Print Cardigan

+Portland Cardigan

+Portland Loose Fit Cap Sleeve Cardigan

Pretty Lacy Cardigan

*Princess Cardigan

Princess Lace Panel Cardi

Promenade Short Sleeved Cardigan

Pronto Cardigan

Que Sera Lacy Cardigan

Quercus Cardigan

Quonset Chunky No Button Cardigan

Quonset Worsted No Button Cardigan

Radiate Cardigan

+Raglan Sleeve Topper

+Raglan Sleeve Topper

+Raglan Sleeve Topper

Raindrop Short Sleeve One Button Cardigan

Rainforest Cardigan

*Raised Boxes Cardigan

Remember - Smocked Bodice Cardigan

Ribbed Cardigan

Rina Cardigan

Roam - Zipper, Hooded Cardigan

+Rosebud Cardigan

Rosebud Cardigan

Rounded Cardigan

Ruffina Cardigan

Ruffle Edged Moss Stitch Cardigan

Runcorn - Slim Fitting Cardigan

Rusty Cardigan

+Rye Classic Style Cardigan

Sadie Cardigan

Saint Denis Cardigan

Samos Buttonless Cardigan

Sapporo Cardigan

Sassafras Lace Cropped Cardigan

Scalloped Lace Cardigan

Scarlet Twists Cardigan

Scarlow Cardigan

Scrunch V-neck Cardigan

Seanair Zippered Cabled Cardigan

+Seaside Kimono Cardi

Season-Spanning Cardigan

Serenity Cardi

Serrano Lace Cardigan

Shakespeare Cardigan

Shapely Boyfriend Cardigan

+Shawl Collar Cardigan

Shawl Collar Cardigan

Shawl Collar Striped Cardigan

+Shawl Collared Cardigan

She's Electric Short-Sleeve Cardigan

Sheer Rapture Layered-Tuck Cardigan

Sherbet Ice Cardigan

Short Recycled Silk Cardigan

Short-Sleeve Wrap Cardigan

Short-Sleeved Cable Wrap

Short-sleeved Merino Cardigan

Side to Side Cardigan

+Sideways Striped Cardigan

Silk Cardigan and Top

+Simple Raglan Cardi

Simple Spring Swing Cardigan

Sitcom Chic Cardigan

+Sizzles Cardi One-Button Cardi

+Sketchbook Cardigan

Sky Isle Cardigan

Slip Stitch Kimono

+Slouch Rib Cardigan

+Smart Cotton Lace Cardigan

*Snowflower Cardie

+Soft Rib Cardigan

Solaris Cardigan

Solstice Double Tie Cardigan

Sonnet Cardigan

Sophia Cardi

Sophia Cardigan

+Sophisticated Options Cardigan

Sparkle in the Storm Cardi

Sport Cardigan Sweater

Spotty Short Sleeved Cardigan

Springtime Cardigan

Stanton - Basic Blazer

Stardust Tie Front Cardigan

Starlight Cardi

Stella Cardigan

Stella Cropped Boxy Cardigan

*Sterlizia Cardigan

Straight Cardigan

Straight Line Cardigan

Stratus Cardigan

Striped Cardigan

Stylish Wool Cardigan

+Summer Cardigan

Summer Cardigan

Summer's End Lace Cardigan

*Sunkist Cardi

Surface Cardigan

+Sweetwater Cardigan

Swing Cardigan

Swingy Cardigan

Tahoe Cardigan

Taina - Trim, Ladylike Cardigan

Takoma Cardigan

*Talia Wrap Cardigan

Tamara Cardigan

Tangerine Smoothie Cardigan

Tanya Cardigan

Tappan Zee Short Sleeve Cardigan

Tawny Cardigan

+Teacher's Sweater

Tempest Cardigan

Textured Cardigan

Textured Checks Cardigan

+Textured Kimono Cardi

+Textured Topper

+Thames Cable Cardigan

The Candles - Long Cardigan

+Think Spring Cardigan

Tiffany Engagement Cardigan

+Toasty Two Button Cardigan

Toboggan Sideways Cardigan

Tocco Cardigan

+Tonalita Boxed Cardigan

Top Down Alpaca Cardigan

+Top-Down Cardigan

Top-Down Raglan Cardigan

Topside Cardi

Touraine Dramatic Cardigan

Travelling Diamond Panel Cardigan

Treeline Striped Cardigan

Trefilo Cardigan

+Trellis Lace Cardigan

Turn of the Glass Shapely Cardigan

Turpan Cardigan

Tussie Mussie Cardigan

+Tweed Knot Stitch Short Sleeve Cardigan

Two-Tone Raglan Top-Down Summer Cardigan

Undercurrent Hooded Cardigan

Ungranny Smith Cardigan

Unisex Cardigan

+Uptown, Downtown Cardigan

Vale Cardigan

+Valour Ribbed Sleeveless Cardigan

Vanessa V-neck Cardigan

Vanilla Spice Cardigan

Velvet Morning Cardigan

Versatile Short Sleeved Cardigan

Versatility Shrug/Scarf/Cardigan

Victoria Cardigan

Viena Open Stitch Cardigan

Vignette - Soft & Stylish Cardigan

Vik Colorwork Cardigan

Vines Cardigan

Vintage Basic Cardigan

Vintage Cardigan Sweaters

Vintage-Inspired Cardigan

+Voluminous Cardi

Wanda - Short Sleeved Cardigan

Warm and Wonderful Cardigan

Washable Wool Cardigan

Wavy Lace Cardigan

Weekend Getaway Cardigan

+Weekend Retreat Cardi

Whitney Double-X Hooded Cardigan

+Wide Rib Cardigan

Winter's Oak Cardigan

Wishshaw - Long Cardigan Coat

Women's Puffed Sleeve Cardigan

Women's Wrapover Cardigan

+Wrap in Roses Cardigan

Wrapped Cardigan

Wren - Short Sleeved Cardi Wrap

Wrentham Half Sleeve Cardigan

+Yarn Painting Cardigan

Yvonne Long Cabled Cardigan

Zena Asymmetrical V-neck Cardigan

Zigzag Cardi

Zip Front Cardigan

Zipped Cardigan

Zipper Front Cable Aran Cardigan

Zora Cardigan

Zsa Zsa Cropped Striped Rib Cardigan

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