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Women's Jackets

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Aberdeen Jacket

*Alabama Jacket

Allegra Jacket

+Almost Aran Jacket

Andre Feminine Motorcycle Jacket

+Anise Jacket

+Ardsley Jacket

Argyle & Plaid Jacket

Arianna Jacket

Arusha Jacket

Asheville Jacket

Asia Sweater Coat

+Asymmetric Coat

Autum Fire Jacket

+Babysoft Kimono

+Barra Fairisle Coat

Basket Stitch Cropped Jacket

Baton Rouge Cropped Jacket

*Bear Creek Coat

+Beginner's One-Button Jacket

Black and White Bomber Jacket

*Black Beauty Jacket

Blanche-Neige Jacket

+Blanket Coat

+Blue Note Coat

Bolero Jacket

Bordeaux Wrap

Box Taos Jacket

+Boxy Jacket

Boxy Recycled Silk Jacket

Breakfast Coat

Brooke Jacket

Button Front Coat Sweater

Cable Wrap Jacket

Cable Yoked Tunic Jacket

Cambio Jacket

Cardigan Jacket

Carla Coat

Carmel Jacket

Casual Jacket

Cat's Eye Topper

+Chenille Jacket with Fun Fur Collar

Cherry Bomb Jacket

Chinese Style Jacket

Ciel's Dress Coat

Cinxia Flare Jacket

Coachmans Jacket

Coat Dress w/ Scallop Trim

Colinette Tagliatelli Coat

Contrast Trim Jacket

+Core Cardigan Jacket

Cotton Twirl Bolero Jacket

Country Jacket

+Country Jacket

+Cozy Collar Jacket

Cozy Zippered Jacket

Criss-Cross Jacket

Cropped Jacket

Cuff to Cuff Jacket

Cumulus Pocketed Coat

+Danbury Hooded Sweater Jacket

Deco-Ribbon Jacket

Denim Jack with Knit Sleeves

+Diagonal Jacket

Disoriented Express Jacket

Drawstring Pocket Jacket

Easy Ruffle Coat

Easy Stripes Jacket

Everybody Knows Jacket

Fan Stitch Jacket

+Fancy Fur Kimono

Farmington Jacket

Fashionista Cable Coat

Fast and Easy Long Coat

+Fern Wrap Jacket

Finella Jacket

+Fitted Jacket

+Flattering Jacket

*Flumendosa Jacket

Fringed Coat

+Frontier Jacket

Gabrielle Cropped Jacket

Gaelic Wool Jacket

Gala Jacket

Gala Long Jacket

+Garter & Lace Jacket

Garter and Cables Jacket

+Garter Band Jacket

*Gaudi Jacket

*Ginevra Jacket

+Glamour Jacket

Glasgow Jacket

His or Her Jacket

+Homespun Long Duster Coats

Hooded Car Coat

Hooded Coat Sweater

Irina Jacket

+Jacket and Hat

+Jacket Deconstructed

Jacqueline Jacket

Jewel Jacket

Jiada Coat

Joan Wrap and Button Coat

Joji Kimono Coat

Josephine Sweater Coat

*Kandinsky Funky Geometric Jacket/Cardigan

*Kandinsky Jacket

Kimono Coat

+Lacy Cropped Jacket

Ladies Skater Jacket

Lavender Jacket

Leaf Poncho Jacket

Leaves Jacket

Lichen Tailored Jacket

Lobito Jacket

Long & Lacy Jacket

+Long and Lean Jacket

+Long and Lean Jacket

*Long Swing Jacket

+Lush Life Jacket

+Luxe Faux-Fur Jacket

+Luxe Faux-Zebra Jacket

Lyra's Coat

+Manchester Jacket

*Margherita Jacket

+Matinee 'Swing' Jacket

*Matisse Deep Raglan Coat

Mayer Fall Jacket

+Mesmerize Jewel Binary Jacket

+Metro Jacket

+Midnight Elegance Fabulous Fur-Look Jacket

+Mink Coat

*Mississippi Waistcoat

*Misurina Jacket

Mitered Jacket

Mohair Multi-Coat

Montera Coat

+Moss Ross Long Coat

Moss Stitch Coat

Mumbai Cropped Jacket

Mwanza Cable Yoke Tunic Jacket

*Niger Jacket

*Nimbus Jacket

Noro Chunky Silk Garden Coat

Notched Collar Jacket

One for Fun Jacket

*Ontario Belted Jacket

Openwork Lace Jacket

Oprah Coat

Organico Long Lace Jacket

Pamela Cabled Long Jacket

Pamela V-neck Cardi/Coat

Panel Jacket

Panini Shawl Coat

*Parigi Jacket

Party Ribbon Criss Cross Jacket

Pasadena Fitted Raglan Jacket

+Patchwork Jacket

+Pebbles Jacket

Peplum Jacket

Peplum Jacket

Plus Size Jacket

+Plush Patchwork Coat

Portland Jacket

+Quick Stitch Jacket

Radha Coat

+Rainbow Lace Jacket

Rave Bolero Jacket

Red Blazer

Red Hot Jacket

+Red Jacket

Reindeer Jacket

Ribbed Jacket

Rosedale Striped Raglan Jacket

Rounded Neckline Jacket

Ruana Jacket

Ruffled Drapefront Jacket

Saginaw Flared Hoodie Coat

Saity Peacoat Style Jacket

+Salzburg Long Length Belted Jacket

Sarah Beth Jacket

+Sea Breeze Tie Front Jacket

Sequoia Jacket

Seta Jacket

Shawl Collar Jacket

Short Jacket

*Sidney Open Front Jacket

Silverman Blazer

Sir Echo Jacket

+Slip-Stitch Sampler Jacket

Soft Linen Jacket

+Soleil Wave Jacket

Solocashmere Jacket

*Sophie - Long Jacket

*Sophie Long Coat

Southwestern Ornament Jacket

Sports Coat

*Springer Zippered Jacket

Striped Kimono Jacket

+Suitable Jacket

+Sweater Jacket

*Swing Coat

*Swing Jacket

Swing Jacket

*Swing Jacket

Swing Sideways Jacket

Taos Cropped Jacket

+Technicolor Jacket

*Tevere Jacket

Textured Heathered Jacket

+Then-And-Now Jacket

Three Band Jacket

+Three Season Sweater Jacket

Tie Front Coat Sweater

Tilt Timeless Fall Jacket

Toggle Jacket

Traveling Rib Jacket

+Trendy Sweater Coat

Trinity Stitch Jacket

Trio Bolero

Tweed Jacket

+Tweed Jacket

Twist and Shout Jacket

Uptown Evening Jacket

Verdal Jacket

Wayland Jacket

+Weekender Jacket

+Winged Jacket

Winter Afternoon Sweater Jacket

Wishshaw - Long Cardigan Coat

Worksock Jacket

Wrap Coat

Wrap Jacket

Wrap Jacket

Xian Kimono Jacket

*Yukon Long Coat

Zaria Jacket

+Zen Coat

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