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Bags, Totes and Purses

Patterns preceded by an asterisk (*) are in PDF format.
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'Lil Hush Purse

*Cathedral Purse

*Generations Purse Pattern

*Kachina Bag

*Kachina Bag

+*Lacy KiP Bag

*Lacy KiP Bag

*Mary Summer Bag

*Mary's Summer Bag

*Montavilla Market Tote

*Montavilla Market Tote Pattern

+*Morning Glory Purse

*Morning Glory Purse

*Ocean Waves Crochet Bag

*Slavic Star Hand Bag

1Bag: A Knitted Grocery Bag

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea Purse

3 Panel Noro Felted Bag

80 Ways to Save the Earth Tote

A Little Bird Told Me - Felted Bag

Accessory Purse

Adventure Time Finn-Inspired Messenger Bag

Albem - Cabled Bag

Aline Raffia Purse

+All-About-Town Tote

Allure Felted Wallet

Amble - Cabled Purse

Andrea Bag

Ang - Fair Isle Zippered Pouch

*Angel Tart Bag

Angry Bird Halloween Bag

+Anita Cunning Little Handbag

Around About Bag

Around the World Silk Sari Ribbon Purse

+Audrey Cabled Bag

Autumn Cabled Purse

Autumn Woods Bag

Ayla Felted Backpack

Baby Cable Striped Purse

Baby's Got a Brand New Big Bag

Back-to-School Book Bag

+Back-to-School Pouch


Backpack, Knit

Bad Cat Backpack

Bag of Fate

Bag, Knitted

Bagette Purse

Bagged - Felted Bag

*Baglove Purses

Ballonnett Pouch

*Balloon Bag

Balme - Cabled Pouch

Bamboo Handle Felted Purse

+Bamboo Handle Purse

Basket Bag with Bobbles

+Basketweave Shoulder Bag

Beach Bag

Beachcomber Bag

+Beaded Basket-Weave Bag

Beaded Closure Felted Purse

Beginner DPN Pouch

Best Friend Purse

Bias Bag

+Big Bag

Big Pineapple Bag

Bird Purse, Felted

Birdie Backpack

+Blended Tote

Blended: Recycled Silk Yarn Purse

Bling Bling Cable Relief Purse

Bloomin' Bag Dispenser

Bobble Felted Tote

+Bobbled Bag

Booga Bag

Booze Bag

Boredom Buster Bag

Boulder Cabled Satchel

*Bowling Bag Purse, Felted

Braided Cable Handle Tote

Braided Handle Sachel

Bramble Bag

+Branching Out Bag

Brea Bag

+Bride's Sachet Purse

Brighton Lace Bag

Brown Bag

Bucket of Roses Felted Hobo Purse

Buffalo Plaid Felted Roll Bag

Bunnies Got Back - Felted Bag

Butterfly Phone Purse

BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) Tote

Cabin Carry - Felted Bag

Cable & Seed Stitch Bag

Cable Hand Bag

+Cable Ready Bag

+Cable Tote

Cable Tote

Cable Wallet

Cable-Band Bag

Cabled Clutch

+Cabled Clutch

Cabled Coin Purse

*Cabled Handbag

Cabled Hobo Bag

Cabled Hobo Bag

Cabled Wallet

Cables and Bobbles Patchwork Shoulder Bag

Cancer Ribbon Bag

Cancun Bag

Candy Corn Inspired Bag

Candy Striper Bag

Carrie Felted Clutch Purse

Carry Bag

Cell Phone Bag

Celtic Wanna Be Tote

Charlotte Dice Bag

Charm Bag

+Checker Tote

Chevron Bag

Chic Free-Form Bag

Child's Backpack

Child's Felted Purse

Chilli Bag

Chinese Waves Pouch

Chocolate Fantail Bag

Chocolate Hobo Bag

Christmas Purse

*Cinco de Mayo Tote

*Cinderella's Jeweled Bag

Classic Wool Felted Bag

+Claudia's Clutch

Cleo Evening Purse

Click It Camera Bag

Clutch Handle Felt Purse

+Clutch/Makeup Bag

Cocktail Monkey Bag

+Coin Purse, Felted

Coit Tower Bag

Convey Tote Bag

+Cool Stripes Felted Bag

Cosmetic Clutch, Felted

Cotton Chenille + Blippity Purse

Crazy Stripes Bag

Crescent Bag

Crossword Bag

Crystal Purse

Curvy Pouch

+Custom Mixed Color Bag

Cut Short Recycled Silk Purse

Cute Doggy Handbag

+Cute Small Felted Bag

Dalmation Purse

Damask Tote

Deborah's Bantam Pouch

Deco-Ribbon Bag #2

Deco-Ribbon Triangle Evening Bag

Denim by Design Purse

+Denim Casual Bag

Designer Hand Bag

Diagonal Ripple Felted Purse

+Diamond Eyelet Purse

Diamond Patterned Bag

Dianna Entrelac Felted Tote

Diced Tomatoes Felted Purse

Dog Food Travel Bag

Doggie Bag

Dollhouse Purse

Dots and Stripe Purse

*Double Knit Sampler Coin Purse

+Downtown Clutch, Felted

Dragon Bag

Drawstring Bag

Drawstring Wetbag

Drop Stitch Wine Bag

+Duffle Bright Carry-All

Easy Cabled Purse

Easy Diaper Bag

Easy Felted Bracelet Bag

Easy Felted Clutch

Easy Peasey Bag

*Easy Round Bottom Drawstring Purse

+Ebony Jewel-Wing Hat and Bag

+Eco-Friendly Expandable Shopping Bag

Elegant Clutch Handbag

+Elegant Holiday Clutch

Elegant Summer Clutch

+Elspeth Colorwork Bag

Emerald String Bag

Emma Bag

Encore Worsted Purses

English Garden Felted Carpetbag

Entangled Bag

Entangled Roses Purse

Entrelac Pouch

Entrelac Suki Bag

+Envelope Bag

Envelope Purse

Envy Green Monster Purse

Evening Pouch Drawstring Bag

Everlasting Bagstopper

+Everyday Textured Tote

Exploring Spirals Beaded Bag

Fair Isle Tote

Falling Leaves Felted Bag

Fancy Bag

Fantasy Naturale Market Bag

Fantissimo Purse

+Farmer's Market Tote

Feather and Fan Bag

Felted 'Bobble' Bag

Felted Bag

Felted Bag

Felted Bee Bag

*Felted Bucket Bag

Felted Flap Bag

Felted Ice Cream Sundae Basket/Bag

+Felted Loops Bag

+Felted Loopy Tote Bag

Felted Motif Bag

Felted Piano Tote Bag

Felted Pocketbook

Felted Purse

Felted Tab Bag & Pouch

+Felted Tote

+Felted Trick or Treat Bag

Fillmore Organic Bag

Flannel Backpack, Felted

*Flap Dash Bag

Flapped Bag

Flora Bag

+Flower Bag

+Flower Bag

*Football Warmer Purse

Fourth of July Party Purse

French Market Bag

Fresh Catch Bag

Frida's Bag

Frilled Bag

Fruit Pouch

Fubu Scarf & Bag

+Fun Bag

+Fun in the Sun Beach Bag

Fun Purse

+Funky Fringe Bag

Gamers Dice Bag

Garlic Bag

Gauge Happens Market Bag

Gelato Bag

Gift Bags

Girly Bag

GlamCake Bag

+Glamorous Evening Clutch

+Glittery Evening Bag

Go Green Market Bag

Goin' Green Shopping Bag

+Graphic Elements Tote

Green Grocery Bag

+Green Living Tote

Green Market Bag

Gretta's Bag

Gunnister Purse Replica

+Hallowe'en Trick-or-Treat Bag

Halloween Candy Bag

Hana Hou Felted Ukulele Bag

Hannah Beaded Purse

Happy Bag

Happy Hunny Bear Bag

+Harbour Felted Cabled Bag

+Hazy Days Bag

Heart Beaded Shoulder Bag

Heart-felt Purse

Heather's Cabled Purse

Hexagon Purse

Hexagonal Market Bag

Hippie Shoulder Tote

Hippodrome Felted Bag

Hipster Pouch

Hiroko Bag

His and Hers Laundry Bags

+Hobo Bag

Hobo Bag

Hobo Shopping Bag

+Hold All Tote, Felted

Holiday Bag

Holiday Gift Pouch

+Holly - Ribbon Evening Bag

Horseshoe Lace Purse

Houndstooth Felted Bag

*Hue of Blue Haute Hexagons Tote

Iceland Felted Bag with Dragonfly Trim

Iceland Striped Felted Bag

Icon Bag

Illusion Bag

Inca Eco Drawstring Bag

Inca Felted Clutch

Incognito Reversible Messenger Bag

Infamous Hobo Bag

Intarsia Blocks Flap Purse

Isabel Bag

It Felt Random Bag

Itsybitsy and Kitchen Sink Bags

Jambalaya Bag

Japanese Knot Bag

Jasperuvia Felted Satchel

Jayne's AP Bag, Felted

Jewel Encrusted Evening Bag

Kaleidoscope Market Bag

Katia Summer Backpack

Kauni Color Bag, Felted

Keyboard Purse

Keyring Purses

+Kids' Earth Day Tote

+Kitsch Clutch

Kitty Bag

Knit Wool Clutch

Knit Wool Clutch

Knitted Purse

Knitternall Felted Tote

+Knitting Needle Knitting Bag

Knitting Tote

Know it All Felted Bag

Koinobori Felted Bag

Kokettera Clutch

Kureyon-Chan Little Bag

*Lacey Bag Trio

+Lacy Summer Purse

Lady Bug Pajama Bag

Lambe - Bamboo Handled Cabled Bag

Lampshade Purse

Landscapes Clutch

Layla Shoulder Bag

Lilly Lunch Tote

Lined Tote Bag

Linen Stitch Bag

Linen Stitch Shoulder Bag

Little Beaded Bag

Little Bits Beaded Bag

Little Black Clutch

Little Black Handbag

+Little Black Purse

*Little Coco Bag

Little Deco-Ribbon Bags

Little Girl's Fulled Backpack

Little Head-set Bag

Little Pouch

Little Red Bag

Little Slip of a Thing Bag

Loopy Little Bag

Louisa Shoulder Sack Bag

Lucca Bag

+Lunch Bag, Felted

Lunch Sack

M.I.L.K. Purse

Magnolia Hand Bag

Mah Jongg Bag

Make-up Bag

Malika Market Bag

Man Purse

Maple Bag

Margalo Gift Bag

*Marilyn Monroe Bag

+Market Bag

Market Bags, Felted

Mary Mary Gardening Bag

Melody Roll Shaped Shoulder Bag

+Mesh Hobo Bag

Mesh Market Bag w/ Cell Phone Pockets

Mesh Shopping Bag

Mighty Mitered Bag

Mighty Miters Handbag

Mignonette Welted Stitch Bag

Mini Bag, Felted

Mini Crossword Bag, Large

Mini Crossword Bag, Small

Mini Summer Purse


Mini-Bag Felted

Mission District Cabled Crossbody Bag

Mita Mini Bag

Mobile Phone Pouch

Mobile Phone Pouch

+Mock Cable Purse

Moette Bag

Mommy Messenger Bag

Montera Felted Backpack

Morning Glory Purse

Mosaic Trim Felted Purse

Moss Stitch Bag

*Mulberry Silk Drawstring Bag

Namaste Yoga Mat Bag

Napoli Fringed Bag

Natalie Backpack

Naturale Shopping Bag

*Newspaper Carrier's Bag

Not a Sandy Bottom Beach Bag

Not-So-Spooky Pumpkin Purse

Nubs Pouch

Numbers Bag

Ocean Market Bag

*Odd Balls of Yarn Bag

On the Moon Purse

One Skein Noro Felted Purse

Op Art Bag, Felted

Op Art Watercolors Tote

Over-the-Shoulder Bag

Paper Bag

Parrot Purse

Party Purse

Patchwork Felted Bag

Patricia Carry-All Tote Bag

Paw Bag

Pear Laptop Bag

Pendant Bag

*Penny Felted Bag

Peony Purse

Percy Purse

*Pig Bag

Pignoli Felted Bag

Pink Ruffled Purse

+Piper Felted Bag

Pirate Queen's Booty Bag

+Pleated Bag, Felted

Popcorn Bag

Preschooler's Backpack

Pretty Clothes Peg Bag

Pretty Ditty Bag

Pretty Little Cables Clutch

Pretty Paisley Purse

Provence Diagonal Market Bag

Provence Fair Isle Bag

Psychadelic Hobo Bag

+Puffy Drawstring Bag

Purl McBigBottom Purse

Purse, Knit

Puzzle Bag

Quick Felted Clutch Purse

Quick Purse

Quinn Cabled Purse

+Rainbow Bag

+Rainbow Tote

Rave + Party Ribbon Club Bag

Rave + Party Ribbon Purse

*Real Key-Purz

Recycled Bag Bag

Recycled Grocery Bag Bag

Recycled Plastic Grocery Bag

Recycled Sari Silk Bag

Recycled Silk Bag

+Red Hot Bag

Red Rock Bag

Red White Blue Bag

Reverse Stockinette Stitch Tote Bag

+Rhubarb Crumble Bag

+Ribbed Cable Purse

Ripple Bag

*Romantic Ruffles Felted Handbag

Rosie Posie Zippy Bag

Round Drawstring Bag

Round Felted Bag

+Ruched Bag, Felted

Ruffled Bag

Ruffled Shoulder Bag

Ruffles & Ridges Purse

+Ruffles Purse

*Run-About Felted Handbag

Saga Bag

Sampler Purse

San Francisco Organic Bag

Sarape Shopper Bag

Sari Silk Handbag

Sassy Frass Scrappy Purse


+Satchel Grande

Saturday Night Purse

Scallop Shell Purse

+Scarf Felted Purse

Scrapilicious Mini Tote, Felted

Scrappy Heart Bag

Scrunchie Bag

Sentimental Stripes Felted Tote

Seven-Ten Split Bowling Bag

Shades of Blue Rag Bag

+Shaggy Bag

Shaped Felted Purse

Shopping Bag

*Shopping Bag

Shopping Bag, Felted

Shoulder Bag

Shoulder Bag

Signature Bag

Silk Garden Purse

Silver Evening Bag

Simple Stripes Felted Bag

Simply Seamless Pouch

Sister! Sister! Pouches

Slouchy Cable Bag

Small Bag

Small Felted Bag with Partition

Small Felted Clutch

Small Ripple Bag

+Smocked Pleated Bag

Snappy Sack Satchel

+Snowflake Tote, Felted

Soiree Bag

Solresol Felted Bag

+Sparkly Aurelia Evening Bag

Sparkly Snowball Bag

+Spooktacular Candy Bags

*Spring Fling Felted Handbag

Spring Fusion Handbag

Spring Onion Tennis Ball Bag

*Spring Treasure Drawstring Bag

Square Cake Bag

+Squatty Sidekick Bag

Stash 'N Go Coin Purse

Stash 'N Go Purse

+Strap Bag

Strapping Young Lad Bag

Strawberry Coin Bag

+Striped Felted Coin Purse

+Striped Pencil Bag

+Striped Self-Lined Bag

Striped Triangle Purse

Stripes Yoga Bag

+Stripey Strap Bag

Sturd the Weaver Purse

Sueet Suede Handbag

Suki Huge Felted Tote Bag

Summer Breeze & Anchor Motif

Summer Breeze Tote

Summer Day Beach Bag

Summer Days Ruffled Shoulder Bag

Summer Nostalgia Watermelon Case/Purse

Sundance Beach Bag

+Sunset Stripe Felted Bag

+Super Summer Backpack

Suzzane's Purse

+Sweater Bag

+Sweater Bag

Sweetheart Bag

Swirl Wrist Bag

+Swirling Spirals Felted Coin Purse

Taiga Bag

Talisman Handbag

Tasha Bag

Tassel Trim Bag

Tea Wallet

Teen Bag

Teeny Tiny Treasure Bag

Tender Touch Hand Bag

Tentacle Bag

The Last Straw Bag

Thirty Minute Purse

This Little Piggy Recycled Silk Tote Bag

Three Deco-Ribbon Cell Phone Bags

Tinsel Bag

Tiny Bit Wild Purse

+Tiny Purse

Tiny Treasure Drawstring Bag

To Market Bag

+Too Cool for School Backpack

Tooth Fairy Bag, Little

Tote Bag

Tote Bag, Felted with Pockets

Trapezoid Felted Bag

+Treasure Bag

Trendy Bag

+Trendy Felted Handbag

Tri-Color Mini Tote

Triangle Purse

+Tribal Bag, Felted

Tribal Duffle, Felted

+Trick or Treat Felted Wallet

Tricot Bag

TriMiters Felted Handbag

Trio Tote Bag

Tuck Purse, Felted

Turkish Stitch String Bag

Twiggy Tweed Bag

Twin Cable Purse

Two Color Lattice Felt Bag

Ultra Mega Chunky Bag

Unbiased Bag

Uptown Chic Satchel

+Uptown Clutch, Felted

Vale Petite Felted Backpack

+Valentine Pouch

Veera Beachie Handbag

*Veggie/Beach/Laundry Bag

Via Diagonale Bag

Vibe Tote

Vicious Gnauga Backpack

*Victoria Bag

Visby Felted Bag

Walker Pouch, Felted

Water Bottle Holder

Wavy Shoulder Bag

+Wedding Favor Bags

+Well Handled Bag

Wendy Tote

+West End Clutch, Felted

White Backpack

White Bedazzle Evening Bag

+Wooden Handle Tote

Woven Cable Mini Tote

Woven Shoulder Bag

Woven Tote Bag

Wrist Yarn Holder

Yo Yo Tote

Yoga Mat Bag

Zakka Pouch

Zakka Sac

+Zigzag Bag

Zip-It Clutch

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