Bags, Totes and Purses

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Chevron Bag

Chic Free-Form Bag

Child's Backpack

Child's Felted Purse

Chilli Bag

Chinese Waves Pouch

Chocolate Fantail Bag

Chocolate Hobo Bag

Christmas Purse

*Cinco de Mayo Tote

*Cinderella's Jeweled Bag

Classic Wool Felted Bag

+Claudia's Clutch

Cleo Evening Purse

Click It Camera Bag

Clutch Handle Felt Purse

+Clutch/Makeup Bag

Cocktail Monkey Bag

+Coin Purse, Felted

Coit Tower Bag

Convey Tote Bag

+Cool Stripes Felted Bag

Cosmetic Clutch, Felted

Cotton Chenille + Blippity Purse

Crazy Stripes Bag

Crescent Bag

Crossword Bag

Crystal Purse

Curvy Pouch

+Custom Mixed Color Bag

Cut Short Recycled Silk Purse

Pretty Little Cables Clutch

Pretty Paisley Purse

Provence Diagonal Market Bag

Provence Fair Isle Bag

Psychadelic Hobo Bag

+Puffy Drawstring Bag

Purl McBigBottom Purse

Purse, Knit

Puzzle Bag

Quick Felted Clutch Purse

Quick Purse

Quinn Cabled Purse

+Rainbow Bag

+Rainbow Tote

Rave + Party Ribbon Club Bag

Rave + Party Ribbon Purse

*Real Key-Purz

Recycled Bag Bag

Recycled Grocery Bag Bag

Recycled Plastic Grocery Bag

Recycled Sari Silk Bag

Recycled Silk Bag

+Red Hot Bag

Red Rock Bag

Red White Blue Bag

Reverse Stockinette Stitch Tote Bag

+Rhubarb Crumble Bag

+Ribbed Cable Purse

Ripple Bag

*Romantic Ruffles Felted Handbag

Rosie Posie Zippy Bag